Get on Family Feud in 2024



The long running game show is always casting families and 2024 is no different.

Does your family have what it takes to go head to head against another family on Family Feud?  If so, here is how you can get your family on the show to possibly win the money.  

Family Feud is hosted by the very funny Steve Harvey and features families of 5 going head to head with another family of 5.  Family Feud is holding zoom auditions for families online.



Producers for the show are always accepting audition forms which families are able to fill out without even leaving home.

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The Family Feud game show is an iconic television program which is currently hosted by the legendary Steve Harvey.  Family Feud pits two families against each other in a series of rounds where they must guess the most popular responses to survey questions posed to a group of people. From everyday topics to more obscure queries, contestants must rely on their intuition and quick thinking to anticipate the survey’s top answers. The tension rises as families compete for points, with each correct response bringing them closer to winning cash prizes and ultimately the chance to play in the final Fast Money round. 


There are some requirements.


To participate in Family Feud, you need to have a team consisting of 5 family members who are connected by blood, marriage, or legal adoption. Additionally, all team members must either be U.S. citizens or have the legal authorization to work within the United States. While there is no specific age requirement to join the show, we recommend that contestants be at least 15 years old due to the nature of the questions asked.


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