Theater Auditions for “Higher by Wayne Firestone” in Washington, D.C.


Higher by Wayne Firestone

Location: Washington, DC

Type: Theater

A magic realist journey over the Mason-Dixon line. A young woman escaping a toxic relationship during quarantine is inspired by the folklore of a Liberian hot-air balloon pilot. The play explores liberation, race, immigration, and family secrets. The characters navigate deep divisions and dangers exposed during both the global COVID-19 pandemic and the West Africa Ebola epidemic.

This production is presented as a part of the 2022 Capital Fringe Festival, a program of the Washington, DC non-profit Capital Fringe.

KAT – African-American woman graduate student. Knows she is in a bad relationship, not the first. Looking for liberation from her current environment, at almost any cost, except she does not want to be alone and isolated during quarantine. Doubles as LEOPARD.

BILLY – African immigrant hot air balloon business owner/operator. Reserved, very slow speaking in dialogue. Full of encyclopedic information about his environs, which he shares generously and matter-of-factly. Much more reserved about his own personal thoughts. When he thinks to himself in soliloquy he speaks in a fast, rap-like cadence, in contrast. Suffers from insomnia aided only by childhood folk legends.

BLISS – Billy’s mother. Deeply religious and judgmental quoting biblical verses and dismissing African parables interchangeably. Unwilling to acknowledge family secrets that are inconsistent with her beliefs. She has died previously of Ebola but is experienced in flashbacks or memories, where she is still seeking control.

GUS – (pronounced “goose”) Billy’s Father. Practical and cautious. Works in a managerial position at a rubber plantation in Harbel, Liberia. Grew up in the US and then married Bliss in the 1970’s -when Nina Simone was visiting Liberia. A trickster at times, who tells folk tales to heal family tensions. Doubles as ANANSI.

MARCO – White businessman, slick talking, presumptuous and nosy about other people’s business. Showy with his money and what he assumes it can buy in life. Sees himself socially and politically enlightened for having a black girlfriend. Doubles as REINDEER.

(Important Dates:
TECH July 13 3pm – 5:40pm (170 mins)
Show 1 Doors: 5:45pm (15 mins) Thursday, July 14, 6pm Load in: 5:15pm (30 mins); Load out: 7:15pm (30 mins) Show 2 Doors: 8:15pm (15 mins) Saturday, July 16, 8:30pm Load in: 7:45pm (30 mins); Load out: 9:45pm (30 mins)
Show 3 Doors: 11:45am (15 mins) Sunday, July 17, 12:00pm Load in: 11:15am (30 mins); Load out: 1:15pm (30 mins)
Show 4 Doors: 5:30pm (15 mins) Friday, July 22, 5:45pm Load in: 5pm (30 mins); Load out: 7pm (15 mins)
Show 5 Doors: 1:45pm (15 mins) Sunday, July 24, 2:00pm Load in: 1:30pm (15 mins); Load out: 3:15pm (15 mins)

If you have any questions, or any difficulties arise, please email:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Washington, DC
Please submit to:
Please submit headshot, resume, and Covid-19 Vaccine card to

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