Actors & Performers in Massachusetts for Healthcare Ad Campaign on TikTok

Endeavor Films – Price Transparency Awareness Campaign, TikTok

Location: Northborough, Ma; Worcester, MA; Boston, MA

Audition / Call Type: Web Series

Talent will be needed for a half day of work and the pay is $500

Casting for a Tik Tok campaign that deals with price transparency in healthcare.

Will play multiple characters in multiple scripts for TikTok content.

Seeking 4 performers.

All Ethnicities

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Northborough, Ma; Worcester, MA; Boston, MA
Please submit to: by 04/11/2023 2:00 PM

Record video using your phone of the sample script below:

Hospital CEO Skit

*Assistant runs into frame*

Assistant: Sir Sir! There’s people outside in the streets demanding prices!

*CEO turns around in chair to face camera*

CEO: So, its prices they want, eh?

Assistant: Yes sir. They’re demanding prices for everything. Knee surgeries, CT scans, blood work!

CEO: Hm, well if we let them know the prices, we won’t be able to overcharge anymore…our whole business model is based on price gouging!

Assistant: I thought it was about helping people sir?

CEO: What?… oh yeah..right right…but that’s beside the point. They know we’re non-profit right? They can’t expect us to show prices AND not pay taxes!

Assistant: What should I tell them sir?

*CEO contemplates for a moment*

CEO: I’ve got it! We’ll just give them an estimate! That way they THINK they’re getting a real price, but we can still overcharge them. PUT IT IN THE FINE PRINT BABY!


CEO: Hello? Oh hey Chad. New yacht available?…they got it in red? I’ll take 2!


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