Got a Family Member You Are Worried About Getting Married? – Los Angeles

By | June 12, 2024

Are you worried about a family member’s upcoming marriage?

A major network is seeking participants in the Los Angeles area for a paid project. If you have concerns about a family member’s engagement – whether it’s unanswered questions, suspicions, secrets, red flags, or other unexplained aspects of their relationship – this is your chance to address them.

Does the couple appear to be in denial or overlooking potential issues? Are there questions or suspicions you want to discuss before the wedding?

This opportunity allows concerned family members to raise their objections and questions in an honest, open forum with the guidance of an unbiased expert. It’s an opportunity to seek reassurance, help your loved one address real concerns, and get honest answers, enabling both the family and the couple to navigate their relationship with clarity and honesty.

This is a paid project, and both the family and the engaged couple must reside in the Los Angeles area and be willing to participate. For more details or to apply, please email with your contact information, a brief bio outlining the situation, photos of the couple, and location. A casting team member will respond promptly.


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