Student Film – Main Role Audition in Paris, France

By | February 14, 2022

Kafka’s Bird

Location: Paris, France

Type: Student Films

Synopsis: Set in Germany, in 1924. Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant (his lover) encounter Ruth Baumman (a young orphan) crying over her lost doll in the park. As a means of comforting her, Kafka writes her letters, as if from the doll, about her adventures traveling the world. They develop a friendship. As Kafka is dying of tuberculosis and will soon move to Prague, he must figure out a viable conclusion to the doll’s supposed letter writing. Before they part ways, he gives her a locket that she continues to wear when she’s older and goes on her own

Franz Kafka – CZECH ACCENT REQUIRED. Lead. He is a 40 year old Czech Jew, living in Berlin with his lover, Dora Diamant. Attributes include kind, humorous (in a dry sense), intelligent, quiet, in pain quite often due to indigestion problems, athletic and reserved. He struggles from social anxiety and depression. He is tall and thin and has tuberculosis, which he ends up dying from.

Dora Diamant – POLISH ACCENT REQUIRED. Supporting. She is a 26 year old Polish Jew, living in Berlin with her lover, Franz Kafka. Like Kafka, she fears marriage. She ran away from her family when they insisted that she marry and she refused and then fell in love with Kafka at first sight. She is devoted to him, independent, stubborn, patient and nurturing. She likes theatre, singing and volunteering for charities.

Young Ruth Baumann – GERMAN ACCENT REQUIRED. Lead. Should be 12 to 14- years old able to play a 7 year old Jew, living in Berlin in an orphanage. Her parents died when she was just a baby. Henrietta, her doll, was her best friend and closest companion. She gets along alright with the others at the orphanage, but is lonely. She is imaginative, independent, intelligent, courageous and empathetic. She loves books and listening to stories and dolls and wants to explore the world one day.

Older Ruth Baumann – She is the 20 year old Ruth. Featured Non speaking. She maintains young Ruth’s attributes, passions and fears. She has matured enough to go out into the world by herself now.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Paris, France
Please submit to: by 2022-03-04
Headshot.Resume. Reel. Slate (name, age, height, location)

This casting notice was posted by: Paris College of Art/Emerson college

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