San Francisco, California Indie Film “Forever” Holding Acting Auditions

Actors needed for Feature

Location: San Francisco, California

Audition / Call Type: Films

Alison – (of European/Spanish descent) Alison is shiny, her eyes, her hair, her skin, her teeth, she is the epitome of perfection. From the way that she dresses to the way that her hair naturally and effortlessly falls around her face. If she were southern she would make the perfect debutant. Not just pretty, Alison is also very intelligent, haven gotten into Harvard with Alex. Alison may be perfect on the surface, but much like Alex, she has a few chinks in her armpit that she would prefer to keep hidden. She hides these imperfections by trying to fix and help others reach their fullest potential, and she sets her sights on Charlie as her next project. Her family sailed to the Americas with the Spanish around the 1800’s.

Emma – (can be any ethnicity) Emerald is bubbly, friendly, and quite possibly the most genuinely open of all of the friends. What she says, she usually means, and usually in the most kind way you could imagine. Her eyes are always kind, and hint at her bleeding heart. She genuinely wants what’s best for the people she loves, and surprisingly, she has a very protective side. Nurturing, with maternal qualities, she could be seen very easily as the mom of the group. She was born in the early 1900’s, so she has a timeless/classic beauty about her. Her style is modern but certain details are reminiscent of her time period.

Xav – (Can be played Asian and/or Pacific Islander, any gender expression, Xav is gender non conforming) you can often find Xav and Alex loudly debating the things that are important in life (like whether or not big brother is watching or whether or not the earth is flat) Both Xav and Alex are very intelligent, but their relationship depends on them bickering over anything at any given moment. Xav is the most modern of them all, and the newest addition to the group before they meet Charlie. Xav was born in the 80’s.

Alexander – Alex (visually of European) fought in the 1846 Mexican American war. He is introduced to us whilst fleeing his adversaries somewhere outside of the war zone. Alex appears to be open on the surface, but scratching at anything deeper leaves you standing at a wall. He’s bright, smart, extroverted, and usually the center of attention. Best friends with Alison, they seem like the perfect pair (and like there could possibly be more between them). But there is something mysterious about Alex that lies just beneath his bright facade. His personality isn’t fake, rather he’s gotten really good at hiding the deeper parts of himself. We see Alexander become one of Charlie’s best friends, and then her enemy, and then her love interest. Having a complex history of his own, this is reflected in his relationship with Charlie.

Theo – (Visually of Latin descent) Theo is the quiet type, much like Charlie, but in a very different way. Where as Charlie’s attention is usually turned inwards, Theo’s attention is usually turned outward. Charlie’s energy can be erratic or anxious at times, whereas Theo always comes off as a rock or a solid foundation. Theo is observant, and it’s very rare that anything escapes his notice. He’s quick to make his mind up about people, because he’s quick to figure them out. Still able to chime in when his voice is needed, or be a helping hand to the friend group, he values his quiet time and his personal space. And he can often be found hanging back from the group (and sometimes almost watching over them as if on the lookout for an enemy that could show up at any moment) He is usually the one that figures out what’s going on first, and the one the group seeks when they need guidance. Theo has been in love with Alison for as long as he can remember, but with her and Alex constantly tied at the hip, he prefers to keep his distance and just be her watcher. Theo is one of the eldest of the group, having been born in the early 1700’s

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, California
Please submit to: by 05/31/2024


Please submit a resume, headshot, dramatic monologue, and your contact information (email and phone number). Please include what character you would like to be considered for, and if you would like to be considered for more than one character, please also include that. You can submit a reel if you have one.

If you pass, sides will be sent for the call back and we might require more material as well.

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