Casting Kids and Their Grandparents for Game Show Generation Gap

Generation Gap TV game show holding auditions for season 2.

Calling all grandparents and their grandchildren to join the fun on ABC’s & MGM Televisions challenge that puts them to the test in order to win some cash and prizes. Season one of the show premiered last year and is now working on casting teams of grandparents and their grandkids to test if their bonds and trivia knowledge can overcome the generation gap in their ages.

The comedy game show in now taking online audition applications from family members that would love a chance to get on the ABC Network game show.

Kelly Ripa hosts a comedy quiz game show featuring family members of different generations who work together to answer questions about each other’s generations.

Do you have a grandparent or know a grandparent who is lots of fun and has a huge personality? The family member does not have to be a grandparent, but the team must have quite a few years in between their ages such as a grandparent and grand child would.  Those interested in appearing on the show may check out the casting notice released further down on this page.

Are you a grandparent with an outgoing, playful, grandchild who would love a chance to team up with a grandparent on a national television show?

Two teams, two generations and one fun comedy game show produced by Jimmy Kimmel may want you on as a contestant.

Jimmy Kimmel & MGM Television are bringing back Kelly Ripa’s hit comedy game show for season 2, GENERATION GAP

We’re searching for seniors (approx 65+) and junior players (8 to 15) to compete in light-hearted games & trivia challenges while the rest of the family cheers them on!
Please DM me or comment below if you are interested in being considered!

ABC Generation Gap casting information

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  1. Tina

    My grandson Noah and I would love to be on show. Noah is the typical teen 13 who knows it all. Lol and I am Granny 67 years old and learn everyday from my 8 grandkids.

  2. Wanda Flood

    65 why not 55 years old

  3. Jessie D.

    My granddaughter is 12 and I’m 70 years young. Known to family and friends as the dynamic duo the Docks. Our genuine love of life laughter and sense of humor would be a great asset to the show. Combined knowledge of pop culture history sports and politics we would rock your show.

  4. Deena Adelson

    Wow! Thanks for the opportunity! I’m 70, and my darling granddaughter is 9, almost 10. We live in Florida and would be excited to be on your show!

  5. Nichole R Szuba

    My mother and son are complete hoots, my mother is 66 and my son is 11 ,( thinks he’s 21) , however they are like two peas in a pod. They would be very entertaining to watch.

  6. Julie Williams

    I have 5 grandchildren but only 2 that are in the age range. My Lydia would be the one I would pick. I am 64 and will be 65 in September. We would love doing this show. I watch the show all the time and laugh so hard. I thought that would be me LOL! I think this would be a blast.

  7. Bobbi Burton

    Do you have to live in or near L.A. for this opportunity?

  8. Kristen Reese

    Good morning, I have teenage daughter who was born on my mother in laws Birthday. You could say I gave her the most precious gift of all. When it comes to our family in general, we should Rock our own reality TV show. My mother in law is entertaining herself but, add my child to the mix… It’s a Whole other Ballgame.! Funny, outgoing, and not afraid to tell it like it is. I know they would be Great for this show.
    Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon!

  9. Melinda La

    Generation Gap sign me up

  10. julie A.

    My granddaughter Madeline and myself would be great on the show i’m 65 in March and she’s very tall almost 14 yr. old girl.

  11. Tamica

    My grandkids and I would be a great match the only thing is I’m 49 yrs old.

  12. Shivonne

    My granddaughter and I are great for this we are both beautiful, funny, intelligent and full of adventure.

  13. Melinda

    Yes I am interested in the grandparent-grandchild game show. Please consider me and my grandchild!

  14. Felix McArdle

    Me and my nana would be great for this show. We really know each other well and we have a great time together. Please cast us!

  15. Frank Abernathy

    We have four grandchildren, 18, 15, 11, and 3 (in April). They are quite busy with school so I’m not sure how this will work. Anyways, we have lots of fun together no matter what we’re doing. Right now one of the moms has CML and will need a stem cell transplant which will require bedrest for about six months. We’ll find out more about her treatment tomorrow. Sorry to lay this on you but we all have to deal with reality.

  16. Carmen

    My 8-year-old grandson and I are besties! We have lots of fun together, like roller skating, and paddle boarding, we love to go to the studio and freestyle, and we lay down mad bars!

  17. Patrick

    My grandson Oscar & I

  18. Joe Basile

    I’m 65 have 5 wonderful grandchildren which of one I would love to team up with for your show. She’s my granddaughter Gabriella 9 years old super smart going for her second degree in karate. Hopefully we will make the cut. Thank you

  19. Wayne Steffen

    I’m interested in this show with my grandson.

  20. June Scott

    My grandkid and I would be perfect for this show as they are always challenging me regarding old vs. new.

  21. CRYSTAL E.

    My mom who is 72(73 in April) and my youngest son who is 10(11 in March) would be great for this.

  22. Eric Florez

    My cousin(30 years old) and grandma(50 years old) are a good 50 years apart. They are wildly different because my grandma was insanely poor and lived through a number of events as well as left her life in Hawaii to move with her husband to New Mexico. My cousin ended up becoming a doctor, being a 90’s kid which my grandma completely didn’t understand at the time, and also got to go through the weird phases of tech alike! I think you’d love em’.

  23. Liza

    Who do I DM? I am interested for my mom (70) and niece (9).

    1. erica

      No DM’s. Please see the information on this page for the online audition form and the link for the details on how to get on Generation Gap.

  24. Shay

    My parents and my children (quadruplets age 9 would be great for this)

    1. Krystal

      My son (Austin just 15) and his Grand Father (Siret 65) would be perfect! All they do is laugh and make jokes!

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