Get on The Weakest Link Game Show

Do you love trivia and do you believe that you can take on some tough trivia challenges? 
If so, here is a chance because the game show, “The Weakest Link” is now casting for contestants.  The show is hosted by Jane Lynch and puts contestants to the challenge of finding the weakest link among them.
Are you extremely well versed in all things trivia?  Do you love pop culture? Can you answer questions about pop culture in record time and do you have the desire to actually prove your trivia knowledge on a game show?
Casting directors for “The Weakest Link” are now looking for quick witted contestants who are up for the challenge and are absolutely ready to outwit and outplay their competition. What’s on the line? Well, it is a TV game show and like all other TV game shows, there will be cash, a good amount of cash, on the line that the winner will be taking home with them.
About the show:
A surreal and humiliating blend of “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” and “Survivor,” this quiz show pits eight contestants against one another as they answer seven rounds of questions. Money is added to the pot for every question they get right, but sinks to zero for wrong answers. Each round ends with the players voting one contestant off, and the last one left takes home all the prize money.

Looking for Trivia Fans who don’t mind smack talking by the host Jane Lynch! Please apply at
Email me for more casting details or questions!

If you’re good at trivia and can talk smack with Jane Lynch, we’re looking for you! Please email me at for more casting details!

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