Actor Auditions in Boise Idaho for TV Show Pilot

By | June 26, 2024


A mysterious force only known as The Hunters has taken over the world as we know it. They bring death to any who remain stationary during daylight hours. Everything is left abandoned and forgotten, forcing the world to return to its natural state. Among these remaining survivors is Saul. A man who has lost everything and travels the world alone. All of that changes when he crosses paths with two young sisters who are in need of his help. Saul must choose between helping them and helping himself.

  • MAIN CAST (Pay of $300. 6 filming Days)
  • SAUL (Male, 30-40) all alone because of the loss of his family to the Hunters. He is a man of few words, seemingly selfish and heartless, but deep inside he is scared and lonely.
  • MARZ (Female, 12-16) Acts naive and childish. Speaking before she thinks, she’s not afraid to tell you how she feels. But inside is a high level of maturity, quick-wittedness, and pain that she hides.
  • MAY (Female, 18-25) due to a terrible past, she has lost the ability to speak. However, her personality is louder than most. She has a high level of maturity that hides her trauma and lack of emotional structure. Must know ASL.

SUPPORTING ROLES ($50. 1 filming Day)

  • YOUNG MAN (Male, 18-25) scared and alone. He desperately tries to survive the Hunters despite a terrible injury to his leg.
  • CRAZY MAN (Male, 30-40) afraid of what the hunters did to him, tries to survive and find a way to overcome his inevitable fate. He’s unpredictable and thinks only for himself.
  • THE WOMAN WITH THE SCARF (Female, 20-25) afraid and alone, desperate to stay alive from the Hunters. She’s often overdramatic and takes many risks.
  • MOM (Female, 30-40) gentle and sweet, her greatest concern is the safety of her family. She puts on a friendly smile, but inside is always worried.
  • ANNIE (Female, 12-16) hyper and expressive. She always plays jokes with her dad, and is often naive to what is happening around her.


MINIONS #1 – #8 (No set to age or gender) left no longer to their own thoughts, they aid the mysterious force (The Hunters) in stopping the remaining survivors.

We plan on filming around the Bosie and Blackfoot Idaho Area. The current plan is to film the second week of September 2024. Sep 9th – 14th
Please contact Isaak Rust to try out for the desired role:

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