Get on a Trivia Game Show in Los Angeles

Are you or do you consider yourself a huge fan of pop culture and possess a good amount of general trivia knowledge?

If the answer is yes grab a partner and apply to be on a trivia show.  The show and it’s casting directors in the Los Angeles are are seeking teams of 2 or 3 in the L.A. area.

Those teams may be friends, co-workers, neighbors, siblings or other types of pre-existing relationships.  If you are interested, the show is taking submissions and potential contestants are asked to apply ASAP as the show will be taping in the Los Angeles, California area in the first half of August.

Casting a New Trivia Game Show for teams of 3. If you are fun and outgoing and love to play trivia, grab your friends, siblings, partner or parents and come play for a chance to win some money! Apply at
Tapes in Los Angeles August 8th-12th!
Must live in Southern California


Are you fun, outgoing, and love to play games? Are you a big trivia fan?

We are looking for teams of 2 or 3 to come play for a chance to win some cash! Taping is August 8th-12th in Los Angeles.

Apply now at! Tag your friends, we want to meet them!


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