Voice Actress in Salado, TX for Web Series

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Female coughing sound audition for animation for my youtube channel

Location: Salado TX

Audition / Call Type: Web Series

so i am looking for a female voice actress who can try to audition to do a coughing sound for me for ten seconds for my animation video that i’m working on for my youtube channel. (Read this entire message) So here’s what I need help with So basically The video i’m making is about a girl who has a sickness, and of course when people are sick, they cough. So, You can dm me, and send me a couple of voice note of you coughing Just like voice acting, but coughing. It would mean a lot! Oh and you can just cough like how you would normally cough in general Oh and you don’t need any recording equipment you can just record it through here in a voice note. So yeah that’s pretty much it.

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: Salado TX
Please submit to: haddenwhitaker53@gmail.com by 08/15/2023 11:30 PM

You must submit a sample of you Coughing for Ten seconds

This casting notice was posted by: Hadden Whitaker

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