iHeart Radio Podcast Casting Singles in SoCal

Last days of casting for the new iHeart Dating Podcast


We need SINGLES in the following categories who are looking for love:
1. 24-44 Straight Males
2. 25-34 LGBTQIA+ daters
3. 25-34 Transgender daters
4. 25-34 Poly +non gender conforming
5. 25-34 Queer Men open to AMAB non gender conforming
6. 28-36 bi/lesbian woman

THE SHOW: On “Date My Abuelita”, three single contestants will compete for a date with our main Dater – except to get there they have to win over our Abuelita first! Through speed-dating rounds, hilarious games, wildly silly and genuinely heartfelt questions, and grandmotherly love, a lucky contestant will either win a date at the place of our Abuelita’s choosing or be sent back to the apps. Let the chispas fly!

TALENT INVOLVEMENT: If selected to be on the show, you will be needed for a pre-recording interview and a recording session (2-4) hours *Abuelitas will be needed for approx 3 recording sessions. THIS IS A PAID GIG if you are SELECTED. Rates and additional information are made available only to shortlisted talent.SO CAL BASED TALENT
Be sure to submit via the official casting application link if you are interested, so you can tell us more about yourself and we can hopefully find you a fun match!
Please submit HERE: https://cutt.ly/datemyabuelita
PAID for your time if you are selected.

casting notice for date my Abuelita podcast on iHeart radio

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