Casting Kids in Louisiana to work in a Movie

By | May 4, 2022

Open casting call for kids who would like to work as paid extras this summer.

What are Your Kids Doing This Summer? How About signing up for PAID movie extra work on TV Shows and movies in Louisiana?

Request an appointment to Onboard your minor with us at:

Once you have submitted a request, a member of the Onboarding Team will reach out to you.

What happens at the Onboarding Session:
The Parent/legal guardian will need to attend the session with the minor(s). The guardian will present the minor’s documents for the I-9 form and fill out the employment paperwork, and a headshot and full-length photo will be taken of the minor(s). After they have onboarded, they will be considered for all of our projects.

FIRST – Make sure your child has the correct documents for employment with Central Casting.

Because we are an E-Verify participant, and a daily hire company, anyone registering with us must have a valid, original, and unexpired PHOTO ID chosen from the DHS List of Acceptable Documents (see link below).

The PHOTO ID must contain a nondetachable photo for identification purposes (meaning the photo cannot be glued, taped, or stapled on to the document). The photo must be contained within the original document. This usually eliminates the following documents as options from List B: School records, school report cards, immunization records, hospital or doctor records, day care records unless they contain a non-detachable photo. You can see examples of what we can accept at the following Department of Homeland Security List of Acceptable Documents:…/form-i-9-acceptable-documents

REMEMBER: You must choose (for the minor), either a List A document **OR** The List B and List C combination of documents (List B and List C documents MUST be presented together, as they verify work authorization and identity separately).

NOTE: We cannot accept copies, receipts, or pictures of your documents. By federal law, they must be original and unexpired documents.

Central Casting has been in the business of booking their registered talent for movies and TV shows for over 90 years. The Louisiana Office has specifically worked on movies like Jurassic World, Girls Trip, Bad Moms, Logan, Keanu, Leverage 2.0, Filthy Rich, Troupe Zero, and Disney’s The Secret of Sulphur Springs, to name a few.
Most recently, we’ve worked on Daisy Jones and The Six, Disney’s Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion, Killing It, and The Estate.
To learn more about Central Casting, visit our website at

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