Los Angeles Casting Notice for TV Pilot


Living dolls

Location: Los Angeles

Type: TV Pilots

Living dolls

Info: Amberley is a girl who loves dancing and when but the pressure is still on her from her mom leaving she finally gets her principal to bring a dance team to the school but she gets a terrible team her whole world gets outside Down went two her dad oh dolls come to life

Age 13-15
Amberley info:She is a kind girl but she is a go-getter she does anything to get what she wants we’re not in a bad way age

Mix info: he’s a very very nice guy and he does whatever he can to help and end up falling in love after coming to life

Age 13-14
Liza info: she is Amberley‘s best friend since kindergarten she does whatever she can to help her she’s a strong independent girl

Herald info:He is the second doll that came to life he’s very funny and goofy He has a crush on Lucas he does whatever he can to help his friends

Lucas info: he is a cute but kind boy everyone loves him especially Harold but he also is the son of the doll maker who made herald and mix

Age 27-37
Miss Hugo info: she does not wanna dance thing at school from the dark and turning past but she tries her best to be in the best interest for the kids as being the principal

Age 30
Eric info: he is the dad of Amberley He loves his daughter and he knows it been hard on her since her moms left and he tries his best to help her

Aegis 13-15
Background dancers 7 limit

Age 13-16
Background kids

All ages
Background extras

Amberleys mom info: She is just seen in one scene for a flashback

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: javarisheard72@gmail.com by 2022-08-31
All you have to know is how to dance just a little

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One thought on “Los Angeles Casting Notice for TV Pilot

  1. Amalia

    I would like to audition for Liza if the Casting is still on. If there is like a formal Platform where I can leave a tape or more Information let me know.


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