Theater Auditions in Long Beach, CA for “The Red Suitcase”

P3 Theatre Company is currently casting non-union actors for our upcoming World Premiere production of ‘The Red Suitcase’ by Jiggs Burgess.

This Best Play Winner for the Del Shores Foundation Writers Search will run weekends from August 9-September 3, 2023 at The Broadwater Theatre in Hollywood.

World Premiere of ‘The Red Suitcase’ by Jiggs Burgess

Rehearsals begin July 11
Tech Rehearsals: August 5-8
Performances: August 9-September 3

Rehearsals and performances will take place in Hollywood, CA

Producer: Jon Peterson, P3 Theatre Company
Directed by Del Shores

Synopsis: The Red Suitcase explores the sometimes difficult relationships between fathers and sons and how the sins of generations can be passed along unintentionally. Pogue is led on a journey that takes him from, “we are the sins of our ancestors” to “we are the hope of our ancestors.” A play of hope, survival, and the discovery of self-worth.
P3 Theatre Company encourages performers of all ethnicities and gender identities, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.
Please note: The roles of Pogue, April, and Grandmother Evans have been cast. All other roles are open.

Character Breakdown:
POGUE— Male presenting – (40, flashing back to earliest memories)
Pogue is an honest, smart, funny, and a deeply wounded individual trying to find his own center and how that relates to his upbringing, his relationship to his father, and his relationship to the generations of the Evans family. This is his story, his memories and, as such, we should consider many of his older memories to be suspect. At any one point, Pogue may be narrator, commentator, or participant.

APRIL— Female presenting – (late 20s to late 60s)
Pogue’s long-suffering mother, April carried Pogue for nine and a half months because he refused to budge. She really wanted a girl. April has no idea how to handle Pogue so she lets him be and tries to calm Bud when she feels he goes too far. She loves and supports Pogue, she just doesn’t understand him.

GRANDMOTHER EVANS— Female presenting – (60s-70s)
Pogue’s grandmother, Bud’s mother. A woman of strength and wisdom, but both were hard won. Her son, Robbie, died at the age of sixteen by his own hand. She will not stand by and watch her grandchild be subjected to the same forces that killed her son.

BUD— Male presenting – (late 20s to late 60s)
Pogue’s father. Tough. Abusive. Found his older brother, Robbie, hanging from the rafters in a barn as a thirteen year old boy. Bud told himself this was because Robbie was too soft. A “good old boy” of the first order, Bud has a kind and poetic side, if he’d let it show. He is fully capable of change, but incapable of having a close relationship with Pogue. In a misguided attempt to “toughen” Pogue up, Bud abuses Pogue until Bud realizes he is recreating the scenario that brought his brother to suicide.
Ensemble— the ensemble doubles as the following supporting roles:

· CHARLIE— Male presenting – (12) Pogue’s 5th grade, and first, boyfriend. Pogue and Charlie are both “winged creatures…”
· DOO-DOO— Male presenting – (35) June’s first husband
· SHERIFF BAIRD— Male presenting – (50s) A hard ass Texas Sheriff
· SPARKY— Pogue’s “wild and loving beast.” A dog played by a puppet. All ensemble members handle SPARKY at different points, handing him off, but only one actor voices him.

· NURSE LEE— Female presenting – (20s and 60s) Playboy cartoon of a 1960/70s nurse in the first part of the play, a real nurse in the second
· ROSELLA — Female presenting – (30s-80s) Cross between a crazy cat lady and fortune teller.
· JUNE — Female presenting – (20s-60s) April’s sister, Pogue’s aunt
· MRS. PRIG— Female presenting – (40) Pogue’s 5th grade teacher, an evil bitch.

· MARTÍN— Male presenting­ – (30s) A Mexican national who works for Bud, the man Pogue bonds with early in life as his father. Martîn is, indeed, a kind, loving figure.
· DR. SURGEON— Male presenting­ – (40s)Cartoon of a swinging 1960/70s doctor…always a glass of scotch in hand and a cigarette between his teeth, even when delivering a baby.
· SAM— Male presenting­ – (8-48) Pogue’s older brother
· MR. CHAPA — Male presenting­ – (60s) Janitor at Pogue’s school…he’s seen Ms. Prig’s handiwork before.

There is pay. Pay range is $1,000 to $1,750 and will be determined by the combination of role, fuel honorarium for rehearsals, and a rate of $20/hour for performances.
Accepting video submissions of pre-selected sides. Link to the sides and full script are at the link below. Please submit audition video, headshot, and resume to

Submission Deadline is SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2023

In-person callback auditions will be held in Hollywood, CA mid to late-May at a date to be determined.

Link to script and sides:
Please submit audition video, headshot, and resume to

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