Irish Web Series Casting Actors in Dublin, Ireland

A Soft Reboot

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Type: Web series

A Soft Reboot:
Alexis moves to Dublin after the untimely death of her beloved mother. She moves in search of her father, Desmond, who had walked out on the family when she was just a young girl.
Upon arrival and tracking Desmond down she quickly learns that in the intervening years he has gone on to create a whole new life, with a history that was not always honest and upstanding.
Now joining back into Desmond’s life, Alexis must pay a dear price for the sins of her father.

There are 3 available roles for “A Soft Reboot” at the moment.

James – (3 Episodes) (Aged 25-45)
– This character is the best friend of Alexis’s father Desmond, he provides Desmond with emotional support and serves as a wise guide in Desmond’s journey

Jerry – (1 Episode) (Aged 20-30)
– This character is a workplace bully who’s purpose is to irritate and ridicule Desmond.

Victor – (1 Episode) (Aged 25-55)
– This character is Desmond’s boss. A level headed and kind man who appears in only one episode in season 1 with the possibility of future appearances.

Tess – (Extra 1 Episode) (Any Age)
– This character is an extra who appears in a coffee shop.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dublin, Ireland
Please submit to:
Please attach any relevant doccumentation. I.E: CV, Headshots and show reels – all would be very useful.

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  1. James Y R

    Im interested , Male actor and would be a great fit for Jerry.

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