Casting People With Student Debt for a Documentary

Are you struggling with student debt?

If so, producers for a documentary series would love to hear your story. The show is currently casting current college students who took out loans, recent college graduates as well as folks that have been out of college for years and are still struggling to pay off their student loans many years later.

The student loan debt problem in the United States has reached staggering proportions and continues to be a pressing issue. Outstanding student loan debt exceeds $1.7 trillion, impacting millions of Americans. This crisis has far-reaching consequences, affecting not only recent graduates but also individuals who have been repaying loans for years. The burden of student loan debt can hinder financial stability, delay major life milestones such as homeownership and may even hinder the ability to start a family.

The rising cost of higher education, coupled with the growing reliance on loans to fund it, has led to this crisis. It’s a problem that transcends generations, affecting not only young graduates but also older individuals who are still grappling with student loans.

If you are struggling with student loan debt and would like a chance to tell your story, a documentary series would love to hear your story.

Casting Notice:

Currently Casting Single Parents, College Freshmen & Recent Graduates for a Student Debt Documentary. Also casting single Parent with lots of student debt trying to make ends meet.

Did you attend College many years ago and still paying off loans? Are you working in a field unrelated to your major just to make ends meet? Would you like the opportunity to tell your story?

We would love to hear your story!
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  1. Kadeejah L

    Hello I am currently living in NYC.
    I have student debt as far back as 25 years.
    Not being paid my college degree worth
    My credit is still effed up.
    Still apart of affordable housing
    Was homeless for 3 years
    Trouble paying rent.
    Deferred and forbearance to the max.
    They still want 483 a month I don’t have

    1. erica

      You may want to call them, not servicer, but fed student aid. If not in default and have paid more than borrowed…they can remove it.

  2. Kadeejah L

    Hello I have student debt for 25 years unable to pay

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