Does Your Family Belong in a Reality Show?

Got an amazing family?

A new reality project is now casting for families that should have their own reality show.

There is a casting call out for families.

Is everyone always telling you that your family should have their own reality show?

Do you have a large family that is always interesting?

Maybe you have a large family that owns a family business?

Is your family filled with lots of family drama?

Do you have family members that are very interesting and members of your family who others may describe as totally over the top?

Are you guys full of personality and dying to share your your family lives with an audience?

Can your family drama rival the Kardashians, Chrisleys or even the Osbournes?

If so, a TV production company and their casting directors would love to hear all about your family drama to possible cast your family in their own reality show.

If the above sounds like you, check out the following casting notice for the details on how to send your submission.  The show is accepting submissions from people in the United states and Canada only.

Be sure to check out all the other reality shows that are currently casting.

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  1. Niviah

    trying to get my family their own reality TV show.

  2. Michelle

    Hi, there, my name is Michelle Mayes. I have 6 dogs 6 people that live in my own. We’re a tight nit family, that have upset and downs like a normal family well at least we think we’re normal. I have my dad who’s 54 from Joliet Illinois but raised me and my little sister in Paducah Kentucky McCracken County to be exact, then we relocated to Florida which was a big deal because we were country girls moving to a big city. We have plenty of drama because as you guys might know, country folks are wild, loud and non caring about privacy so us fitting in was really hard we think we make it look good my mom lives here in Pasco County Florida two streets over with my little brother his wife and son my cousin stays three blocks away with his girlfriend and her family ? and me my sister my niece my wife and my sisters boyfriend and my dad live together in between my brother and nephew my niece is 15 and is out of control so there’s plenty of drama there me and my wife meet in prison in Kentucky peewee valley and took our relationship out of prison to the streets and her family is in Indiana and Lexington Kentucky and is just as dysfunctional as my family, wife has 4 kids who stay with there friends until we move them here which they are fighting us right now as why they don’t have to move here. So it’s always drama going on in our world we fight cuss and always make up by the end of the day we struggle financially we stress about bills and we laugh about weird things and are definitely the 2022 version of the Beverly hillbillies in Florida me and My wife work at the same convenience store 7-Eleven we live together work together and is the glue that holds the fort down we all are interested in making our crazy, fun loving and life’s public and letting the world know us the real us the Mayes’s we know we would be perfect for this everyone we know says we should have our own show there’s never a dull moment especially when my old timer ?? dad gets on his high horse and turns up with his old friends who think there still 25 and young so please let us show you how we live. I promise you all won’t be disappointed.

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