How to Get on GSN’s Beat The Bridge Game Show

Want to Beat The Bridge on GSN?

The show is on the hunt for tight-knit groups with a pre-existing connection, be it friends, family, or colleagues! Gather your squad of three—whether they’re your closest kin, buddies, or workmates who are up to the challenge and ready for the ultimate challenge.

“Beat The Bridge” on GSN is a game show where teams of three face off against each other in a race against time. Set in Los Angeles, contestants must rely on their teamwork and quick thinking to conquer challenges and obstacles. With a focus on groups with pre-existing connections, the show makes team members actually do some team work to win.

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Beat The Bridge films in the city of Los Angeles, normally during the fall season, however, casting directors for the Game Show Network’s Beat The Bridge have the online game show application open year round for those that would like to tryout to be a contest on Beat The Bridge.

Please note, all team members must be at least 18 years old to be considered for the show.

Think you have what it takes to conquer The Bridge? Gather your crew and try out.  There is an online form available that trivia buffs can fill out from the comfort of their home, not just for the Beat The Bridge game show, but also their other gameshows which leave contestant application open for anyone who wants to tryout.


Cameron Mathison hosts the newest game show, Beat the Bridge starting Monday, June 10, 6p only on Game Show Network.


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