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Get on Let’s Make A Deal?

Love the daytime game show?  Here is a chance to get on “Let’s Make a Deal” to possibly get a chance to be a contestant.

The show has been on air for many years and accepts online / video auditions through the casting directors online form, all year long.  Fremantle Media , has an online form set up that future contestants can fill out in order to be considered for upcoming episodes of the show.

The new season of the show is allowing people to play virtually and online.  They are also looking for contestants that are able to be in studio.

The popular daytime game show had to revamp the classic “Let’s Make a Deal” format to deal with the last couple years and now it features a format that is a split between online contestants from all over the country and in-studio contestants that are on set in Los Angeles.  The new episodes of the classic game show feature a very small in studio group that are spaced far apart in colorful cubicles as well as zoom style live feeds of other contestants from all around the US that appear on giant TV screens behind the stage.  While it’s hard to see any costumes over the video feed, the in studio guests are keeping up the tradition of outrageous costumes for the TV audience watching.

The show has been on air since the 1960’s and is currently hosted by comedian Wayne Brady.  “Let’s Make a Deal” currently airs on CBS in morning or daytime slots.

The show still features costumed guests who have the tough decision of picking between 3 things that are concealed between a variety of objects which include curtains, boxes and envelopes. Pick the wrong one and you will get zonked.

The show is now casting contestants for fun new episodes of the long running game show.  The show is looking for people who are huge fans of Let’s Make a Deal and are especially interested in people that are huge fans of the show.

Online Audition information for Let’s Make A Deal:

The classic CBS game show Let’s Make A Deal is now looking nationwide for fun and energetic contestants for the new season.
Depending on where you live, you could be selected to play from home via Zoom on our virtual wall of contestants, or if you live near Los Angeles, you could be invited to play as an in-studio contestant.

Let’s Make A Deal is Casting! We begin taping in Los Angeles beginning August 2022…So apply now (as long as I don’t know you!) Tell your friends (I dont know them!) If you live in Southern California apply at, and if you live outside of California you can play virtually from home via zoom! Apply at You can Win Cash, Prizes and Trips!

About the show:
Hosted by comic/singer/actor Wayne Brady, contestants — often dressed in a wide variety of original costumes — will still compete for money and prizes by striking wacky deals. Jonathan Mangum is the show’s announcer, and Monty Hall, arguably the best-known host of the earlier version of the show, is listed among the new show’s creative consultants. The program won a Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song in 2014 for “30,000 Reasons to Love Me,” composed by Cat Gray and performed by Wayne Brady.

Interested?  See casting notice below for the details.  The show’s producers have created an online audition form that people can fill out at home.


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  1. Angel Gardner

    I want to be a contestant and Let’s Make a Deal.

  2. Lisa Penkacik

    I love, love, love Let’s Make A Deal!!! I’d be so happy to be on the show!

  3. Mark Allen Ashby

    I Work With Special Needs I,m A Former Pro Wrestler I Went To Same Wrestling School As Stone Cold Steve Austin We Were Trained By Gentleman Chris Adams My Hobbies Are Fishing, Dancing, Bowling, Music, Swimming I Have High Energy Would Be Great Contestant For Your Show I Know How To Have Fun And Entertain I Love Animals I,m Single But Hope That Will Not Be Long We Want To Come To Your Studio I,m 51 Years Young.

  4. Mark Allen Ashby

    I Work With Special Needs. I’m A Former Pro Wrestler. I Went To Same Wrestling School As Stone Cold Steve Austin. We Were Trained By Gentleman Chris Adams. My Hobbies Are Fishing, Dancing, Bowling, Music, Swimming. I Have High Energy. Would Be Great Contestant For Your Show. I Know How To Have Fun And Entertain. I Love Animals. I’m Single But Hope That Will Not Be Long, We Want To Come To Your Studio.

  5. Martin Finkelstein

    I was a police officer for 41 years, 21 in NYPD and 15 years as a Palm Beach deputy sheriff, and 5 years in Highland Beach FL. I live in Delray Beach Florida, and I like to fool people when I wear my HAIR hat, and take it off to reveal my head full of SKIN. It cracks people up. I have been married for 55 years, and have three grown children and 5 grandchildren. I would LOVE to be on Let’s Make ADeal on Zoom…..

  6. Rose M Thomas

    I’m excited to be able to apply for an opportunity to appear on LMAD. Being a survivor of triple negative breast cancer? has given me a zest for life. I am 70 years young and am ready to DEAL!

  7. sunita Rupan

    I would like to audition for this show please

  8. Janine

    Looking to do commercials and get on the Great Show….LETS MAKE A DEAL…..Contact me PLEASE.

  9. Noah Newman

    I’ve traveled 48 states lived in most. Boxed amateur for 26 years. I’m now a union IBEW electrician since 1982.

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