Casting Families With 2 Or More Kids Who Need A Nanny in Los Angeles


Casting directors in the Los Angeles / Socal Area are looking for families struggling to deal with unruly children.

Is your life hectic?

Do you wish that you had a nanny that could help out?

Do you live in the L.A. area?

If so, a TV show may be interested in hearing about you and your family and possibly get you some time to relax by providing a free nanny.  The show is asking that families with 2 or more children that are interested email the casting team.  See all the details on the casting flyer below.


Are you a busy, over-scheduled family trying to juggle work, carpool, play dates, and checking homework?

Do you find you no longer have time for date night or relaxation? Would you love a free live-in nanny to help with your hectic schedule?

We are now casting families of 2 or more children in Southern California. We are open to everyone and all blends of families.

Please submit a family photo and brief description to

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