Community Theater Auditions in Brisbane, Australia for “Rope” Stage Play

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Community theatre production of “Rope” by Patrick Hamilton

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Audition / Call Type: Theater

Rope, By Patrick Hamilton

Directed by Brendan James & Charles Langford
On stage 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 July 2023

Audition date: Sunday, 26 March
Time: 10am
Venue: Windsor School of Arts, 381 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor
Call backs (if required): Monday 27 March, 6:30pm


Wyndham Brandon – Male, 20-30s (Large role, approximately ~200 lines)
A wealthy, charming and intelligent young man who is also a cold-blooded murderer. Feeling superior in all things, and a dangerously firm believer in Friedrich Nietzche’s Ubermensch (Superman) concept.

Charles Granillo – Male, 20-30s (Large role, approximately ~200 lines)
Brandon’s friend and accomplice in the murder, he is less confident and more nervous. Well-thought of as courteous and friendly by others, he grows more nervous and panicked and struggles to hide it, even with a few drinks as the night goes on.

Kenneth Raglan – Male, 20-25 (Small role, approximately ~50 lines)
Younger than Brandon and Granillo, Kenneth looks up to Brandon. Simple and quite hopeless but overall likable with a sense of humor and fun to any dinner party.

Leila Arden – Female, 20-25 (Small role, approximately ~50 lines)
Representing an ignorant and obnoxious society, and with pure young innocence, Leila is a beautiful and flirtatious young woman who is a close friend of the murdered victim.

Sir Johnstone Kentley – Male, 40-50s (Small role, approximately ~50 lines)
The father of the murdered victim, Sir Johnstone is a placid old man, previously in positions of power, though he’s never abused it like Brandon and Granillo. Now retired, he’s an avid book collector and cares for his family, including his invalid wife.

Rupert Cadell – Male, 25-30s (Large role, approximately ~200 lines)
Former teacher to Brandon and Granillo, Rupert is a charismatic, observant and calculating poet with an injury and mental anguish after experiencing WW1. Easily aggravated, especially by the younger Leila and Kenneth, who he approaches with sarcasm.

Could be approached as a smart detective, a philosopher, a cheeky rival to Brandon and Granillo, and/or an angry, vengeful force of malice hidden by a mask of a witty artist.

Sabot/Mrs. Wilson – Male/Female, 25-40s (Small role, approximately ~50 lines)
Cast as either a French servant or an English maid, this role is Brandon and Granillo’s hired help, who sets up for the party. Dutiful and attentive, they always do their best to please their young masters and guests.

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: Brisbane, Queensland
Please submit to: by 03/25/2023 9:00 AM

1) Download the Audition pack PDF (contains character descriptions, rehearsal schedule & audition script extracts) –

2) Fill out the Audition registration form –

3) Practice and prepare one (or more) of the script extracts for your preferred character(s).

4)Email a headshot and acting CV to

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