Casting Car Renovation Series “My Dream Car”

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We’re producing a car renovation series in the Southeast that’s going into its 2nd season called My Dream Car.

The premise of the show is that we are looking for people who are in the process of gifting a car to a loved one that has significant meaning to them. We are looking for that car to have a connection with the person getting it, specifically, it used to be their first car or it was a car that someone close to them used to own. Once the car has been identified, we would like a shop to be able to help touch it up (6-8 weeks max) which we can help with some costs while the rest comes from the owners. Stories we’d like to showcase are as followed:

Finding the exact car that someone used to own (Can be exact by serial numbers or just the same color/model)

Restoring an older car that is on the property, but hasn’t been used in years and that the person used to own or had been in the family for years

Finding someone’s dream car that they’ve always wanted to own or that maybe a family member used to own and now they want the same car.

We are also open to other stories that do resemble this. The keys are it being a surprise, dream car with a specific connection, and it being a gift. This would be a great opportunity for a car restorer or dealership -who may have these types of clients- to showcase their skills on television & their business.


Do you have a loved one who is trying to find a car they used to own or were constantly around it when they were younger?
Do you want to find the car for them and give it to them as a gift?
Is that dream car currently on your property and needs to get touched up so you can give it to that person?
Are you a restoration expert who have clients who fits this criteria?

Then we want to hear from you!

Warm Springs Productions are looking for people who have one special family member or friend who always talks about their favorite car they used to have or it has been on a property untouched for years and needs to be restored.

This series is going into its 2nd season for a major cable network and would showcase individuals chasing down a dream car for someone they love who always dreamed about reuniting with their car. The show would document the journey of finding the car, touching up the car (1-2 months worth of restoring), and then surprising them with it as a gift. If you are a car restoration expert or a car dealer who has a client who fits this criteria, this would be a perfect way to document your restoration and dealership experience on a national platform. There are a ton of benefits for being chosen to be on this show as we can help with the costs for the car.


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  1. S.Richard

    To My Dream Car Team, I have a # matching 67 firebird contv. which my father bought in 1977 ,When i was 19 yrs. he and myself got in going did some work on it. He drove the car until his death in 1985. it has not been. hwy droven since. i bought it from mother in 1993. in meantime i hve had lots of family matters take place. was to get money one day, to fix back up. for my father remeberance , my youngest son always wanted to see it going again. i never was able to gather the money for restore. then in january of this year 2023 2 days past his 36th birthday. He passed away. would love to get car road wothy again in remberance of my dad and his grandson he never got to meet until he made his journey to haven. Ricky Sparks 4/25/2023

  2. Lisa M Klein

    Hi Dayna! I don’t know if I am even a candidate for this as I live in Michigan, but I have a special story regarding my first car out of college in 1991. I bought my car in 1991 just after I graduated college from Central Michigan University as a single young lady. It was one of the first Saturn’s back in the day and they were selling off the new car lots like crazy. My boyfriend, drove a stick shift and wanted me to get a stick shift which was cheaper. Reluctantly, we found my SL1 4 door with a sunroof! I agreed to it as he promised to teach me how to drive it. Little did I know that my exciting new purchase would need me to dive it off the lot and get on the highway to drive 45 miles back to Kalamazoo! I learned to drive it quite fast! That being said, I bought that car with the discount help of my dad as he worked for GM at the time, but it was my first car loan too! I remember Saturn drivers would smile and wave at me as if I joined the ranks of a new family. I was so proud to be a Saturn owner! Now, she sits in my garage after 32 years. She has paid for herself 3 times as we have used the equity in her to put a down payment on buying our first home, building our second home, then moving across the state. My three children have grown up in her singing songs to the cranked radio, going up our hill in the winter in reverse in snowy conditions when other cars could not make it up, to being the reliable car that all 3 of my children used to learn to drive! Yes, they have named her a few times. My eldest sons named her Samantha, and my daughter called her Stacey. When my daughter was first runner up in Miss Mattawan Scholarship Program she used the slogan, “Hi! My name is Lili Klein and I can drive a stick!” The crowd cheered! They were so proud of her! This car has seen so much including the difficult times. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 1996 and at one point was paralyzed on the right side of my body. Once I started to get motion back I used Samantha/Stacey as my physical therapy for coordination. By pressing in the clutch and shifting, which had become muscle memory and helped me heal! This car was my first financial accountability partner, my companion, my “roll cage” protector, my star gazing buddy, kids crank up the tunes, driver’s ed companion, and the best Rehabilitation Therapist I could ask for! Samantha, also known as Stacey made it through 3 graduations and 9 relocations. It survived an accident where one of their teachers t-boned the back quarter panel at an intersection, but cracked to plastic panel and back light. The kids kept her oiled and we even put a new cloth ceiling cover on her as she was showing her age and things began to just stop working. But the kids were ok with no electric back windows and manual seatbelts and even a loud muffler. But, we found out that the frame was rusting away. Knowing how much my kids had the will for Samantha/Stacy to live, I found a man who welded a piece under the driver seat as finding a new frame was impossible since Saturn’s were no longer being made and to find a used on would cost thousands to replace. It was a success and made it through my second son going off to college and my daughter graduating from high school and our last move. At that point we knew with my daughter heading off to Michigan State University in the Fall of 2020, Samantha/Stacey would not be able to join her. She needed a reliable vehicle with working windows amongst other things. So, Samantha/Stacey was retired to our 2 car garage and there she has sat since Fall of 2020. The kids come and go and make sure she is there, but my daughter reminds me just how special she has been through the years to all of us. After 32 years, I look back on all of the beautiful memories and can honestly say Samantha/Stacey has literally saved our lives on SO many occasions. I’ve had people offer to buy her many times and most recently, the owner of my auto repair shop offered to take her off of my hands for $400 to sell the parts and scrap her. So, this is my last ditch effort to see if we can breathe life back into her? I just saw the interview on Fox News and wondered if Samantha/Stacey still has a chance. As I get older, at age 55, I wonder if she will be my therapy to keep me on my toes in my old age? Let me know what you think. I know it is a hail Mary or better yet, a hail Samantha/Stacey, but just as I took a chance many years ago on a 4 door stick shift with a sun roof, maybe, just maybe more memories are to be made.
    Lisa and Samantha/Stacey

  3. Aimee

    My Daddy was murdered on September 2, 2022. My Daddy bought my sister a 56 Chevy Belair to gift her when she turned 18. Unfortunately my sister was 16 when our beloved Daddy died. I currently have the 56 Chevy Belair in my backyard and I don’t know how or when I’ll be able to start it because I’m continuously fighting for Justice for my beloved Daddy. Which I’m sure you know takes all my time and money. I would love to nominate my sister to you. She’s only 16, but she’s been dreaming of this car being hers since Daddy bought it in 2017. As my Daddy planned, I’ll be gifting it to my sister on her 18th birthday or sooner if I can get her nominated for one of your amazing seasons. I’ve been writing down all the wants she has for her car and I will continue to secretly ask and document her wants. I know that it need the axles replaced because it was previously a racing car or that’s what my Daddy and Grandpa told me. There’s also a bullet hole in the trunk. My Daddy was shot at in a road rage incident while driving it. I don’t know everything about it and after probate it should be in mine and my sisters name. This car is everything to my sister. She spends hours just sitting in it to be close with our Daddy. My Daddy had so many plans for it for her and I keep hoping I find all those ideas jotted down somewhere. My family and I would be overjoyed to have your help in making my sisters dreams come true as she learns to go through some of her biggest milestones without our Daddy. Thank you for your time.

  4. Ashley

    My husband has a 1995 Camaro z28 that he hasn’t been able to drive since 2006. It would be amazing if MY DREAM CAR would help me surprise him with restoring it.

  5. Bruce Jordet

    I have 1982 corvette that I want my grandson to inherit but first it need renovation. I am too old to restore but could help with project.

  6. Vicky Olson

    My husband just gave me a surprise party and a 1965 Ford Mustang for my 50th birthday. He searched for this car for almost 2 years and had great difficulty in finding it. About 7 months before my birthday he found one 2.5 hrs north of us in Seattle Washington. He and a very close friend of mine traveled to Seattle under the pretense of taking a friend to the airport. My husband is a simple man and doesn’t own or carry a cell phone so all of this Grand planning and scheming was very difficult to accomplish. He found the car and negotiated the purchase in January 2022 with cash from his retirement account because I have notifications sent to me when any money goes in and out of our accounts for the purpose of catching fraud, which also added to the difficulty of keeping this all a surprise. My friend then insured the car and my husband paid her cash too. He then drove the Mustang 2.5 hrs South and parked it in a storage unit 15 minutes from our home for 6 months until the surprise party. He coordinated with my friend to get me out of the house for a few hours to set up for the party. When we got here there were many people here, I was comply surprise, I had no idea. He thought I would see the car parked in the driveway next to other cars and that I’d ask about it but I was so busy visiting with friends that, that never happened. Another friend told him to pull it up closer to the front while I was inside getting food. As I came out many friends were holding up their phones towards me. This puzzled me greatly. When I saw the car with #50 (magnets) on the hood and doors I was in complete shock. I had no idea. It did not seem real. I then began to cry with disbelief and joy. This was truly a magnificent day. The party celebration the guests the decorations the food the cakes and the CAR! It was truly over the top. We have many pictures of that day and three different angles of video from friends. We have been together for 31 years and married for almost 29. We have always talked about and admired this car greatly since the first day we were together. I never dreamed that I’d own one. I love this car! My husband has already replaced the drum brakes with disc brakes. He also ordered new suspension springs that we just received today so he can replace the bad springs. He has also talked about replacing the distributor and the radiator. But really when he bought the car it was in good running condition. It has a great paint job on it with the exception of a quarter size ding/paint chip in the center of the hood. The previous owner said that happened from a box falling out of a truck hitting the hood. We are the third owners the original owner was from California. I know this story does not meet all of your checked boxes since the reveal has already happened and the car did not get restored before the surprise. But it truly is a great dream car story.

  7. Lesley Diane Marino

    Camry with Loving Memories and Dreams

    Our 2003 Toyota Camry has a lot of memories connected to it. My Mother-in-
    love Kay purchased it new in 2003 after asking our daughter Nina what she
    thought Grandma should buy. Nina told Grandma, “you need to buy a car that the
    roof opens up so we can see the shining stars at night and feel the Sun during the
    day. You should also have the thing that will allow me to listen to my CD when
    we drive around”. At this time our daughter was around four years of age. Kay
    went and purchased a car that had what Nina wanted in a car. She told Nina after
    the car was delivered that it would some day be her car to drive when she was old
    enough. Sadly in January 2007 my Mother-in-Love lost her battle to cancer. She
    never saw her Granddaughter enjoying the car as much as she did. In her will my
    Mother-in-law requested the car be in our names to be able to make sure Nina got
    funding for all her medical care and education programs.
    Nina and I used the car a lot over the years to go to school, doctor appointments,
    surgery procedures, and adventures to many places. Nina was born with a real
    medical condition called VACTERL Syndrome, VACTERL association – About the Disease
    – Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center ( On average Nina had at least three
    doctor appointments per month, ten surgeries or more per year, and so many
    procedures I’ve forgotten, Unfortunately in September 06, 2018 we lost Nina at
    the age of 19.5 years young to Sarcoma Cancer.

    As you might feel the 2003 Toyota Camry holds allot of memories for my
    husband Joe as it was his Mother & our daughter’s car. My husband can’t bring
    himself to get rid of the car because of the memories. At the same time we don’t
    whom to get to restore the car so it can be used in the memory of two amazing.

    My DREAM is to get this wonderful 2003 Toyota Camry restored for my wonderful husband,

  8. Hillary Zaenchik

    good morning.
    I have a 1981 Celica. It is my 2nd Celica. I’ve owned it for 2 1/2 years and it could benifit from some tlc. My 1st Celica needed too much work and I sold it 2 years ago.
    This one has had repairs to it over time that have not held up very well. Before I got it it was used as a show car, which means it looked good, but ran like crap. It runs better now.
    I know it can look better, too.

    My other car is a green 1991 mr2. When my grandmother passed away my cousin bought it with her inheritance money. She was a teacher with 2 big dogs and a van.. She used the van to go to school so the kids would not mess up the mr2, and 2 big dogs do not fit in that baby car. So she should the car to me. so several accidents layer, a bad lift in a garage, and rust it’s looking a lot worse from wear. But it’s a Toyota mr2. It needs a lot of tic.
    Oh, did I mention….. both cars are used as background cars on tv and movies. The Americans, Gotham, Blacklist, Red Oaks, Power Book III,,,,
    If you chose me you’ll be able to spot your work for years to come.

  9. Angelia Sinclair

    Could I please get more info on how to apply to be on “My Dream Car”? I have a car that my dad left to me before he died and I would like to have it restored to give to my 16 year old son who never got to meet his Grandpa.

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