Reality Show Producers Casting African American Singles in Los Angeles

By | March 29, 2023

Production company is holding a casting call for African American singles that currently live in the Los Angeles area.

Seems that L.A. is known as one of the sexiest cities in the world and have a massive amount of energy that certainly can’t be ignored. Los Angeles has some of the hottest nightclubs around as well as some amazing sandy beaches, such as the world famous Malibu Beach. Los Angeles is more than the glamour and the beaches, it is also a place of infinite possibilities, both personally and professionally.

Producers for a TV show are currently casting some L.A. locals who are willing to share their lives and live those lives on camera, in order to give a glimpse into what it is actually like to be single and live in Los Angeles.

LA casting call

Sound like you or somebody you may know?  Check out the casting notice below.

Casting notice:

A Major Television Production Company is searching for several men and women willing to live their lives unapologetically on camera and give a real, honest glimpse into what it’s really like to be single in Los Angeles. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or a waiter at a restaurant, we want to follow your journey as you navigate the ups and downs of life, love, and relationships. So if you are single, of any gender or sexuality, date a lot, and not afraid to talk about and explore your intimate feelings openly, we want to interview you.

Are you living the life in Southern California? Do you go on multiple dates a week. Are you open to letting us follow you as you live your best life while looking for love?

Dating reality show casting notice in the Los Angeles area, submission information.


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