Casting Actors in Louisiana for Film Project “Bakerhills”

Odyssey Island


Location: Louisiana

Audition / Call Type: Films

Casting for a film – Physical traits are preferred but not necessary.
Rachel Powell (20s-30s) – Average built and slightly shorter than average height dark haired girl. Preferred brown eyes or other dark color.

Susan (50s-60s) – Rachel’s mother. Feels that she was never there for Rachel when she was growing up and blames herself for Rachel leaving. Wants to make things right but doesn’t know how.

Monica (50s-60s) – Jason and Ricky’s mother. Loving and compassionate woman, always tried her best to rise her son’s right. She loves her children deeply and never once hated Jason for what happened to Ricky.

Ellie Mae (70s-80s) – Lena’s Grandmother, Very wise and spiritually knowledgeable. Calm yet direct.

Teen Rachel (16-17) – Compassionate, loving, smart and emotional. Girlfriend of Teen Jason cares of the Prot brothers more than her mother.

Teen Jason (16-17) – Teen Rachel’s boyfriend. Adventures, loves to play games and mess with others for fun. Likes to put on a tough attitude to try to impress others (Mainly Teen Rachel) but is genuinely a sincere person.

Ricky (12-13) – Younger brother of Teen Jason and good friend to Teen Rachel Compassionate, very ambitious though always trying to play it safe. Wants to be a professional photographer so he is always carrying around a camera his parents bought him for his 13th Birthday.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Louisianan
Please submit to: by 12/31/2022

Please submit contact info and work examples.

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