Casting People With Marriage Pacts


Did you make a marriage pact? 

If so, a TV production company and their casting directors would love to hear your story.

A show is now holding a casting call for people that made a marriage pact years ago and are still maybe thinking about going through with it. Did you make a pact with somebody and that time is now fast approaching to actually go through with the pact and make it happen? Those pact partners may be exs’, BFFs, friends you haven’t kept in touch with and a variety of other types of personal connections.

This is for a new relationship show that is looking for folks that have made that pact and will allow those cast to seriously consider if that pact from your past is actually a good idea.  The show is looking to connect those involved and allow them to spend quality time together to figure out if the two of you are still on the same page and still looking at going through with that promise.


A Major streaming platform is looking for singles who would be interested in forming a marriage pact with someone they know. It could be a best friend, ex, old fling or someone new in your life. Open to all types of connections.
This new relationship series will allow you the time to seriously consider if this pact is a good idea!
Straight & LGBTQ+ Encouraged to apply.



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