Casting Roles for Indie Project in Woodland Hills, CA (West Valley of Los Angeles)


The Social Network (Scene)

Location: Woodland Hills, CA

Type: Film

Three male actors needed to perform a movie scene for the film “The Social Network”. The roles being

Sean: a smartass but successful founder of the file-sharing website Napster. He is popular with women and confident in his demeanor. He recognizes Facebook’s potential and convinces Mark to move to California. Against Eduardo’s wishes, Mark hires Sean as president of Facebook, and Sean arranges an investment from Peter Thiel.

Mark: The film’s protagonist. A brilliant Harvard sophomore who is unapologetically arrogant, Mark is driven to gain power and respect through the creation of his social networking website. In the quest to make Facebook popular, he makes unethical choices that involve the betrayal of friends and intellectual property theft.

Ecuador: Eduardo Saverin is a fellow Harvard student and one of Mark’s closest friends. Mark goes to him with the idea for Facebook and Eduardo invests $1,000, becoming CFO. Eduardo and Mark’s relationship becomes strained as the company grows, with Mark leaving Eduardo out of most business decisions. Eduardo freezes the Facebook bank account to get Mark’s attention. Mark retaliates by creating a newly incorporated company that issues new shares that dilute Eduardo’s stake significantly. Eduardo sues Mark.

Click the link to view the scene, pages 147-151

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Woodland Hills, CA
Please submit to: by 2022-05-29
Please send me an audition tape to the email listed along with resume.

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