Let’s Make A Deal Casting Fans, Halloween Fanatics, College Students and More – Los Angeles

By | September 13, 2023

Let’s Make A Deal is holding a casting call for some special episodes that will be filming shortly in Los Angeles.

Join the excitement on ‘Let’s Make A Deal’! CBS casting directors for the show are on the lookout for dedicated fans of the show, and have some exciting themed episodes on the horizon. Whether you’re a show enthusiast or fall into one of our themed categories, we invite you to be a part of the fun!

“Let’s Make a Deal” is an iconic television game show that has captured the hearts of viewers for generations. Hosted by the charismatic and witty Wayne Brady, the show is a thrilling combination of chance, strategy, and entertainment. Contestants are presented with a series of choices, hidden behind doors, curtains, or boxes, each holding the potential for fantastic prizes or unexpected surprises. What sets “Let’s Make a Deal” apart is its interactive nature, as contestants don colorful costumes and showcase their creativity in the hope of catching the eye of the host and winning big.

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If you reside in Southern California or plan to visit between now and November 2023.
Upcoming themes include:

  • Halloween Enthusiasts
  • Supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness (Both Men and Women)
  • College Students and Faculty
  • Singles Embracing Their Independence
  • Devoted STAR TREK Fans
  • Die-hard NFL Enthusiasts
  • Couples

Selected participants stand a chance to win incredible prizes, such as cash, cars, trips, and more. We can’t wait to have you as part of the show, so don’t hesitate—apply today and let’s create unforgettable memories together!

Apply online at https://fremantle.formstack.com/forms/fremantle_gameshow_2023_team_2


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