Oklahoma Auditions and Nationwide Auditions for PBS American Portrait Documentary

By | June 9, 2022

PBS American Portrait Casting Call Nationwide.

PBS is currently seeking two artists with a documentarian mindset to help tell the stories of Oklahoma for a national storytelling project called PBS American Portrait.

This project is aligned with PBS’s 50th anniversary celebration, and seeks to define what it really means to be an American today. By inviting audiences across the country to be heard and share their stories through their own words and images, PBS American Portrait will ultimately capture the state and spirit of our nation.

Everyday American people will answer specific American Portrait prompts with their own unique thoughts, words, beliefs and experiences. We will ultimately begin to find that we, as a nation, have much more in common than we realize. A few example prompts include:

  • I was raised to believe…
  • The tradition I carry on is…
  • What keeps me up at night is…
  • When I step outside my door…
  • Most days I feel…
  • I took a risk when…

Following the UGC portion of the campaign, PBS will create a multi-episode documentary set to air in early 2021 that will highlight the PBS American Portrait project and what it means to be an American today. The top submissions will be integrated throughout the documentary. This project has no political affiliations and will be focused on the American people, their beliefs, their traditions, and their experiences.

PBS American Portrait is seeking storytellers with a documentarian mindset to help capture stories, images, and footage that represent authentic diversity within the communities they have access to. Each storyteller has the opportunity to turn in up to 5 submissions, using their creative discretion to represent their subjects in as authentic a manner as possible. We are looking for artists who want to represent the way they see America through the people they know: utilizing image, sound, and story to capture compelling narratives and untold American stories.

This is work for hire and paid on receipt of 5 submissions ($150 total). You will be connected with a team of 100 storytellers (total) across the country: 2 in every state.

For Oklahoma and other states please see:
Seeking creative individuals who have an eye for capturing compelling short stories of diverse people in their community via photo and video.

This is a nationwide search – please encourage colleagues from other states to apply by visiting this link – https://tinyurl.com/ryzesz4

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