Casting Hispanic Families Who Celebrate Their heritage

By | June 1, 2023

Are you part of a Hispanic family that celebrates your heritage with food, music, dance or certain hobbies?

If so, there is a casting call out that if cat, will pay each member $1k.

Así Studios is teaming up with a major automotive brand to highlight inspiring stories across the country about family and cultural traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.
They will explore how families pass down customs such as culinary recipes, music, dance, and hobbies and how younger generations turn these old traditions into new ones. Casting real Hispanic men and women who are bilingual in English and Spanish nationwide.

Video shoot: July 25 & 26
Location: Local to person(s) selected
Usage: Digital and possible Spanish TV
Compensation: $1000/person inclusive of 2 day shoot and usage.
Shoot is Non-Union

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