Casting Actors in Florida for Low Budget Horror Flick

We are shooting a feature film in Florida this coming month (February). We have held a number of auditions (both open calls and digital) but before I make final decisions on the following roles I am posting one last time.

Film: Killer Keg: Frau Perchta
Genre: Horror Comedy
Production Company: Lyon Productions (Roommates/Minor League)
Producers: Brad Leo Lyon, Ja’Kel Marshal, Dale Dobson, etc.
Director: Brad Lyon (Little Creeps, Monsters on Main Street)
Location: Florida
Compensation: Paid with negotiable rates based on experience and prior credits.

Normally I would just go straight into listing the roles but first I want to take a moment to express with you all I am looking for two exceptional ensemble lead members. This film has undergone many trials and tribulations along the way including being shut down due to Hurricane Ian and having the entire film needing to be reshot due to the damage or destruction of locations. I’ve decided to reshoot this movie, again, because I’m truly passionate about the potential of the film and making a great movie. To do so, I want to make sure I find equally passionate talent who are truly looking for that right role. Creating great films often takes the talent and director being able to work cohesively towards the same vision. Part of that involves both director and talent being highly committed to their craft.

JUSTIN – 25 to 35 Male, Justin is that lovable sidekick who is content with life as his tag team partner caries the majority of the weight. But sometimes the movie isn’t just about Batman and the light shines on Robin occasionally. This is that case, where Justin’s lack of ambition has caused him a number of problems including a recent break up but he may have to rise to the occasion when everyone’s lives could be at stake. Should be relatively slender and/or athletic and 5’11 or under.
{I’m looking for an actor with strong emotional range that can find both the humor and emotional context in the moment. Not necessarily classic lead man good looks, but more of a “Justin Long” if you will where he is relatable and likable.}

ZOE – 18 to 28, Female, Attractive small town hot girl who (eventually) has realized she wouldn’t be the 10 in L.A. that she is where she is considered locally. Launched an influencer career while secretly exotic dancing for a living and has finally taught herself to embrace who she is. She needs to have the range and sweet characteristics to still be the “hot girl” while winning over an audience and making them cheer her on even if she isn’t the main girl next door the audience is being led to support. In many horror films, the character most comfortable with their sex appeal is often one of the first to be killed. We want to embrace that with her while also making her personable if not outright charming at times. Enough so that we might all be surprised if she didn’t get killed early on and winds up surviving far longer than horror tropes would permit.

If you have a reel and previous experience please reach out by email to with your headshot, full length photo, and a link to any footage you have. I’ll be responding fairly quickly to all talent that I think fits my vision for these two roles. It would be awesome if you could send over a pre-slate video with your full name, location, and a brief explanation of why you feel you’re a fit for the character and good to work with.

Please note: We are working off a very limited budget. The majority of this film is being funded from my own pocket after most of the budget was spent when we previously filmed the movie prior to the hurricane. Do not expect this to be a film you get rich off of, but a great opportunity to be an ensemble lead character in a movie that will have a few recognizable faces in it and should obtain a solid distribution release.
I look forward to hearing from everyone that wants to be considered.

Union Status: Open to Union and Non-Union talent submissions.
Filming Dates: 3 Weeks in February/March
Website: &
Production Email:

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