Casting Call for GVSU Paid Student Film Project in Grand Rapids, Michigan

We’re casting two paid roles for Hypnosis Psychosis, a GVSU student short film. In this absurdist thriller, a college student visiting a clinical psychologist realizes that she put him under a strange hypnotic spell, which drags him into a trippy, surreal, and horrifying experience.

James – Lead role, early to mid-20s. An everyday guy. Visits Meredith to discover the source of his overwhelming sense of dread. He is skeptical of her odd behavior but nevertheless accepts her treatment. When Meredith shows her true colors, James is taken on an excruciatingly terrifying experience. The actor for this role must be able to go big with showing extreme fear.

Meredith – Lead role, 30s-50s. Charming, magical, powerful. Before revealing to James why he is truly there, she eases him into the experience, speaking in a soothing tone and guiding him to a state of relaxation. But her true motive is to inflict as much pain as humanly possible onto him, blaming him for her own traumatic struggles.

We’ll have 10-12 hour shoot days in the Grand Rapids area on February 25th and 26th. Food and refreshments will be provided. This film is nonunion. Actors will be paid at least $50/day. If interested, send a headshot or demo reel to in order to receive the audition materials. Deadline for auditions is February 12th!

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