Casting Call for Los Angeles Area Chefs


Chef casting call in Los Angeles.

TV Producer at Workerbee, an award-winning production company based in Manchester, UK. We’re the makers of Janet Jackson’s documentary and several projects with Idris Elba among other programmes.

We’re currently developing an exciting new project called “The L.A. Arms” for one of the world’s largest streaming platforms.
A well-known celebrity from the UK is looking to open their own bar in L.A.

However, our star needs all the help they can get to get it off the ground!

We’re looking for someone with a love of cooking and a larger-than-life personality who our star can shadow, get tips from and ultimately help turn their vision into reality. We’re thinking more a food truck with plenty of heart than soulless high-end restaurant, so if you love your food, we’d love to hear from you!

If you know anyone with the skills and the sass, please get in touch!

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