Casting Call in Chicago Area for Student Film “The Figure”


The Figure

Location: Chicago Suburbs

Type: Student Films

This is our final project for film school.

It is a short film about a young woman who realizes she is being followed as she walks to her car.


19 to 25 years old, female. The lead role: she is confident and cautious, has left her evening class to go to her car. She calls her friends when she thinks she is being stalked.

19 to 25 years old, female. Nova’s friend: she is bold and concerned for her friend’s safety. When she receives a call from a scared Nova, she takes matters into her own hands.

19 to 25 years old, male. Nova’s friend: he is carefree and naïve about the dangers women face in the world.

The Figure
19 to 30 years old, male. The antagonist: he has targeted Nova and stalks her to her car.

Nova leaves her night class and heads for her car. As she walks; she becomes aware that there is someone following her. She contacts her friends, Ivy and Julian. Ivy is concerned and offers to escort her, and Julian brushes Nova off.

Nova becomes increasingly concerned, and eventually reaches her car, where she is attacked by The Figure who has been stalking her. She maces him, and he is about to attack again when Ivy hits him with a baseball bat.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago Suburbs
Please submit to: by 2022-04-23
We would like a headshot and contact information.

This casting notice was posted by: Louis Handke-Roth, Elmhurst University

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