Casting Individuals Who Are Managing Debt Nationwide for Discover Project

By | June 26, 2024

The Balance and Discover Seek Real People Managing Their Debt!

The Balance, Discover, and The Foundry are on the lookout for real individuals who are actively managing their debt, particularly those who have used personal loans in their debt management journey. This initiative aims to feature these stories in a new article on major platforms like Investopedia.


  • Individuals currently reducing or managing their debt.
  • Those who have experience with personal loans and have gained valuable lessons from the process.
  • People willing to share their debt journey to inspire others and demonstrate the possibility of achieving financial stability.

Opportunity Details: Selected participants will have their debt management stories featured in a relatable and informative article. The piece will highlight their experiences, the lessons they’ve learned, and their use of personal loans to manage debt.


  • Share Your Journey: Inspire and assist others by sharing your debt management strategies.
  • Compensation: All selected participants will be compensated for their contribution.

Interested Candidates: To be considered, candidates should fill out the casting questionnaire available at, or email directly at


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