Community Theater Auditions in Spring Hill, Florida for 5 Plays

Join the cast for shows being produced by the imaginative works of five talented local playwrights.

Open auditions are coming up at the Stage West Playhouse in Spring Hill, Florida for multiple one act plays.  Open auditions are coming up at the theater, which is located at 8930 Forest Oaks, BLVD. in Spring Hill, Florida.

While these roles are unpaid, the experience promises to be rewarding and unforgettable.

Actors for the following productions:

1. A Play Gets Murdered By: John Sallusito Synopsis: In a dark and stormy theater, a wealthy man is found dead, sparking a hilarious journey through a theater murder mystery. Characters:

  • Detective Payne: Senior Detective (Male, 40-60)
  • Detective Diaz: Junior Detective (Male, 25-35)
  • Veronica Bodhi: Sexy Wife of Victim (Female, 25-40)
  • Stage Manager, Officer Bill Mitchell, Cook, Butler: Male or Female (Any Age)

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2. The Art of Drinking Beer By: Pariksith Singh Synopsis: A young man seeks wisdom from “The Master” in a far east tavern. Characters:

  • The Young Man
  • The Old Man
  • The Young Man in Jeans

3. From the Membrane of the Nucleus By: Peter A. Balaskas Synopsis: Two prisoners discuss life, art, and the fragility of both in a post-apocalyptic future. Characters:

  • SCRIBE: Male, mid 50s
  • SONGBIRD: Female, late 20s/early 30s
  • WOMAN (audio only)
  • MAN (audio only)

4. The Session By: Archie Scota Synopsis: Characters from Shakespeare’s greatest works engage in a group therapy session. Characters:


5. Full Frontal Transparency By: Jenna Jane Synopsis: Two individuals on a blind date ask deal-breaking questions, joined by a disingenuous restaurant server. Characters:

  • Jamie: Uptight (Any Gender, 18 or over)
  • Sam: Free Spirited (Any Gender, 18 or over)
  • Avery: A disingenuous, passive-aggressive restaurant server (Any Gender, 18 or over)

We invite you to explore these intriguing stories with us! See you at the auditions!

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