Open Casting Call for Kids in New York

Want to get your minor on set of movies and TV shows?

Central Casting New York is looking for babies (must be at least 15 days old), children, and teenagers (up to 17 years old) to work on our upcoming productions.

Open call for kids will be held on:
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 Minors Talent Onboarding event.

Babies (must be at least 15 days old), children, and teenagers (up to 17 years old).
To work as PAID Background Actors (no fees and no experience required)

Sign up with Central Casting by making a reservation for our Talent Onboarding event:

Central Casting New York 5 Penn Plaza (10th Floor) New York, NY 10001
To attend, make a reservation at:

Be sure to also check out our New York auditions and castings page.

Required Documentation:
Documentation to complete the federal Form 1-9. Lists of Acceptable Documents you need for the Form 1-9 can be found on our website.
Minors must have a current VALID PHOTO ID from the above Lists of Acceptable Docs.
Minors are required to either present one original unexpired List A document, or an original unexpired List B and List C document combination. If presenting a List B document to an employer that participates in E-Verify (Central Casting), the employer can only see/use a List B document that includes a non-detachable photo of the minor.
In accordance with federal law, the parent or legal guardian must be present. The minor must be present for identification verification,
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 Reservations Required.



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