Auditions for a Role in Horror Short Film in San Francisco

Gold Hill Pictures

The Influencer (FanBLAM)

Location: San Francisco, CA

Audition / Call Type: Films

Low Budget Horror short shooting in Murphys, CA from a 2x Sundance and Cannes award-winning producer. Shoot date: April 1, 2023. Casting the role of:

BRILEY “THE INFLUENCER”: 20’s-30’s, attractive, entitled, charismatic, blithe, and a true narcissist. The ultimate cultural appropriator – #Charli D’Amelio – who would easily minimize the fight for equality and justice to a single ignorant and ironic phrase: “All lives matter.” Quick to take up whatever progressive cause and virtue signal from her ivory tower while bathing in her white privilege and blissful ignorance.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: San Francisco, CA
Please submit to: by 03/01/2023

Please email headshot/resume/reel to David & Anna. If selected, candidate will receive script (under 3 pages) to submit a self-tape reading.

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  1. Jenny Lynn Lopez

    This sounds like a terrible project! How dare this person say these things about a part which clearly shows how ignorant and closed minded they are. It’s too political and stupid for any true actor to be a part of. They wouldn’t like it if the role was a black person undermining the rioting blm and saying they were ignorant for being a part of it which they truly are. This sounds like a hate project to me. Get it off this site!

    1. erica

      So, you have a gripe with an indie film over YOUR personal beliefs and something about some political stuff and character description? Good news is that this is in fact MY site! I do not deal with racism and I have the power to get you off MY site by blocking your IP. Do better as I would rather not block everyone at…
      City : Los Gatos
      Region : California (CA)
      Postal code :95032
      Country :United States (US)


      But I absolutely can!

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