Auditions in Bedford, Massachusetts / New England Area for Indie Film Roles

CASTING CALL for the short film SWEET FREEDOM, a pre-Civil War period piece by Emmy Award winning writer/director Alyssa Botelho!

Sweet Freedom is the story of real-life historical figure Polly Johnson, a prolific 19th century Afro-Indigenous confectioner preparing for the largest party of her career while fighting to protect the fugitive slaves in her home from slave-catchers near and far.

Paid: Mixed – Lead roles are paid, supporting and extras are unpaid. Lead roles day rates are negotiable.

Travel Costs / Accommodations: WILL be provided by production for talent traveling from out of Southern New England.
Location: New Bedford MA
Dates: Early November 2023, exact dates TBD

Application Deadline: 8 September 2023

Paid Roles:

  • POLLY JOHNSON – Lead (54, Petite, Afro-Indigenous) Talented confectionist committed to both her culinary craft and aiding runaway slaves. PAID.
  • NATHAN JOHNSON (Early 40s, deep black skin) A distinguished, deeply intelligent man who wears his intellect on his sleeve and is committed to helping runaway slaves. PAID.
  • PATTY (30s, white) Psychopathic, vulgar slave catcher hunting runaways in New England. PAID. MUST BE COMFORTABLE RIDING A HORSE!
  • RIDGELL (50s, white, BEARDED) Cold, calculating and stoic slave catcher from Georgia hunting runaways in New England. PAID. MUST BE COMFORTABLE RIDING A HORSE!
  • BETSEY GIBSON (Late 30s, Black) Former slave and mother of three girls staying with Polly and Nathan contemplating a risky return trip down South. PAID.
  • LEWIS TEMPLE (38, Black) Blacksmith from Virginia. VP of black anti-slavery Union Society. PAID.

Non Paid Roles:

  • RHODA DURFEE (Early-mid 20s, Afro-Indigenous) Polly’s daughter who takes after her mother’s culinary skills. VOLUNTEER.
  • FREDERICK DOUGLASS (21, Black) The famed abolitionist in his youth. VOLUNTEER.
  • HELEN GIBSON (17, Mixed race) Betsey’s oldest daughter. A responsible young woman. VOLUNTEER.
  • JANE GIBSON (12, Mixed race) Betsey’s middle-aged daughter. A lively girl raised in love and peace. VOLUNTEER.
  • MARGARET (8, Mixed race) Betsey’s youngest daughter. Sweet and energetic little girl. VOLUNTEER.
  • BENJAMIN RODMAN (45, white) Wealthy abolitionist with connections. VOLUNTEER. MUST BE COMFORTABLE RIDING A HORSE!
  • ANNA DOUGLASS (Early 20s, Black) Frederick Douglass’s wife. VOLUNTEER.
  • CHILD EXTRAS (White, ages 7-12) 3 child extras needed. VOLUNTEER.
  • ARMED ABOLITIONISTS (Ages 18-50, Black and White) 6 – 10 adult extras needed, majority Black with some White. VOLUNTEER.
  • PARTY GUESTS (White and black, ages 18-75) 15 – 20 adults, majority White with some Black. VOLUNTEER.

Union status: Both SAG-AFTRA (Microbudget Agreement) and Non-Union

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