TV Show is Casting People That Need a World Renowned Dermatologist – Nationwide

By | July 10, 2024

Got Skin Issues?

If you do, a television series would like to hear from you and possible finally get your skin condition treated by a world renowned dermatologist.

A world renowned Dermatologist is taking New Patients for a new TV Show!
Do you or someone you know need help with a: Growth or Abscess, Severe Acne or Blackheads, Keloids, Rhinophyma, NF, Lipoma, Milia, Cyst, or any other skin condition?

Although many doctors treat these conditions, this beloved Doctor is currently accepting new patients.

To inquire about being a patient or to refer someone please send the following info to
1. Your Name and Location
2. Contact info
3. Share a little bit about yourself and your condition
4. Attach photos of your condition

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