Child Acting Scams

How to spot and separate a child acting / modeling scam from real opportunities.

The showbiz industry is filled with unscrupulous companies that pray on unsuspecting parents. The scammers know their targets well. They know that ALL parents think their children are talented, beautiful and smart. They know that proud parents want their children to be happy and succeed. They also know that all parents think their child has that “something special” quality to be the next big child star.

The truth is… we all have kids. They are all great and cute. There are millions of them and millions of parents who can be taken by sales pitches that feed the need to hear “Your kid should be a star”.

Here is how the scam works…
You answer a casting notice, get approached in a mall, or even get a phone call after filling something out online. The sales person pretending to be in the industry and posing as a casting director, agent or some other title tells you your child is “perfect” and would like you to audition for some part.

Excited you go to the audition with your kid in tow.  Once there you realize that there are 100’s of others there and that it is not a “real” audition. There is no part to fill, script to memorize or production company there. It is a sales meeting and you are in the audience. Someone goes up and reads a pitch to all the excited kids and parents. They tell you your kids were chosen to be a part of the showbiz industry. They go into how much fame and fortune the kids will achieve. Every word spoken is meant to excite your child to a point where it would break their heart if you said “no” at the end.

Sometimes, they pull you and your child into a room and make your child read a couple lines for them. They do this to make the entire experience seem more legit. The reading is meaningless because there is no real part you are reading for…. it’s all an act.

Now comes the end… What do you need to do to make your child’s dreams come true? Pay up. What else. This entire sales session was meant to pump you guys up to pay for expensive, inferior classes, worthless acting workshops and poor quality portfolios. They have now convinced your child that “if only” their parents would cough up the 1000’s, they would be stars. They tell you that there are tons of companies who need “new faces”… and miraculously, can’t find them in the sea of over population outside. “New faces” and cute kids are hard to come by and companies will pay fortunes, they stop short of trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. You and your child MUST buy their services or their dreams of stardom can never be.

At this point, the scammers expect proud parents to fold into the pressures of “mom, please” and pay the cash. And, luckily for them, many do.

How to protect yourself and your child

Do not believe anyone who approaches you out of the blue. The scammers pay people to hang out at malls and shopping centers to sign up kids for these things… It’s all fake.

Be very careful when answering open call and auditions. When a real production company needs someone, they need someone specific, as in 8-9 year old Indian girl who can ride a horse. If you go to a casting and see tons of kids with nothing in common of different age groups, then it’s most likely a scam and be very skeptical.

If it turns out to be a sales meeting, run.  DO NOT allow your child to sit in.

NEVER pay up front fees for anything. This is supposed to be a job — meaning YOU get paid.

ALWAYS do your research. Google company names, agent names, etc. If you find nothing at all then it may be fake. Legit companies have tons of info available about them and their employees.  Many companies that operate in the gray change names and locations often. Finding very little or no information at all should be a red flag.

Learn to read between the lines.

Their commissions depend on making you feel special and selected for something special. They have honed their sales pitch  and know how to pull heart strings.

this is from the ftc

Unscrupulous model and talent scouts have their acts down. Take a look at what is said and what it means.

“We’re scouting for people with your ‘look’ to model and act.” – I need to sign up as many people as possible. My commission depends on it.

“Your deposit is totally refundable.” – Your deposit is refundable only if you meet very strict refund conditions.

“You must be specially selected for our program. Our talent experts will carefully evaluate your chances at success in the field and will only accept a few people into our program.” – We take everyone with money.

“There’s a guaranteed refund if you’re not accepted into the program.” –  Everyone’s accepted so you can forget the refund.

“You can’t afford our fees? No problem. You can work them off with the high-paying jobs we’ll get you.” –  We demand payment, whether or not you get work.

“Commissions from our clients are our major source of income.” – Our income comes from the fees we charge suckers like you.

“I saw your child’s photo and think she is perfect for ‘fill in blank’ , the job pays $800 a day, I would like to submit her to the job “ – for a fee I will forward her info to the other scammer I found in a free CraigsList ad for kid auditions.

It is up to you to protect your child! All the above is unethical but NOT illegal.  Authorities will not help you when you lose your money and your child gets no work.

These days there is little work for kids with years of training living in large markets whose families are in the business. The last thing a legit casting director for an ad campaign will do is travel small town malls seeking talent. Stay grounded in reality and never allow high pressure sales tactics to sway your judgement.

The Nigerian 419 scam and the acting twist.

If you think it’s unscrupulous sales people praying on dreams of fame and fortune, think again. The Nigerians entered the act as well. They are posting fake casting calls, trolling online profiles and contacting wanna bees with checks in hand.

How it works is they contact you through a submission through CraigsList, any online casting call, an email or a contact on a acting profile. They tell you they are casting directors and have cast you for a high paying role in your city. They love you so much from your pic that they will pre-pay you for the shoot… COOL! right? ahhh, wrong!

They send you a fake cashier’s check from an international bank. You are requested to keep your pay and forward the remainder to their crew for the shoot via western union. Your bank cashes the check and you forward the rest as told. 2 days later your bank holds you accountable for the thousands of dollars you withdrew against a fake check.

Authorities can not help you and you are left holding the bag. You cashed a check from a bad source against your account!  These people are in Africa, US authorities can not touch them and they know it!

How to Get your child into Acting for “real”

Forget about fame and fortune and concentrate on your kid having fun with it and improving their skills.

Get your child involved in school plays, local theater groups and local student film projects. None of these will pay a dime but will give your child the experience needed to get an agent. In small markets, agents may not always be required.

Find out what is being filmed in your area and contact the legit casting companies. Join their lists. Most cities have a few background agencies that allow anyone to register for a small fee and many casting directors hold monthly open auditions for new talent.

Many states have websites dedicated to the film industry and production in the state. They are a good source of local info for small markets.

Check with Union sites. SAG, AFTRA, Actors Equity, all have lists of licensed agents and other valuable information.

The only real way into the industry is with a resume, training, hard work and an agent. An agent will not see your child unless they have some experience and training. Send your child to community acting classes and local workshops.  Network with other families that are involved within your community.

Once you get an agent, it will be up to you to get your child to the auditions your agent sends you on. Be ready for lots of disappointment. This is not easy work. For every small gig your child lands there will be dozens he didn’t.  If your child enjoys it and has a true passion for the art, he will succeed.


208 thoughts on “Child Acting Scams

  1. Deana BB

    I disagree that being scouted at a fair or a store means the place is a scam. That’s exactly how we got our daughter in the business.
    But you need to check out the place. We checked out different schools in our area and ruled out immediately the places which misrepresented themselves with being an agency, but offering classes. Then we ruled out the obvious scams Barbizon, John Casablanca, John Robert Powers, which in our modest opinion are not right educationally and in any and all aspect of how they do business.. Then we looked at a place which offers camps and plays.
    They would have been a consideration for the fun of that, but they advertise agents access, which they do not have.
    Then you realize that they now give Internet classes, and may not be around for very long.
    So and you’re happy you didn’t go for it. On top of it place is owned by a woman who is a big time MAGA. Weird for a person involved with kids in Southern CA, but not as much in Orange County, I guess. I didn’t notice cages there at her school, though. We’re middle of the road, so got a bit put off by that too. Then we got stopped at, I kid you not, a strip mall by a CVS, and the lady was shopping, but gave us a card. We looked them up and saw that the kids there were doing a lot. We went in and signed our kid for classes. We got everything we were hoping for out of the place. I’m posting this as one of the questionable places. as per my opinion advertises on this site, or they own it. So this way, I’ll know if this doesn’t get published that this is them. I’ll make sure to make some noise about that. If this gets published, thanks for reading. Now my advice, as my child is good and we got lucky. Get your kid in acting classes with a good place, to get them some life skills. Whichever State you are at. If the education is good, it’s worth it. And of course, it’s not cost you money, because nothing is free. Schools don’t charge percentages.

    1. erica

      There are many great acting schools around. I believe those being labeled as “scams” are those that hide that they are selling a service. Many shady companies employ salespeople who work on commission. Those sales people roam malls all day. They approach parents and their kids using non-existing titles such as “talent producer,” “audition scout,” “talent associate,” etc. They convince people they are legit casting directors… never using the word “casting director.” They mislead people to come in for an “audition.” Most have zero connections to the industry and were hired off of Craigslist to sell whatever the company is peddling. I have talked to many of these salespeaople, some who were literally fired from some car dealership before finding the job on Craigslist.

      Some of the shady companies that do this are walking a very fine line. Salespeople (which are independent contractors) get as much as 60%. That’s thousands of dollars for anyone they can mislead and bilk out of thousands. State attorney’s go after many of them… all the time. Not much they can do as the salespeople are NOT employees and they claim ignorance to it all. Their biggest advantage is that the approach and hard sell is done in person with no record of promises or misleading statements…

      I see you and your kid at the mall.
      Me – OMG, I am here looking for the next Disney star and I think your daughter is perfect for Disney.
      You – Really?
      Me – I can so see her on “insert Disney show” and in “whatever.”
      You – Wow!
      Me – I am a “talent associate” and I would love for you to bring her to an audition. I think she is the next Disney star.

      Realize, I never said that I had any connection with Disney… or anyone. I simply stated that I thought she would be great at it. The assumption is that I am actually SOMEONE, but I am just a salesperson stating my own opinion which is not worth the napkin I blow my nose into.

      That is not how any acting school with any reputation operates. Acting classes sold in this manner are as worthless as my used tissue paper I used to blow my nose. They hire anyone off Craigslist that says they may have done a high school theater class back in the day.

      Yes, good acting classes cost money… maybe a few hundred bucks. Scammy ones cost thousands.

      1. erica

        For the record, this site sells NO services. I have no affiliation with any schools or services. I simply post production notices. There are no user accounts or logins. It is simply a running list of casting notices with full contact info published publicly.

    2. Ron

      Deana, my son got scouted at a Costco! The lady there was shopping on her day off. She’s the vice president of marketing at my son’s school located in Irvine.
      After paying money to all those places that are mostly inadequate, we looked the current school up in Irvine, liked all the videos on their Face Book page, and went. It’s been good! Yes it costs money, but competitively oriented with cost, and you get much more for your buck than expected, there. The lady we met organizes events, and she basically spotted us, from behind a cart with all her water, tea and meat for a couple of weeks. Lol! You never know! Warmly, Ron.

      1. Maria L

        Hi Rob is this screen actor LA, in Irvine?I was approached by a lady at Costo, go or no go

        1. erica

          Casting directors do not hang out at costco, ever.

  2. Blax

    I had a “free trial” that I could never seem to get into. After they “fixed” it, I did make the mistake of paying for a subscription. AGAIN, problems logging in, not receiving emails, etc. I actually tried a different email address as a “free membership”.
    I’m getting all kinds of emails to that address because they want me to subscribe!
    I reached out to customer support only to get a reply that I can not use .edu or .gov email addresses. They should be from providers “such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook.” I responded that I wasn’t using .edu or .gov addresses and WAS using one of the suggested providers. I also complained that the scroll on the side was not functioning properly. NONE of the things I contacted customer support for were addressed.
    I demanded that because they couldn’t fix their issues and we have not been able to participate in the advertised services, I wanted a refund.
    It was denied.

  3. LaToya

    Gia and IMTA was in Richmond, Va at the Omni Hotel. We too (only my 9 year old daughter) got a callback more like a text from Gia stating to return on tomorrow (Sunday 7/8/18) at 145pm to do another reading. This time my daughter will have memorize a new script. Gia asked in the text which package will we be paying for and bring a photo, copy of report card. So I guess I will see tomorrow if it’s truly a scam or not. I’ll be sure to comment tomorrow letting you know.

    1. Sabrina

      HI LaToya. Can you please update this if it was a scam or not? I was contacted today well technically a few hours ago saying ALL the same things you stated. And they are asking for a lot of money. Is this legit? They are expecting me at noon today.

      1. erica

        If they ask for money and say they will get you into movies… yeah, it’s a scam. Legit agents are not allowed to ask for fees upfront for what are basically job interviews. Agents make money when YOU get a job.

  4. Brit

    We live in Orange County, CA. The problem is that all those franchised schools, and little studios like the performers academy place in Lake Forest, CA, where the level of education also has a lot left to be desired, are not registered by the State. They are not accredited in California.

    However, acting is like everything else, you need to have skills to book the work.
    After a lot of mishaps with other places, My child goes to a school, and as much as a lot of you here seem to think that they are all scams, it’s not the case. At least not as far our final attempt, which turned out to be good.
    The ones we were with before, yes. Nothing at all came out of those! Like Barbizon in Costa Mesa where we went also. Forget it!

    Children with actual skills in the business, have a better chance at getting signed and especially booking work. So they need training, and acting schools cannot charge percentages. So by law, they can only collect tuition money.
    I would ask if the school is certified in CA. If not then walk, of course.

    If a school tells you you need to pay to get evaluated, walk. That process should be free. ALWAYS. Agents who ask for money up front too. It’s illegal. Schools can only charge tuition money, BUT NOT EVALUATION MONEY! Agents can’t by law, get money upfront and they get 10% on acting, and 20% on modeling.

    We are very happy with our results. They even have top agents teach workshops there, and it allowed for us to meet my daughter’s agent, plus she loved the classes and the workshops.Not sure the law is the same in all the States, but I feel it should be, and the work is all in Burbank anyway. Good luck!

    1. Ron

      I took my kid there. Boring. No agents. I took him to The Actors Studio in Irvine. and no interest. My kid hated it.
      Then he did a play with the Playground, and same. That was actually fun at first, but very limited, and no agents’ referral.
      Same with Performers Academy. I thought the woman there, Natalie came across as b—tchy. My son hated the classes, the performance stuff was even worse than the Gary Spatz place. How did I find this site? When you google our current acting school, this comes up. I don’t want to name them, because this may be construed as a push for my son’s institute. I’m an IT guy. I don’t work for them, and paid all the places mentioned good money. The one now had us meet an agent on the first Saturday my kid was illegible for that. and he got signed! He has worked on a lot of commercials. We are hoping for a recurring part, but the money is always there. With the talks of recession, like the lady told me when we started 8 months ago, the children make money through great agents who come in to conduct workshops, but do this for the fun. We did, but in the back of my mind, I liked the idea of getting college money! I will just say that my kid’s institution is on Alton Parkway in Irvine. I am a dad. I was tired of those scams with their promises. My son LOVES the classes at his child’s actor’s school, and he got the work which education gets you. No complaints.

  5. Liz

    I meant to ask if any of you have heard of Star Bound Talent and of it was legitimate? (Hard to type and calm your child down ; she’s excited but I’m not sure how to proceed)

    1. erica

      If you have to ask if something is legit… chances are it is not. If your child is excited because they said something to excite her, that’s not good either.

  6. Liz

    Hello, do any of you have any information on Starbound Talent in Toledo,Oh? My daughter was “selected” to go to a scouting conference but we have to cough up about 2K and leave a $480 deposit to reserve a spot. Thank you.

    1. erica

      Toledo Ohio is not a production hub at all. There is no such thing as “scouting” for kids to model or act. There are plenty, more than could ever get roles, in L.A. and NY. Legit agencies do not require conferences and payments of $1000’s. If your child is talented, then they should represent them without upfront payment. Save your money for acting classes. Those would help your child more if they want to act.

      FYI – It is no longer legal for franchised / licenced agents and casting directors to accept resumes / headshots / etc. at these events. They are not allowed to cast at these pay to play events. They sometimes come because they get paid to be there and if these “agents” need the money that bad as to accept payment for showing up, they probably are not making the money on booking talent… which is not a good sign.

  7. Roxanne

    They are Now in Denver going by the name CASTING at the Curtis Denver Hotel.

    Congratulations on making your audition for Casting and/or IMTA in NYC July 2018! Your registration is tomorrow with PJ at 3:45pm at the same place. There are THREE different levels you get to choose from: Level 1 is local marketing and does NOT include the IMTA Convention in Los Angeles. The cost is $1,995.00. Level 2 is for either ACTING or MODELING, $5,995.00 PLUS parent’s pass $1900 . Level 3 is for ACTING AND MODELING and is $9,995.00USD plus parent’s pass $1900 (if you pay with credit card, there is additional 2% service charge, cash and check there are no additional fees). All fees are due tomorrow, minimum due tomorrow for Level 1 is $1000. Reply back with your full name to confirm your spot and commitment and which LEVEL you will register for: Level 1, 2 or 3. Incomplete replies will automatically disqualify you. Congratulations again.

  8. Ammar Netarwala

    One such company is APURVAKRITI PRODUCTIONS. This is a fake organisation. They call the parents and say your kid is selected and and try to talk sweet with you and then tell you to pay xyz amout for your kids shoot and once they get your money, then they don’t know you. I worked in this company as a photographer and they just used me for some of their shoots and then when there was no more work, they told me not to come. Pls be careful and don’t ever try to get associatied with this fraud company in any way.

  9. Almost Got Me In Dallas

    Location: Dallas, TX
    Schemers: Casting (not sure if it is the same as Casting Hub and they conveniently changed their name to Casting, because an internet search pulls up a myraid of hits)
    NOTE: I will post this story on all websites that helped me figure out the company called “Casting” is a scam!

    My story: Heard a radio Ad for casting calls for Disney Channel, local commercials, modeling, etc. I didn’t think it was real because the commercial was so over the top but decided to call for kicks-and-giggles. To my surprise someone actually picked up. I give the lady who answered my name and email address and she sent me info on my audition time for that Saturday and the script for K-mart that I would have to memorize. Note: there were multiple scripts for different age groups.

    Auditions took place at the Marriott hotel in Dallas. Still skeptical but slightly convinced this may be the real deal as it would be taking place at a hotel ( I mean hotels are legit, they have never checked someone in that would be doing illegal things >_> *sarcasm*), I go. There are lots of people, about 80-100. Mainly kids with their parents. There’s a tall, dark haired guy asking for I.Ds and giving out registration forms. We go into the large meeting room and SAME people who registered us are there. They would be the judges too! (hmmmm) The main presenter (short, rude/blunt, blonde, white lady from France/Nigeria) Gia, says that the reason the same people who registered us will also be our audition judge is because we were the last group for the week and that the moment we stepped into the hotel we were being auditioned. The other two dark haired guys (who registered us) were in the room. They were both relatively young, not pass their 40s. Gia said one of the guys was a top model for Prada back in the day (his beer belly was forming nicely so it must have been waaay waay back in the day) and the other has a young son who is doing well in this business.
    Gia goes on and gives a presentation mainly about IMTA talent search and gets the crowd riled up about the possibilities of going to the IMTA convention in NYC in July. She said that we must go through them, i.e Casting, in order to get to IMTA. Stating that nowadays entertainers can’t just call an agency and get signed without first going through a casting company like theirs >_> (which I’ve research and found NOT to be true) or that it is hard/near impossible to do it on your own. She says the IMTA event is supposedly huge and key to getting an agent, blah blah blah. Anyways, people are getting excited and kids are getting excited and nervous about not to screwing up their lines. We line up based on our assigned numbers given at registration. The auditions would take place in that same room! Weird huh?!! There were 3 table, next to each other, for the 3 judges: Gia, the two other guys. We are told that if chosen for call backs tomorrow, we would be notified between 6pm- 3am because she says the hours of show business are unpredictable. And if chosen we should be prepared with our payments for which level we would like to register for. LEVEL 1 = $1995. LEVEL 2 (chance at IMTA competition) = $5996. LEVEL 3 (IMTA + US casting program acting and modeling) = $9995. I audition with Gia. It was very short, no longer than 90 seconds. She scribbles some stuff on my paper, gives me no hint of whether she likes my audition or not. That night, I get a text message from Gia around 9 pm (because I missed her call a few minutes back) saying that I made it for call backs tomorrow (Sunday). I am getting excited now, like this really could be the real thing, but I am worried because I don’t have all the money to give them should I be chosen (which, most likely, I would have as this is all a sales scheme). I do some research online to learn more about Casting and if this is really something I should invest my money in.
    Surprise, surprise, I can’t find anything on the company. A) because of the very general name “Casting” B) because they don’t exist. The IMTA website is real though, but if they are legit and actually help aspiring entertainers out, I don’t know! But lucky me, I stumble on this website about acting and modeling scams and read stories EXACTLY like mine, with the same rude, short blonde lady named Gia!! I am livid but happy that I caught this scam in time before I started asking family members to loan me money. On Sunday, the day of call back, I call Gia (without giving her my name) saying I can’t make it. NOT TODAY DEVIL!

    People, be careful of a company called CASTING (or whatever new name they snort out of their butts) and a short, blond, rude, lady named Gia! False prophets. All of them. You don’t have to pay thousand to get an agent and fulfill your dreams of becoming an entertainer/model. It’s a job- THEY PAY YOU!

    1. erica

      Thanks for sharing your story! You wouldn’t believe how many people have had similar experiences and have been helped by all the consumer commentary and stories that people share to prevent others from falling for these things.

    2. Jonathan

      Oh. My. Gosh… I auditioned for IMTA New York 2019 in December of 2018 in Dallas and had the SAME story you had in the same hotel, same setting. This is crazy. Thank you for writing this. I unfortunately already paid the 6,000 and can’t get my money back…

      1. Beyuh Nicole

        Omg I’m so glad I didn’t go yet. I signed up for “Casting” yesterday and they told me to come Saturday at 10am, glad I know it’s fake! But I do work as an extra here and there thru the website and they’re legit. I’ve worked 5 or 6 movies so far. But it’s only an extra position and they pay you 2 weeks after though a check in the mail. I’ve done NCIS, the purge and more.

    3. JANET


    4. Tanna P.

      Thank you for this insight this same exact scenario happened to my daughter and I (I mean exact)smh. I thought this was real and wanted my daughter to have this experience but unfortunately had to break the news to her about people like Gia Chris and there was another dark haired woman there that also had kids in the industry that were modeling for Gucci. Chris texted me and told me my daughter made it to her 2nd audition and that the fee of which ever level i chose would be due upfront during 2nd audition and then we would be going to LA for the IPOP event in July 2020. That is so sad for the kids because they were all excited and couldnt wait to be on Disney dreams to come true. Again Thank you.

      1. Erica

        Yes, I paid $6500 for my son. I was driving into Los Angeles and had run late. I was told not to show up for the AMTA ipop event since my son was late. If it were a real talent place they wouldn’t cancel just because you are late. Anyway my kid was to perform the day we showed up. It doesn’t make sense. They even did some coaching with my kid for about a month. This is where I thought it was real. Guess not.

  10. Allison

    We just came from an Open Call with David Mogull of Mogull Talent. Unless you’re ready to fork out $3500 for a ‘retreat’ to ‘meet’ agents, Mogull Talent is NOT an agent. He even admits it himself during the open call screenings. He’s just the middle person to connect you to this $3500 event where you see if any agents are interested. He’s not even connecting you to any agents/agencies. You’re paying to attend an event for photos and no connections. Beware!

  11. Irina Shestakova

    Casting, “a leading entertainment company in the US” held “auditions” yesterday, January 7, 2017, at Washington Dulles Airport Mariott. The “talent scouts” names are Gia, Piere, and Bernadette. Today they are signing contracts with “lucky ones” (who were called back) for “services” that range from $2,000 to $10,000 – and that’s a representation for three months only! We received a call back last night at 11:47 pm from Gia, who checked on my daughter’s excitement level, asked which level of their marketing services we were ready to pay for, and asked to bring a credit card or a checkbook. Thank God I came across this site last night. Today, playing along, I texted Gia and asked for a copy of the contract to review prior to the appointment and what would happen after three months of their “representation”. She said she would not be able to send me the contract in advance – company policy. She also said she would walk me through all the details during the appointment. Last night I contacted local TV stations and The Washington Post to warn other parents, but I am afraid I am too late to warn other parents. Do not fall for this scam!

    1. erica

      Thanks for sharing your story! Any shady company that wants people to sign contracts without having the time to actually read what they are signing should be indicted. These companies move city to city, hotel to hotel, making it hard for local officials to actually catch up to them.

  12. Eric

    I went to an audition with 321 Shine. I brought my 8 year old daughter. They had her memorize some lines, which she did, and they also had her sing. She got a callback the next day. I was skeptical to say the least. When I returned for the callback the next day there were a lot less people so that made me feel better already. I had done my homework and found both good and bad about the company as with most companies I suppose. After she made the 2nd audition I reluctantly signed her up to be coached by a Disney celebrity, per my wife and daughters urging. It has been several months now. My daughter loved the coaching provided, her pictures came out great and she has had several audition opportunities. So overall they did deliver everything they promised. I am glad I did not believe everything I see on the internet, my daughter would have missed out on an amazing opportunity.

  13. Ali

    This is a scam. I’m trying to get the charge dispute through my credit card, any suggestions and tips are welcome! I’ve been scammed.

  14. Karen

    Hi, I was in the mall two months ago and put my daughter’s name in the box for an audition with a company called Model and Talent ( discover you tour) out of Ft. Lauderdale. I been online and I have seen a lot of things about this company being a scam. They told me that she made it trough to the next level and that she needed $300. I asked her what does the $300 cover, she told me I will get all the photos on a CD. I also realized that this is a family business which was a red flag for me. I also called the mall and told them about my concerns. The co-founder has numerous modeling agencies which seems weird to me also. He also told me that at the time of the photo shoot there will be scouts there. When I got there, I asked where are the scouts? she told me that she is the scout. Have you ever heard of this company.

  15. Anne-Sophie

    “Casting Hub” is now called “talent” and they are currently in Canada (Ottawa last weekend and Calgary on July 2) ! The botoxed lady, Bernadette Heyer, is now being called Juliette…

  16. Otosan

    What about model and Talent inc? Now I did one of those talent shows where you do pay to be in it. You pay for the photos about 150 and the rest is all free. They say if you are one of the winners they forward you to an agency and an agency will look at the photos and video and decide if they will represent you. My daughter won and was offered a contract. We sent the casting cards, resume and signed contract but haven’t heard back from them in a week. I haven’t paid model and talent inc anything nor have they asked but I can’t find much information on them either.

    – an impatient otosan of a proud odango.

    1. Janie Maedler

      I’m trying to find this out too. They are casting in our area this month and my daughter wants to do it. I am afraid to take her after reading this feed.

      1. erica

        Usually if folks have reservations and feel something is wrong, it’s because it is. I am not sure which area or company you are referring to, but just from you stating that “they were casting in your area,” makes it very unlikely that it is legit. TV shows do not “cast in your area.” Legit casting directors have 10000’s of submissions and have no reason to go city to city looking for “new talent.” Most kids are cast through their own agents which they get only after being in many productions, having lots of experience and training under their belt already.

        As mentioned in this post, the one’s that go area to area, run ads on radio stations, hang out at shopping malls and troll any place there are kids with parents attached, are all 100% scam. Most of those people hanging out at the malls pretending to be talent scouts are recruited through Craigslist Ads for “sales.” They have no connections to any production companies and are normally paid commissions for getting the parents to shell out money for worthless services.

        The sales people that do this are good. They will play on feelings and they do this because parents, all feel that their kids are amazing and want to make the kids happy. No one should ever lose sight of the fact that EVERYONE has cute kids. I have seen scammers convince people that there is some kind of a kid shortage. There are 70 million+ kids in the US. Most of them want to be on Disney. There are only a handful of child actors in the 3 to 5 Disney shows in production. The sales pitch always wants to make parents believe that there are not enough kids to fill roles. There are actually millions of kids per role. No one gets discovered walking in a mall and the legit casting directors involved would never actually go out looking for more kids. They already have 1000’s more than they could ever cast in the very few available roles.

        BTW, you do not need to pay to get your kids a shot at a TV show, Nickelodeon’s Paradise Run is always casting, online, no fees involved –
        Variety show, The Gong Show, is also casting talented kids –
        There are shows casting kids fairly often including major ones – see

  17. David

    I run a drama school here in Cape Town and they practice here – scamming parents and taking funds from low income families who struggle to pay the fees and take out loans to pay for their kids dreams . The whole thing is so simple and buys in to the aspirations of many – I just wish more people in South Africa – well everywhere really would do their homework before they part with their cash. Thanks for all the feedback.

  18. Will

    Would like to know any information on this company. I looked at their website and they offer auditions, but after reading your info, I am not sure about them. I am still researching them, but any help will do. Please email me, if possible, as to I dont frequent this site often.
    Thank you.

    1. erica

      It is a talent convention and it will cost money. They are not agents or casting directors and there is nothing to audition for as they cast no roles of any kind. Their home page tells you they are a convention / showcase. Generally… anyone claiming to make your kid a star is a giant red flag. Also, generally, talent agents DO NOT plaster Disney & Nick promo / show title pictures, aimed at kids, across their site…. especially when they are not affiliated with them.

  19. Veeda

    ** correction on typo:

    The Undiscovered Group and IPOP kept saying that the kids would be signed if chosen by agencies. Now the information that you have provided regarding american agents signing Canadian actors has cleared a lot in my head. But are you familiar with IPOP are they a scam themselves or is it worth it to try?
    I am with ACTRA, but was never aware of American agents not being able to sign Canadians (living in Canada, not the USA).


  20. Veeda

    Erica…. THANK YOU!!!!
    I have connections in Toronto and Vancouver. Calgary not so much. The agency I was with here barely contacted me, when I would request to audition for roles. All I got were extra parts for some television series. So back to homeland Toronto it is.
    I want to move to California (always been my dream to live there). I do plan to move there one day.

    Thank you for this information. I know that living there for 6mos-12mos is more realistic when obtaining an agent, get auditions and be there for call backs, rather than flying out every time.

    The Undiscovered Group and IPOP kept saying that the kids would be signed if chosen by agencies. Now tour information has cleared a lot in my head. But are you familiar with IPOP are they a scam themselves or is it worth it to try?

    Thank you again. 🙂

  21. Veeda

    Sorry I forgot to mention… After the 1st audition, we got the call back. They signed my son, but it was for acting classes (workshop) and doing a showcase for IPOP Agents (2 scouts which I have read from their site just now that 2 scouts were actually a modelling photographer and network assistant!) And 1 lady is from IPOP (registered IPOP agent).
    For 4wks (on weekends) They did the workshops and we were told they would be doing a big showcase in the city. Well the “showcase” was in the same room of the workshops (conference room in a hotel). 30kids ages 4-28 I believe. For the 3 judges. And this showcase was to see if you would be selected for IPOP…. Not Disney, not nickelodeon, nor any other child or TV network. The coach was a struggling actor himself whom I have yet to find any info on IMDB or any site crediting his work/or any roles.

    Matter of fact I haven’t found anyone whose claimed they are actors anywhere online.
    The owner of UTG is a man named Brandon. He was present the first 2 days when they began the auditions (radio/Facebook ads for the open casting calls).
    Sorry my msg is all over the place. I’ve alreqy paid $$$$ for the workshops which I was under the impression my son was already signed with Disney…. Not UTG, or needing to audition again for anyone or IPOP. I’m confused just as you might be from reading my msg. I’m sorry for this.

    But any info. Is much appreciated. They called us back and said only 12 were chosen (conference room showcase ), but I think more were offered the trip to LA in Jan.
    Originally there were roughly 500 participants. They called back and only 31 were selected. Then the showcase and they said only 12 made it. But my heart is saying more (from reading and investigating more).
    If anyone knows information’s regarding IPOP, UTG, John Robert Powers…… PLEASE I beg of you…… Please help provide me with info/guidance.

    I don’t want to crush my boys heart.
    Tnx again, a worried mum.

    1. erica

      Canada has a large entertainment industry and it’s own union. Since you are not a US citizen/resident, you are not allowed to actually work in the US… which means US companies and casting directors cannot hire you. Any agents at the event are paid to be there, they are not there scouting for new talent. In California it is illegal for agents or casting directors to even accept resumes, headshots, etc. at these types of events. If they are licensed and caught doing so, they will lose their license. If they are SAG, they will lose their franchise…

      Here is the paragraph from SAG…. If you are asked to pay a fee or give any form of compensation to audition for a casting director, producer, agent, manager, or anyone else that has any input into the hiring process, please contact (number removed, see link) to report the incident. This includes workshop-style situations where a casting director watches your scene or monologue, offers no meaningful critique or feedback, and is presented as someone looking for actors for “current and upcoming projects.” This becomes a paid audition, which is against SAG-AFTRA rules.


      Since your child cannot legally work in the US (US casting directors are not going to risk jail time to pay someone under the table, just to be nice.), you need to start with Canadian talent agencies, check with ACTRA, the Canadian talent union for a list of franchised talent agents….

      If you are coming from Canada to LA hoping to land a talent agent, you may want to think about how feasible that even is… if you could get the work papers needed to work in the US. Getting an agent is just the first step. Once you have an agent they send you to auditions. An LA agent doesn’t do much good unless you live in LA. It is not uncommon to attend 50+ auditions to land 1 job and parents I know who do this with their kids spend 2 to 3 days a week running around town auditioning, most of which are really short notice…. i.e. can you be here this afternoon? Living in Canada, there is no way to even attend those auditions… so again, may want to try local agents first.

  22. Veeda

    First off I would like to say thank you All for sharing your great and unfortunate experiences with us. Providing us information helping prevent another family becoming victims of fraud.

    I recently had auditions in Calgary AB (Canada), with UndiscovetedTalentGroup (UTG). They had Facebook and radio ads stating auditions were for Disney Channel. I went with my son (7 yrs old).
    We thought the auditions were at 1:00pm, private. But once we got there, it was a cattle call. Hundreds of people in a small conference room, children hoping to catch their big break.
    We got a call back for the 2nd audition. And they wanted him for IPOP. Researching, I found that IPOP is associated with John Robert Powers. (Not impressed) but it seems as though the kids we watch from Disney Channel started with IPOP.

    Has anyone else done IPOP? I know he has talent, he’s great! But they want me to pay $6,900 for hotel, entry fee to the showcase (+$500 for each category he is to compete in).
    I’m so lost. I know its too good to be true, chances of agents signing kids at this are slim to none I’m assuming. No guarantees.

    But is it worth the $, to go from Canada to LA, pay almost 10K to IPOP for a showcase, they demand us use their photographer for photos (we did and my iPhone takes better photos). Images were untouched, poor lighting, etc.
    Is this a scam? Or are they legit?!?!

    I have unt DEC 19 to pay. They took $1000 deposit already. For registration. But I’m hesitant to continue after reading these reviews on other scams.

    I’ve been in TV I have an agency and just applied yo audition and made the callbacks and got paid. I only pay $160 a yr for website and administration fees. But I’m new to the child acting business. If this is or is not the way to get kids an agent. Does IPOP really do good for kids, or are they scammers like JRP?

    Please advise… Any information is very much appreciated!

    Kind regards, a worried mum.

  23. kay

    They are at it again! auditions at The sheraton Hotel capitol Ballroom on Saturday the 19th, in Nashville TN. IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, PLEASE ATTEND AND STOP AS MANY FAMILIES AS POSSIBLE FROM BEING SCAMMED !

  24. Maria

    My boys both had an audition tonight in Naples FL for celebrity experiences as we are getting ready for bed, I get a call that my oldest made the cut and was told that I need at least a down payment of 500.00 to start either a 3, 5 or 6 day training program.. Does anyone have any input on this Company? Very confused mother.

    1. visitor

      Their website explains exactly what they do… They are not casting directors or agents, they sell “celebrity experience” packages which include tours, a red carpet experience, dance party and other stuff designed to make kids feel like celebrities… or at least that’s what I got from the website. It is an event that has a fee.

  25. red

    Iscout/ Talent ARE IN BOSTON THIS WEEKEND AUG 29-30, 2015.
    Did you get the email below too?
    From address is : (removed)

    Hello Performer,

    We are so excited to hear that you are going to attend our talent audition for actors and models in the Boston area. Talent is a commercial networking service granted to only a select few who meet industry standards through live evaluations by an talent Talent Advisor. Talent provides thousands of castings and auditions for Feature Films, Soaps and Sitcoms, TV Shows and Modeling.

    The Boston Audition for talent is:

    Date: August 29th, 2015
    Time: 10:00 AM
    Location: (removed)

    The audition will be held in the hotel Ballroom. Please follow audition signs.

    Here are a few things to remember –
    • Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Doors close at your audition time.
    • Please note that any child under 18 will not be allowed to audition without being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian ONLY.
    • A state ID is required of EVERY ADULT in order to enter the audition.
    • Only children and members of the immediate family (up to 2 legal guardians per family) will be allowed to audition. Extended family members will not be permitted to enter the audition.
    • Bring a non-returnable photo.
    • Dress in upscale casual attire…no flip-flops.
    • The audition will last approximately one hour and thirty minutes to two hours.
    • Come with a smile, lots of energy, and excitement.


    Get on I-90 E from Crafts St and Washington St. Head northeast on Watertown St toward Walnut St. Slight right onto Crafts St. Turn left onto Washington St. Continue straight to stay on Washington St. Continue straight onto St James St. Take the Mass. Turnpike ramp to Boston.
    (Toll road), drive to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike. Merge onto I-90 E. (Toll road). Take exit 18 on the left toward Cambridge (Partial toll road). Turn left onto the ramp to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Partial toll road). Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W/Worcester and merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road) follow and you will shortly arrive at your destination.

    Head northeast on Reservoir Ave toward Lee Rd. Continue to Chestnut Hill Driveway.
    Turn right onto Beacon St. Turn left onto Chestnut Hill Driveway. Follow Chestnut Hill Driveway to Commonwealth Avenue. Turn right to stay on Chestnut Hill Driveway. Continue straight to stay on Chestnut Hill Driveway. Continue on Commonwealth Avenue. Drive to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton. Turn right onto Commonwealth Avenue. Turn left onto Allston St. Turn right onto Brighton Ave. Turn left onto Harvard Ave. Turn right onto Cambridge St. Take the Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W ramp to Worcester (Toll road). Merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road) follow and you will shortly arrive at your destination.

    Get on I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston from Harvard St and Putnam Ave. Head southwest on Ellery St toward Broadway. Turn right onto Harvard St. Turn left onto Bow St.
    Slight left onto Dewolfe St. Take the 1st left onto Mt Auburn St. Turn right onto Putnam Ave.
    Turn right onto Western Ave. Turn left onto Soldiers Field Rd. Take the I-90 ramp (Toll road).
    Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W/Worcester and merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road). Merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road) follow and you will shortly arrive at your destination.

    Get on I-90 E in Newton from Elm St, High St and Cherry St. Head east on Main St toward Elm St. Take the 1st right onto Elm St. Turn left onto Pine St. Turn right onto Newton St.
    Turn left onto High St. Slight right onto Cherry St/Joyce Rd. Continue to follow Cherry St.
    Turn right onto Washington St. Keep left to continue toward I-90 E. Turn left onto the ramp to Boston/Mass Pike. Drive to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike. Merge onto I-90 E (Partial toll road). Take exit 18 on the left toward Cambridge (Partial toll road). Turn left onto the ramp to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Partial toll road). Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W/Worcester and merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road) follow and you will shortly arrive at your destination.

    Ages 4 – 8 Years


    Ages 9 – 12 Years


    Ages 13 – 17 Female


    Ages 13 – 17 Male


    Female Ages 18 +


    Male Ages 18+


    1. Trying to Find Info

      We got this exact email (except for the location). My daughter is supposedly one of 20-30 to get called back out of 1200. Jennifer ??? (Actress who plays the Scraggle toothed nanny from Jessie) was there. We will go to the audition tomorrow to see what they have to say, but they too want $2000-$8000 depending on the plan chosen. I find it odd that I can not find any email addresses, website info, addresses, or phone numbers for “Talent.” There wasn’t even any of this info on the paperwork that they presented to us. Red flag? I will definitely be asking them some questions.

  26. Questioning Teen

    Okay, so I go to Barbizon acting school and through them, I’ve competed in competitions. The last one I did, I got callbacks and I’ve been in touch with 2 places still. One, Cleri Models, wants to sigh me. I don’t have any real questions or concerns about them, but the other place is Plaza 7 Talent in King of Prussia PA. They haven’t said anything about wanting to sign me, but they pretty much said they want to work with me, but they want me to take a few classes with a man named Jimmy Carr to get more commercial and tv experience practice. She said he’d work with me on camera and stuff, but It’s $50 a lesson and they want me to take 8. I feel like this is a scam, but I’m not sure because they make it sound so real. The lessons would be at their place in KOP and that’s what’s making me think it’s more of a scam then something that will actually help me. I just don’t know if I should even bother with them or if I should just go and work with Cleri solely. Advice?

  27. Kirby Whitt

    Does anyone know anything about “The Industry Network”? I got an audition and with them, then a call back, and now I was accepted, but they want some money now to start with getting me some scripts, monologues, and coaching? What do you guys think.

  28. Jen Rogers

    this company had a sign up through a mall. You’re than notified through text of a date to come for audition which consists of walking on a runway and an interview. Then if interested they have you come back the next day for a $150 photo shoot. Where you get the pictures! I’ve googled them can’t find any complaints and they only really come up once on Google as the actual site! Not sure if I should bother with this!

  29. Pissed OFF Parents!

    BE WARNED OTTAWA, ONTARIO! THE ABOVE MENTIONED ARE ALL THE SAME COMPANY M&T TALENT ADVISERS! If you’ve heard it on the radio and you’ve gotten a script for Lifesavers and Raisin Bran, then stay at home. Don’t waste your time or money. Read the ABOVE! These low life, scum suckers only want to take your money. They do not care about your child or their future! Only your pocket book! I did my homework and am glad that I am saving my child from heart ache so I thank all these parents especially Saddened Dad for the information! These people pray on peoples hopes and dreams. These things cannot be bought! Best wishes for your hopes and dreams in your future, just don’t look here.

    1. alejandra

      Thank you! All of you that share your time en experiences, they are now in Houston Texas!
      My children were excited but, thanks to you we are now sure that we were gong to make a huge mistake..
      This company M&T Advisor is on the radio invinting to auditions only by appoiment…and we get the same email you got after calling!
      Thank you sadden dad! thank you! thank you!

    2. Martin

      This is crazy. I’m in California, there are agencies that take babies. Have you seen babies on t.v., movies and print ads. Yes. You don’t need to pay someone to get your kid a work permit, trust account, agent, or manager. I did that on my own.

  30. amanda

    warning……they will be in Charlotte, NC at the Omni hotel this saturday January 31, 2015. save yourselves the heartache, time and money!

  31. Travis

    “Modeling and Talent” is advertising on Orlando Florida radio stations for an event at the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando Airport this Saturday Jan 17th at 1130am. Please read the horror stories about this group and do not fall for it. We should all call the radio stations (101.9 is one) and the hotel to complain, or even show up and warn parents.

  32. Bernadette Heyer, ,Botox, poor value

    Thx to all that have contributed to this thread. I read all this at 11:00 pm plus a bunch of other stuff….. thank god. A guy@ Pittsburgh “search”( Ron the model with a “fro-hawk” texts me at 10 pm….you made second cut for your kid …… with be prepared to “pay for your package” line. We DIDN’T go. I just think of the new parents that coughed up money they probably didn’t even have……SAD…real SAD.

    OH, I got instant water for sale too.:just add water but water is not included. I case someone wants to part with more of their hard earned cash.

    They had the current Red Ranger (Ryan)from Power Rangers. He was cool enough. He shared his success story. Nobody in that room helped him with his career though. The funny part is he was saying how important it was to have a website ,facebook and instagram to promote your child. You can’t find content about these people, only the successful agents have actually content. I doubt dude had a clue about the “service”.
    $1900-$7900 were the packages. I doubt anyone ever makes it back. Search the castinghub and this lady’s name pops up too. They don’t lie to you and I’m sure they do exactly what they say…but they end result is it is BS that wont propel your child to the “BIZ”. They will cross the wrong person…I hope that person’s Judge is cool about it.

  33. Kathryn Valerio

    My daughter recently did auditions for a so called Disney ABC.. she is 18 and this was in Calif.. then she got called back.. from a James Richer for an acting class/school for a week for over 6000, it is in L.A to take place in Oakwood Apts? I called and he listed off ALL of the things the money is for and that actors sponsor this.. Zak and cody actors.. etc. Do you have any information about this? Worried my daughter who is 18 will be taken advantage of and her hard earned money taken also. Thank you.

  34. wow

    I think i got scammed; how do I go about to retrieving my deposit.

    1. erica

      Never heard of them. It’s not often easy getting a refund because you may have signed a contract. The way many companies do it is the sales people promise the world but the contract states differently. The fine print at the bottom of that site states they do nothing other than make you a internet profile…. is not an employment agency, school, performing arts academy, management company or a talent agency. … does not engage in training, procuring, offering, promising, or attempting to procure employment or engagements for artists. … only provides Internet exposure.

      Their own documentation pretty much says they CAN NOT get you work.

      Sometimes the Sate Attorney Generals have stepped in, when many complain.

      I would try calling and asking for a refund. The BBB may also be able to help. Companies would usually give a refund than take the bad press.

  35. Tom Casey

    We just experienced the same pitch from Casthub which is just another incarnation of the same type of business and probably of the same business Casting Hub. We went to the first “meeting” or audition yesterday and last night the sales pitch came for the Follow up visit today with a requirement for almost $8,000. I really feel terrible that there may be people today actually trying to come up with that money and falling for this complete SCAM. If you listen very carefully when the service is described it is nothing more than a website to store your childs profile and pictures which “YOU” can choose to forward (email)to an agent who will take his normal percentage of any work your child receives. The other thing your readers should keep in mind is that scammers have ways of keeping a low profile on the internet such as changing Domain Names (Casting Hub to and that US corporate LAW is meant to protect the individuals running companies through various legal structures so umbrella LLC’s etc. make it very hard for people to come home and just Google the company that is claiming to be able to help them. Several people said it best that you dont pay several thousand dollars for the Right to be able to be seen by a talent agent. You work directly with a talent agent who is incented via commision to provide you with work and therefore accept people who are most likely to obtain work.

    DONT Fall for this SCAM Casthub

    1. erica

      Unfortunately people still do not understand how the process works and salespeople can easily convince newbies that getting “discovered” is as easy as paying money, getting a profile on a site nobody visits, and applying to auditions using that profile. Problem is those casting calls most likely are pulled from other sites. The info about submission instructions and other pertinent info is (Union Status) conveniently deleted because submission info is normally very specific. If the submission guidelines aren’t followed, the submission gets trashed. Most casting directors have a system for this and they DO NOT want links to external sites, they want photos attached and the contact format they specify. (You can look through the notices on this site to see what I mean).

      Some scammy sites do not give you the actual email address for submission, they ‘forward’ it for you. They hide the email for a reason, they DO NOT want you to be able to get the ‘bounced’ messages when these submissions get returned, or marked as spam. One company I know of had a 95% failure rate on all submissions sent through the system (if 100 people applied, maybe 5 actually made it to the casting director, who then probably trashed it for not following their submission guidelines). The people wasting their time submitting didn’t know it never got there.

      Talent agents also have submission guidelines. You need to contact them directly to find out what their process is, then follow it. You do not pay money for this, submitting your information to talent agents is free.

      The site you mentioned just says “Its a networking site”, not responsible for getting you employment in any way. So yeah, basically they want money for you to have a profile. If you want to network with casting directors, etc. check Facebook. The profiles are free and most casting companies have pages where you can communicate with them directly. Agencies also have Facebook pages where they announce their open calls for new talent.

  36. chicken noodle soup2003

    Today I went to an audition for castinghub and afterwards when I got home I read online that they are just a big fat scam. They take peoples dreams and crush them. All they do is tell you how great you are then next thing you know you sign a contract that gives up your cancellation rights. They just want money. When I went there today, the short lady was getting everyone all excited for nothing. She’s just like some stupid sales person who wants you to pay 3,000 dollars. It didn’t seem like the “judges” really cared anyway they just care about how much you pay. Also they lie about their connections with disney and nickelodeon. There are not that many jobs for children anyway maybe for young adults but for children it’s like the parents pay “half” but their kids don’t even get enough work for it to be worth it. This character dean from wizards of waverly place came and told us about how he became famous. He said all he did was smile at the camera and he was in. All he is trying to do is get people’s hopes up just cause he possibly got paid. castinghub is a total waste of money and your dignity so watch your back.

  37. Almost Got Scammed

    I was very close to falling for the same scam. I was so lucky that my sister stopped me from making such a huge mistake. I have been reading about others experiences here and in other forums and am still angry about the situation.

    I was leaving a department store with my 6 year old daughter and we were approached by a woman who told us my daughter would be perfect for movies and TV commercials. She signed us up for an audition taking place at a local hotel. The hotel part was strange and I asked why a rented conference room rather than her office. She told us it was because these were special auditions and they needed extra space. So I took my daughter. When we got there my daughter was given a few lines to memorize and we watched a presentation. There were dozens of kids there ages ranging from toddlers to teens. One by one they called us in for the “audition”. My daughter read her lines and the woman praised her for how well she did. She told us that my daughter is the best she has seen and would love for her to go further. She said if my daughter was selected, she would call later that night. She said only 1 in 100 kids will be selected and they will make the decision in a meeting that may run late so she may call between 9PM and Midnight with good news.

    Around 11 PM she called and told us we made the grade and to come in the morning for another interview. Needless to say I was so excited as was my daughter. My daughter wanted to call everyone she got picked. So at 11 PM we called my mom and my sister. My daughter did not want to say anything to anyone until she knew for sure that she got picked.

    My sister told me it didn’t sound right and sounded like a job one of her friends had just quit. I said they hadn’t asked for any money but I would call her friend right now. I did call and what he told me made me livid.

    He said he had applied for a sales job through a Craigslist ad. The ad said he could make over $1000 a day to start. He got the job and was told he was being trained to be a talent scout. His job was to find people with children outside of malls and try to get them to come to an audition. The auditions were on weekends. He was told that the kids talent packages ran $2,000 to $10,000 and he would get 5% if someone he signed up ended up paying money. Once training was complete, he would make 40% if he could close them as well. He signed parents up all week. He was basically told to go to malls in upscale neighborhoods, look for people who are well dressed, who looked ‘well off financially’, approach them, explain he is a talent scout who just happened to notice how cute the child was, and get them to attend the audition.

    He said he did that all week and on Saturday went to what they called the ‘audition’. At the ‘audition’ he greeted and sat people. Since he was training, he would sit in on a few interviews with the people he brought in.

    Here are the tips he got from other sales people / talent scouts:

    Don’t waste time on people who obviously can’t afford it. If their biggest concern is how much money their child will make because they need the cash, move on.

    If people ask too many questions about what they are auditioning for, ask for references or seem overly skeptical, move on.

    Don’t mention money until you think you have them, could be 1 interview, could be more, but after asking for money give them a tight deadline and they have a list of excuses to use as to why they must do this today, such as spot will go to someone else.

    he said since the job was commission based they were allowed to judge how much to charge. Some people paid $2,000 and others $9,000, for the exact same thing. He said some of the good closers made thousands because if only 2 people agreed to pay $5,000 each thats a $4,000 paycheck for that day.

    He said after a week he quit because he felt bad because he knew it was a scam, there was NO audition for anything, he was not a real talent scout, and he knew some of the people couldn’t afford it, but did it because their kids wanted to be stars so badly.

    Anyway, after he told me all that, I still went to the interview in the morning because I thought maybe, just maybe, this was the real thing and nobody had asked for money yet. Anyway, at the interview that morning they asked me to sign a contract and pay $3500 for ‘promotion’ of my daughter. It was a scam and my daughter was heartbroken over it.

    I am so angry that they are allowed to get away with this. I am more angry at myself. All the red flags were there, I just chose to ignore them. Why would a Hollywood talent scout be hanging out in a mall parking lot. If it was a random occurrence that she spotted my daughter, why would she hand me a flyer with the address to go to? It looked like a sales presentation. Business people have offices and probably would not call at 11PM on a Saturday. I just really wanted to believe and should have known better. I am just so lucky I found out before they got any money out of me because I probably would have paid.

  38. DannyDan

    can you tell me why my post was not approved? Certainly whatever the objection, you could have edited parts that you found objectionable…..
    Thanks for your response, Daniel P.

    1. erica

      It is approved, just takes a bit of time due to the insane amounts of spam I get. 🙂

  39. DannyDan

    Thanks for the website, I found it helpful in determining talent agent scams. I’m convinced that talent agents should get paid the same way any staffing agen(t/cy) would make money and that’s by getting a percentage of the job/hourly rate. I was already going to skip the “talent agency” in question because their BBB rating, but now I know how to identify a talent scam in general.

    Here’s an update to this “Britni Larsen” scammer from the website of a private investigation company. Source is referenced at end of post.

    Britni Larson is actually BRANDON K. WRIGHT (per source):

    “Various Social Security Numbers
    Date of birth: 05/02/1986
    Home location: London, Ontario
    Nationality: Canadian



    LAST KNOWN EMAIL’S <<<<<<< This is the address used on this site

    113 Misenheimer Road, NE, Milledgeville, Ga. 31061
    Motel 6 – Columbus, Ohio
    Motel 6 – Throughout Orange County in California
    Motel 6 – Throughout Los Angeles County in California
    11941 Saltair Terrace, Los Angeles, Ca. 90049
    Motel 6 Rosemead 1001 S San Gabriel Blvd Rosemead, CA 91770
    427 Westbourne Drive West Hollywood, Ca 90048-1911
    7374 W. Lake Mead Blvd Ste 100, Las Vegas NV 89128
    18-35 Waterman Ave, London, ON N6C 5T4
    191 Arbour Glen Cres, London, ON N5Y 2A4

    Actors and models be warned that Brandon Wright is a compulsive liar and a con-artist. Brandon has lured five (and counting) aspiring male models with false promises and fake modeling campaigns.

    Brandon (AKA John Wright, Brandon Brockwood, Brandon Saucier, Brandon Brockwood-Saucier, Brandon Martinez, Britni Larsen, Alex Simon, Sara Conner, Layla Marie Parker, Sara Kern and Brandon Kenneth) alleges that he is a modeling agent and event manager. He claims to work for and/or have a professional affiliation with Eva Longoria, Creative Artists Agency/CAA, Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Kanye West and many other celebrities. Brandon has fraudulently maintained he could get one actor a recurring role on "True Blood" and another a high-paying role in a Robert DeNiro film, neither of which he has any affiliation with. Brandon is portraying himself as a manager with Kids 2 Fame, Kids Talent Network, and The Talent Network. "

    Source of information above, including photo of the guy and his assistant can be found here:

  40. Upset Mommy

    I took my 5 year old daughter to a Casting Hub audition yesterday and she got a call back. I was so excited for her, but I was very uneasy about the information I was given. The first thing I was skeptical about was that he asked me if I would have the correct payment method. Of course I said yes to continue to hear his pitch. Then he told me he was only able to give out 1 $2000 scholarship. Really? What are we talking about right now? The ad on the radio station said this was an audition for Disney or to perform with Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber and now it’s turned into something I have to pay for? So I’m assuming the script they emailed me was a complete joke. If so, I think Life Savrors should know this company is using them in their scam and should sue. Anyway, I’m suppose to take my daughter in today, but after reading these comments starting back at the beginning of 2012 and my gut feeling, I will not be putting my baby through this. Luckily, she was asleep when I got the call so I didn’t get the chance to tell her and get her hopes up. But if she asks about it today or anytime in the future, I will make something up so her feelings don’t get hurt! These people should be ashamed and I hope NO ONE in Tampa falls for this crap. And it’s a shame that the actor from Wizards Of Waverly place is involved, bet Selena would never be caught associating herself with this type of ordeal. CASTING HUB IS A FRAUD! Do research! Luckily I did cause I have realized you should NEVER have to pay up front!!

    1. lara b

      RE: upset mommy and CA: They are NOT BBB Accredited, however, they just have a BBB listing. The A+ rating is just because they “resolved” the issues. They have different ratings in different states, as well, it seems and are registered everywhere from DE to IL to UT. I know several real talent agents and they all say the same thing, you NEVER ever pay for representation up front. It’s a percentage of work sold, usually 15 – 20% on the modeling side, too. They said anyone that asks you to pay anything like that up front is a con.

      And the other part is that they never go to any “network” organizations. One guy said that in the 25 years he’s been an agent, he’d gotten 3 people from a “school” for talent. Everyone else did it the old fashioned way, 1 profle head shot, 1 front on headshot, 1 full body headshot. Fully clothed, nothing cutesy, just a natural photo of the person smiling and no professional shots, just a nice clear photo in good lighting. You send the whole thing in an envelope with the kids essentials on the back of the photos – Name, DOB, height, weight & contact info. and include a self-addressed stamped envelope. He says they get tons every day and they do get back to people who look like they may fit a particular requirement. But no one ever pays anyone anything up front. He said the saddest thing ever is how these scams have perpetuated themselves in one form or another for so long and how disappointed the kids are in the long run.

      These people prey on the fact that everyone wants to prove their kid is different and special and stands out from the rest. Who doesn’t want that?

  41. Cory

    Does anyone know anything about Fame Under Five?

    1. Ken

      Nothing on BBB and Google only finds two separate sites with nothing but letter after letter from parents who have used them and have nothing but praise for the company. However if the company has been in business for 40 years, there would be considerable presence of them on the search engines. Coincidentally, their WHOIS info is quite similar to the dates listed with Kids 2 Fame site. Hmmm…Kids to fame starts getting terrible internet presence and then Fame Under Five suddenly appears out of thin air and wouldn’t you know it, they have the same marketing techniques as Kids 2 Fame and also want $500…Use your good judgement!

  42. John

    10 years ago, we paid $552 to “Audition Division LTD.”. All we got is one video and a few photoes, which have been already in garbage can long time ago. I would say,
    1) if you child is really excellent, you may try (NOT even pay in front)
    2) if not, better save $500 for something else, instead of feeding scammer!

  43. Sarah

    I too heard an advertisement on a popular radio station about auditioning to be on Disney or nickelodeon so I called and they set my daughter up for an audition at a hotel conference center. They told us when they started their speech that we were being tested the minute we walked thru the door and that the “judges” were in fact the people that checked us in and seated us. By the time the almost 2 hour speech was up and and an actress from the show Jessie went up and spoke. We had to stand in certain lines and the auditions went pretty quickly. Well that evening we got a text message saying she made the call back list and if she made the final audition and they chose to work with her that we would discuss payments. Right then I knew it was too good to be true, don’t think I will be going back and putting my daughter thru all of that for round 2. Glad to see I’m not the only one that is NOT falling for this SCAM. Don’t fall for it! Glad I found this site.

    1. Yoel Estrella

      How did you get that manager? ( If you don’t mind telling me) What company he works for or what’s his name?

  44. Judy

    Does anyone have any experience with CastingHub?

  45. Sarah

    ok a little late to the game by a few years but…..First off it is a scam in the fact that you can get the casting notices all by yourself from and other “real” websites. Yes these places might get you auditions or submit you but you can do it yourself by going on the same websites they are going on!!!! You don’t have to pay any money trust me. My daughter has a manager (mind you not a national name one) and we never paid one dime for anything. No headshots, no classes, no compcards. Her agent even pays our fees for websites that her photos are up on, not us! Your child is consistently changing, facial features, teeth…… so why pay all this money to get professional photos when you send them out in 3 months they look nothing like their photo!
    My daughter started 5 years ago and has gone to over 100 auditions, was in 25 commercials, 2 movies, tons if industrials, PSA’S, short films, pilots, student films, music videos and tons of print work for BMW, Barbie boxes, Magic Tree House Books, Macy’s, Knex Toys, Herhseypark, Bottom Dollar Foods, etc….. and all without paying a dime! Some clients will even reimburse you for travel expenses.
    Word is if you have to pay anything and I mean anything you are being ripped off even if you get auditions or jobs from these people. You can submit your kids yourself for free most of the time. You don’t need those people to do it for you for hundreds of dollars.

  46. Juan


    I was, recently, a member of website Casting360 and put in my information for an MTV reality show. I received an email from Never Ending Casting which stated that I was chosen to be an extra for a pilot show filming in Hollywood on July 13th titled MTV Events. The pay would be $400-$500 depending on the director. Also, if I was cast as a model I could get paid $2000 per episode. There would be 22 episodes. The filming would take place at a location called Blackbird in Hollywood.

    All I would need to do is pay a retainer fee of $75 that would cover any costs in case I didn’t show up. They claim that people don’t follow through when they make the commitment so this was necessary. What did I know? I’m new to this industry. They also claimed that transportation and lodging would be accommodated and I could choose to either fly July 11th or July 12th and would safely return by the 15th.

    The $75 fee had to be paid by July 5th, but I was concerned about holiday closings, so I paid it on July 3rd. I then received another email stating that I could bring a guest too if they also wanted to pay $75. I did not, but I thought about it. On July 5th I responded to the second email that I was sent which requested personal information like my government name, social security #, flight preference, etc.

    After I responded to the email with all of my information I posted a comment on Casting360’s site to let everyone know how excited I was for the opportunity, and that the site really does work. I immediately started receiving comments about how it’s a scam, and that I shouldn’t pay any retainer fee ever. I then went to the disclaimer at the bottom of their site on how to avoid scams, and this site, Never Ending Casting, was listed as a known scam. Yet, they are still allowed to post.

    I immediately called my bank and they told me that I would not be allowed to dispute a fraud charge until it posts and it was still pending. Saturday morning, July 6th, I checked again and it posted so I immediately called. The charge posted at close of business on Friday, July 5th, and yet there was another pending authorization charge on July 6th. Obviously they were trying to charge again, but I caught it in time. I immediately cancelled the card, opened a fraud investigation, and got a new card.

    After this I immediately panicked about providing my ss#. I contacted all the credit agencies and the FTC to put a fraud alert under my ss#. Never Ending Casting had no idea that I was onto them.

    Monday, July 8th, I received an email that the location had been moved from Hollywood to New York City – conveniently near me now that they had my address. I called to get a refund, explain what I had discovered, dispute everything going on, and I received a complete run around. I was told that the second verification charge was “probably” because I was bringing a guest for another $75 fee, and yet I had never confirmed that. I called the studio they claim to have moved the filming to and realized this was just a big runaround. I also alerted the studio that a bad name was coming down on them as well for affiliation to a scam.

    Never Ending Casting told me that refunding the $75 was of no consequence to them since they didn’t need the money, and yet would only refund it if I showed up to the new location on Saturday, July 13th in NYC. Bull. I told them my concerns about my ss# and Never Ending Casting claims that they had no use for that information, but it was for “them” – the casting directors who wanted to make sure a terrorist wasn’t trying to enter the plane. The imaginary plane to Hollywood that was going to be switched regardless.


    Do not trust Never Ending Casting, Mitchy Heels, Emma Armos, or Casting360 for that matter.

    I was lucky enough to catch all of these things in time so that all I have to worry about is $75. I don’t think everyone else is so lucky.

  47. abc

    All you people need to learn how to spell!! That was eight minutes of my life I will never get back. 🙁

  48. lily

    Months ago I signed up for casting hub but I had to pay a fee of $ 4,000 and they promised I would be a star and a lot more and they where supposed to find me a commercial or something but until this day I hadn’t heard any news is this a scam please help me I don’t know what to do.

  49. CA

    We went to CastingHub with our son today and got a call back. It sounds like lots of people received the call backs but no one actually paid the fee and wrote about their experience. I agree that agents would not ask for money up front, but CastingHub does not claim to be an agent, it claims to help promote your child to agents and therefore I can understand that they would require a payment. The cost is high between $2k to $9k depending on the package you buy. After reading several posts about the company not being registered with the BBB, I did look that up and they are in fact registered with an A+ rating. Just because they require money upfront does not make them a scam. Is there anyone who actually paid for and used the service who can respond and share their experiences with CastingHub?

  50. Alina

    Omg guys this is crazy! I went to auditions in Dallas for casting hub today and the hotel. Poor kids, that’s the only thing that makes me sad. They were all dressed up and exited! Those Botox judges and well paid actor from wizards ruined everyone’s day and hopes. Who asks for money upfront? The lady didn’t even let me finish a script and said good Job, I will be calling you for sure. But all that was after her questions, if I work and if my husband supports me. Basically if I have money to pay those big fees. I hope they get sued! This is a huge scam!

  51. Shelly Nun-Chucks

    SOUTH SHORE CASTING IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY JODI PURDY and you can look her up on facebook…I have moved away from Boston working on a film, but I get all casting calls and auditions notices…for FREE.
    Jodi has helped cast for films such as Gone Baby Gone, The Gameplan, Mystic River and many other things, and not once has anyone have had to pay.
    So for anyone that is paying for auditions, you are getting ripped off….maybe you have to pay for an agent or they take a percent…but the companies that I get casting calls and sent for certain parts, I have NEVER ONCE had to pay…I get sent emails.
    If you are thinking your going to think your going to have a better opportunity than anybody else for pay thousands of dollars, and that is going to give you a bigger opportunity than anybody else, your wrong.
    I think people have great sales pitches and like to sucker people in.
    Look for Jodi Purdy on the internet on facebook or for her casting company called South Shore Casting…oh and better yet, you can even find her on IMDB.COM and
    it will list films she helped to cast.
    Angela Peri runs Boston Casting….look these two women up and you can see for yourself, these women are legit and on the east coast, maybe mostly Boston, and I don’t know if you can ask them about other companies in different places.
    Yes maybe I did get a pay check two weeks in the mail after I had a chance to work as an extra on The Gameplan and the remake of the Women, but I still got a paycheck without paying a dime, plus other films, I don’t need to go into detail, and I haven’t time in a year or so to update my imdb page, but I actually got to work on sets.
    I am not sure where each and every person is located, I only know about the things where I am from, but they are real.
    Never pay for anything up front at all, never for casting calls or auditions.
    You show up at casting calls, wait in two lines, one is for Sag and there is one for non-union.
    Sometimes they just take a picture of you, and you had them a resume, if you can’t afford headshots at first.
    More than likely if they need alot of people for a background scene, you’ll probably will get picked to be an extra.
    That is how you can start, and network with people on a real film set.
    I repeat never pay, if you do, you are taken for a ride.
    You pay 100 of dollars for what? Taken for a ride
    By the way, don’t be surprised if people are saying that they go along
    with paying things up front, it could be people pretending to be a client,
    but really the sales people themselves..
    and no I don’t have to hide behind a fake name.
    Shelly Nun-Chucks Finnegan

  52. ALLY

    Anyone Know of Casting Hub? My dad thinks its a scam and I sorta do to. They rented a hotel in my area and asked for a picture of me that’s not returnable we I got there they had to take a picture of my dad and me with his ID next to his head in the picture they paid a celebrity to be there and my dad had to fill out something with all this info after 2 hours waiting being the audience, the auditions went by fast. I was a little nervous because of some of the things they said and it cost $2000 a month for them to represent you and I was like what? or there was a choice to pay $600 a week then they said they are only picking 5 kids out of each age group and my friend and I got a call 1 minute after the other. That was pretty sketchy to me is it a scam?

  53. Lia

    After hearing the commercial for a Casting call in San Antonio, asking if your child wants to be on Disney or Nickelodeon, I called in and was given a time to be at the audition. During the hour and half long speech from some guy that said he had walked the runway in Milan and New York (didn’t pay much attn to names) we were excited and full of hope for our little one. There was also a spokes person that mentioned he had worked with Selena Gomez, I didn’t recognize him. The speaker repeatedly said if your child is shy, we don’t want to work with you, if you don’t answer your phone tonight for call backs we don’t want to work with you, we will only choose 5 kids for each age category (type cast), blah blah blah. So once we got to the judge to audition, my child was very shy and the judge mentioned it’s ok he can do it tomorrow. After that, she pointed to the price in the book for marketing almost $2k and asked if we were prepared to pay if he was picked,my husband and I looked at each other with big eyes and said maybe. She also sweetened us up my mentioning I was pretty and my husband was cute. Once I came home, I did all my research and thankfully found this site. With our lack of knowledge in this industry it’s possible we could of fallen prey to this scam. When night came, I missed their call…two days later, I received at text saying thanks for the call back, my child was one in twelve that was chosen, come back tomorrow with another photo and script memorized and be prepared to make the payment for marketing. I never called them back but yet they were still trying to contact me. Needless to say, I will not be contacting them and have learned so much from this experience. Thanks to all of you that post on this site and a special thanks to the people that run this site!

  54. Sherron Carr

    WOW.. I’m so glad I found all this information about Casting Hub. I was one of the first 200 (supposedly) that called in from a popular radio station that stated auditions were being held that could lead to TV time with Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift so of course I jumped on it for my grand-daughter Justice. (she loves Justin Bieber as do most 6 year old girls). I’m quite disappointed that the radio station didn’t do some homework on their own before sucking us into this vortex of lies. We have a 9am appointment in the morning… they gave us lines in an email for her to memorize. I noticed another unhappy attender had no lines but that’s beside the point. I’m pretty convinced it a scam but I may go just to give my grand-daughter some experience “auditioning” but without the belief it will lead to anything as advertised. I would think Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift might have something to say about them using their names in a scam as far as Michael’s plan to “take them to the cleaners” for false advertising. PS the email they sent me had pictures of 3 children that they were “congratulating” for scoring gigs on TV. Probably false too. THANK YOU FOR THE HEADS UP ~ I LOVE THE INTERNET!!!

    1. casting

      The problem with most of the child acting scams that are advertised on the radio is that people do not pick up the actual language used. Those are created to deceive without responsibility. The commercials never say “Disney auditions for whatever show”, They say things like “Do you want to be a Disney Star? Call us now” and things along that line. They DO NOT actually say that these are auditions for Disney Casting directors for some show. That is how they get away with it… with lots of double talk, misdirection and hard sales pitches. They never say they ARE Disney!!! The sales pitch is all about you assuming it without them stating it directly.

      It is the same as an ad that says “Do you love BMW’s? We do to! We have vehicles for sale for $500.” See how that works? Never said I would sell a BMW for $500.00, just some unspecified vehicle which can be anything, even a bicycle because I didn’t even say “motorized” vehicle!

      It is not false advertisement because I never said that I would sell the BMW for $500.

      The sales people stick to tight scripts. They will normally not say they are casting directors or talent agents or any industry terms. Rather, they say they are “talent advisors”, “casting scouts”, etc. terms that are meaningless and not regulated like a ‘talent agent’ would be.

      That is why they get away with it and no one can stop them. Disney, Nickelodeon, etc. DO NOT advertise, they do not have to. As long as you know that, you will steer clear of the sales double talk. They have honed those pitches, and ran them by the lawyers to be in the clear. They never state what you are auditioning for and therefore it is most likely not false advertisement because you will never get anything like that in writing. Just steer clear and know the industry just does not work that way.

      If you must go to one of these things, do not bring the child. They are depending on the child pressuring the parent into doing it because a child can’t recognize a scam the way an adult can. Go without the child to the meeting and get all the facts first. I get so many emails from very disappointed kids who say “I could have been on Disney but my parents ruined it because they did not want to pay”.

    2. Julia Fielding

      I too was fooled by them and I found this about them. This is their statement and the full article link is at the bottom. I love how they say they never promised any auditions for anything.

      “Casting Hub ‘only provides internet exposure, networking resources and tools for you to match your talent with available listings of auditions and casting calls.”
      In a story aired on Thursday night on KFOX14, parents who asked not to be identified for fear of litigation by Casting Hub, said they paid money for their kids to be part of a casting call for an upcoming movie or video.
      Blankenship wrote, ” … Casting Hub never stated it was holding auditions for parts in upcoming shows or movies, and never guaranteed success to participants.”

      they told the news they never said they had auditions for any parts. What a crock. We went there because they said they had auditions for shows.

      here is the article

  55. ann

    My daughter would like to participate in dancing or acting, so please can you select my daughter.
    I have two husbands, 1 is sarafaras and 1 is ishaaq.

  56. Mrs. Gibson

    My granddaughter had an auditon with Casting Hub in Dallas today. She also was picked as 1 of the 5 and they asked her mom if she would have 2K for tomorrow. On the back page of their brochure is the Better Business Logo BBB A+ rating. We checked it out with the BBB and
    not only is Casting Hub not rated, they have never applied!! The judge told my daughter they would all be flying back to Los Angeles, CA after tomorrow, but the BBB has them from Chicago, IL and so does MANTA.COM. They are very slick with the wording in their brochure but those of you that still have one, flip it over to the back page and see the logo for yourselves and then go to BBB website and read it for yourselves. I hope the BBB goes after them for fradulent advertising. This may be a first step for Micheal above to “take these pr#cks to the cleaners!”

  57. Jeannie

    Went to a Casting Hub audition today in Dallas. The speaker was entertaining and rather full of himself. Dan Benson “Zeke” from The Wizards of Waverly Place guy was there. Isn’t that show over now?? Seemed somewhat legit but hey, they do specialize in acting! Their marketing materials cleverly tell you what they do – a glorified depository for your photos and videos. So is Facebook.

    The nice looking gentleman, Eric, that my daughter auditioned for thoughtfully called me this evening to tell me that she was “1 of 5” he was allowed to choose. I saw the “1 of 5” line used in another complaint forum, by the way. He also asked if I would be prepared to make the required registration fee. I didn’t see that in the marketing materials, but, hey, I’ll play the game and kindly said, “Sure! See you tomorrow!”

    I am skeptical by nature. Their marketing materials proudly display the Better Business Bureau logo with A+ Rating underneath. Guess what?? CASTING HUB IS NOT BBB RATED!!! Go check yourself. They claim to all be flying back to Los Angeles but the company incorporated in Chicago. That was enough for me. We’re out!

  58. Sylvia

    FYI the chances of these ppl not being reps for kids to fame are slim to none….they just trying to reinforce their scam by hanging random entries posted on here….yes it’s not easy, however, I did it and it was free…my daughter came out in a Kmart circular and participated in a tommy hilfiger runway show many years ago where we got a check and were able to keep the clothing. Never put up a dollar, however, they demanded a lot of time, missed 4 days of work for one runway show but nonetheless it’s all about time and commitment, the only thing I recommend is headshots and you can shop around for a cheap photographer or a student photographer with connections to do it inexpensivly, best of luck guys

  59. Confused Teenager

    Does anyone know if The Event is a scam. Its a talent scouting thing for Disney and nickelodeon. They are cool with me not be able to pay the $2000 they were asking for and a lot of people say they are but they were all offended one way or another. I am so confused please help!!

    1. casting

      Disney and Nick casting directors do not charge to audition.

  60. tracy

    Does anyone know anything about Celebrity Star Events?

  61. Zenaida

    Please don’t fall for casting hub scam. My daughter got a call back for today but I will NOT be taking her. I didn’t give them a heads up she won’t be coming back so they don’t have an opportunity to scam someone else. I hope the other call backs do the same. It’s a shame because the kids really want a chance and its hard to trust anyone out here.

  62. Zenaida

    I took my daughter to the casting hub audition yesterday. Once they handed us a paper with all these fees (not cheap) we were about to walk out of the door. I decided to stay just to see what they had to say. It all just didn’t sound right and they were just eyeing the crowd for their possible payday. When thy brought “Zeek” from Wizards of Waverly Place out I was shocked that he would be involved in such a scam. I let my daughter go and do her thing to the judge that looked like she had way too much Botox. My daughter was a little shy and didn’t do too great. She kept saying “when we call you between 5-11 tonight, will you be able to come back and make a payment?” She kept staring at my fiancé invicta watch so it was obvious they wanted people that looked like they can cough up the money. I am just glad I have some friends and family in the industry that told me not to do it. You NEVER pay anything up front!!!

  63. me

    Anyone please help me with info about interfaCE TALENT. THANK YOU

  64. Suzie Baer

    Casting Hub is a total scam. Broke my 8 year old daughters heart. Slimy skeevy people from start to finish. Really made me lose my faith in people. After 5 days without power because of the Sandy storm, this was supposed to be a reward. Instead we got botox man and his crew of ‘judges’ one of whom never smiled. Not most disappointing was the appearance of a minor actor from Wizards of Waverley Place. STAY AWAY!

  65. Michael

    I’m 19, fell for casting hubs scam, and gladly froze my account and disputed it today. Anybody want to join me in a lawsuit? Just because I fell for this does not mean im not intelligent. Let’s figure out how to take these pricks to the cleaners.

    1. angela

      we did the same thing for my daughter and I am going to freeze my credit card account, did they try to resubmit for payment or did they try to sue you for the payment? They talk a big talk and get the children excited. Just curious how your deal ended

  66. Isabella

    Hi I want to get started on my acting career and i have no idea how to find an agent. Please help!! I live in Miami,FL

  67. Mrs. Marshall

    Wow! Casting Hub was in Miami today 9/29/12, and they did the exact same thing, 7 people, the audition started in the hallway, that kid form Wizards of Waverly (I wonder how he got caught up in this crap), my daughter was 1 in 5 that was selected for a call back, and the package is at least $2300. When my daughter did the commercial, the “judge” read the application and saw our occupations asked me if I read the packet because it does cost money this is a business. At the time I just answered her that it wasn’t a problem, but as soon as I walked out I couldn’t believe she had the nerve to ask me if I could afford her ripoff! From what I’ve read on plenty of websites you shouldn’t have to pay for anything unless you’ve been paid.This was a learning experience for me, the extent that people will go nowadays to steal your hard earned money. PLEASE google these places and do your homework before you give anyone your money.

  68. Michael Lynch

    Today we went to a Casting Hub audition where we were given a very professional-sounding song and dance, complete with a surprise appearance from an actor from Wizards of Waverly Place. Imagine my embarrassment when I read someone had the exact same experience, right down to Casting Hub telling us that they would only be in town for 1 more day and if they chose our daughter for their agency that the cheapest package was $2,000 and they needed the money then and there tomorrow. I didn’t even wonder why the application asked for mom and dad’s job occupation, I think the previous poster is right about them only calling back the ones they think can afford 2K. Also, the same 7 people who lined us up and checked us in were also the judges. At the time it seemed reasonable when the main guy explained that the audition started in the hallway of the hotel to see how we would act/behave, but now I feel stupid. I have to break my little girl’s heart now. Beware everybody.

  69. Paola R

    I’m 17 years old and I went to audition for BARBIZON, out of 600 girls they chose 89 and I was one of them. I start my classes tomorrow but they are charging me over 2000 dollars. I can make payments and they said but I’ve been hearing all of this! I’m doubting now, I dont want my mom to pay for something that isn’t even going to help. I want to get into the showbiz and they sound so convincing! They said once I go to my classes I will start getting calls for castings and stuff…. HELP??! 🙁
    Is Barbizon really a scam?

  70. Victoria

    Ahhh I’m glad I saw the post for Casting Hub, I heard them on the radio an I called immediately to make an appointment for today. They were going to be here in Houston,tx in a conference room at the Holiday Inn. I had a feeling it was going to be a scam!!! I’m glad I didn’t fall for it!!!

  71. Sarah

    I took my daughter to a Casting Hub audition today. She got a call back for tomorrow. They said she was one of 5 in her age group (9-12 I think) to be asked back. They wanted me to confirm by phone that I was financially able to register if she was selected at the call back. I felt put on the spot, so I said yes. Now I can find no information online to see if it is a legit agency, or what that $2000 (for the smallest package) actually pays for. Kayla, after reading your post, we had the same experience. Now I’m afraid to show up with questions tomorrow. I don’t know if we should just blow it off or go to find out more info. Has anyone heard of any success stories involving Casting Hub?

  72. Janine

    Thank you to Kala as we got our 2nd call back from Casting Hub as well in Austin. I was up front with Cindy from Chicago who used to be on Telemundo, on the phone and told her I saw her prices but didn’t have the $$ to pay. I may just opt out of going as I would hate for my 10 year old son to be I wish I never go the call….”she will be calling me tomorrow” and cancelling (she just doesn’t know it yet). There are plenty of auditions to go to in Austin..if this is his passion, they we can start at the ground up…Thanks for all the info everyone!

  73. Kala

    Casting Hub was in San Antonio TX July 28, 2012. My son called in on a radio station
    Ad to get his invite. The “Talent Advisors” were very professional and attractive. And an actor from Wizards of Waverly Place was at this thing. It seemed legitimate. My son got a call back, but you had to return the next day and pay them at least $2000 for their services. When I appeared unsure about doing this, the Talent Advisor pretty much kicked us out of the room. We left. My son was heart broken because they had gotten his hopes so high. To their credit, they give you a handout up front stating their fees for services. So if you are not willing to put up $2000 and give it to a company you know little about, then DO NOT attend anything for Casting Hub. I wish I hadn’t. I have a feeling they call everyone back or
    Perhaps call back only the ones they think can pay up.

  74. Sophia

    I heard a message on the radio for casting hub and called the 800- number. They asked for me and my daughters’ name and sent me a confirmation email for the place and time, July 21st at 11:30 am Crowne Plaza Hotel Boston. It just says a non-returnable photo and upscale casual attire. I cannot find any information about this company. Please help…is this a scam???

  75. chris

    OK-I just signed my 6 year old up for an open audition at the meadowlands with the casting hub headquarters. Do you have any insight on this company? Am I wasting my time?

    1. casting

      Don’t know who they are but scams always have the same pitch. They bring you into some fake audition. By fake, I mean you are not auditioning for a role or job. You read some lines, have a meeting. They call you back and tell you how great you are and they want to sign you. They flatter you and tell you everything you want to hear like “you have star quality”. Then they pitch some paid service you must have to become a star like a portfolio that THEY create and YOU pay for, a monthly fee for some online profile, THEIR classes you must take, Their convention you must attend or whatever.

      Just know the warning signs and always remember an audition is a job interview. If you get the job, you get paid. Nobody pays the employer or pays money to get the job. Real casting directors are paid by the production company, NOT you.

      If anyone tells you you need services first like classes or headshots. Say, no problem, you will call some local photographers or schools of your choosing. If that’s a deal breaker, then all they want is your money for services. An agents primary business is finding work for their talent not pushing sub-par services. A casting directors business is casting productions, not selling sub-par services. A scammer’s primary business is getting money from YOU.

  76. kim

    Does any one know anything about the I got talent company? My daughter has been accepted into their talent show case in our local area. The fee is quite high

    1. casting

      Agents do not have high upfront fees. If you are doing this to get work, you will be disappointed. If you are just entering a talent show for the pleasure of doing it, then that is what you will get. If they are giving you promises of fame and fortune, then yes, they may be playing you.

  77. Dweber

    Does any one know or have been contacted by Contour Management/N-Focus Studio (SCAM) they wanted money for headshots/Zed Cards and when I did, I only got 50 of the 700 they promised and they were bad quality they have changed thier #

  78. Diana

    BTW….Like I said in my previous post, my daughter currently attends Barbizon and my fee is no where near 20 thousand dollars!! 15 years ago when my son attended Barbizon, I still was not quoted a fee of 20k!! It was, in fact, cheaper back then, then it is today, but again no where near 20k!! That’s preposterous!!!

  79. Diana

    My daughter currently attends Barbizon, as did my oldest son. It’s a modeling school, not an agency. I have NEVER been told other wise. I am, however, sorry that some folks are being misinformed regarding them. They did get us in touch with very reputable agencies for my son (many years ago) and he did a few print ads, made a little money and lost interest pretty quickly. My daughter is currently going there and loves everything about it! As of now, her interest in “making the bigtime” is still very evident. I also have several friends who are/were models and went there too. What I have learned about them, is that, they are basically a finishing school. They REALLY do get you ready for the acting/modeling industries and also teach young people proper behaviors, speech, poise, presentation and manners. Anyway, that’s our experience with them, and we’re happy.

    1. casting

      I believe it is a franchise, not completely sure. But I would imagine each location may do different things.

  80. George

    Has anyone dealt with Casting Hub and could provide information if they are a legit company.

  81. Tammy

    I was just reading your post online about your daughter working with Kidz to Fame. I just had a couple of questions because Im reading alot of negative post about all of these agencies or schools. My son was accepted to Barbizon modeling and I have read alot of bad reviews. I cant differenate whats the truth because the bad review could possibly be people not recieving any jobs. I think that very understandable but Im so confused at this point. Have you heard any thing about Baribzon modeling?

    1. casting

      Barbizon is a school, not an agency. Only Agencies can find you work. Schools can offer classes and give you a list of agencies to apply to. However, you can apply to those agencies directly without having to take expensive classes. Only a licensed agent can tell you if your son has potential or not and there is no charge for that.

  82. DIAMOD


  83. Woody McBreairty

    I have tried to talk parents out of being ripped off by these types of scams through the years, always to no avail. They are told their daughter IS the next “Shirley Temple” or “Mccauley Caulkin & they get so excited, they immediately get out their checkbook. I neve had said “I told you so” but try to be sympathetic. Sad how the call of fame & fortune blines people, large & small, from the reality that in show business, many are called, few are chosen. Very few. Very, very few.

  84. free audition listings Post author

    Actress Sweety,

    lets go through these
    I Got Talent / gottalentnow – have you read the disclaimer on their site – ‘Submitting an application to GotTalentNow does NOT guarantee that you will be contacted. Applicant understands that GotTalentNow is not a modeling, talent, or employment agency or modeling school.’ – That tells you all you need to know.

    InterFace or inter face talent group, – wow, same disclaimer to the letter…. may be the same scam -“Submitting an application to InterFACE does NOT guarantee that you will be contacted. Applicant understands that InterFACE is not a modeling, talent, or employment agency or modeling school.”

    Acting Careers now, looks like a lead gen. Meaning they are just taking your personal info so that they can sell it or use it for telemarketing.

    The other which I will not even mention, just look up their reputation on

  85. free audition listings Post author

    Angela, sorry, just noticed the comment – please read the ‘hollywood mom’ comment above. In California it is not legal for an ‘agency’ to charge upfront fees or make money off classes like Barbizon. Barbizon is a modeling / charm school, Not an agency. I would imagine that the contract does not say they are an agent and most likely deals with their classes. With that said, your best bet is contacting the BBB because Barbizon may negotiate with you to avoid another public BBB complaint. Many times, the business will negotiate a refund or partial refund when the BBB gets involved. BTW, Barbizon is listed as a school, not agency. If the sales person promised work or to act as an agent to make the sale, you may have to go above your commissioned salesperson’s head to their supervisor with your complaints. With operations like this that use commissioned sales people, the sales people will say many things they are not supposed to just to get the sale and their money. If the money paid gets refunded, the salesperson will lose their commission, so talking to the same person who signed you up is useless.

  86. Peak Talent School of Acting

    I love this post!! My name is Christine Williams-Reed, I am a former SAG licensed Los Angeles talent agent, the mom of a working child actor and the author of “Mom I Want to be on TV” A Parents Guide to the Entertainment Industry. I have to say I couldn’t have said it better! Anyone reading this needs to understand that what she says is 100% accurate. I have been in the entertainment industry for over a decade and I can tell you that legit talent agents and casting directors NEVER prowl the mall looking for new talent, nor do they place radio ads! There is no reason for them to do so…every day I would walk into my office at the agency and I had a pile of new headshot submissions on my desk. I never had time to sort through all of the submissions sent to the agency so the thought of going to the mall to search out new talent is absolutely insane! I now own Peak Talent School of Acting in Colorado and it amazes me how many parents come to me for advise about the so called “opportunities” they come across for their child. Please be careful.

  87. angela

    hey i go to a school in LA and its called baribizon they told my mom to pay 20000$ and she signed a contract about a month ago and we wanna get out of it but they wont let us becuse of the contract give me your opinion on how to get out of it because we are not so sure about this agency !!


    Guys please help. I am a freshman and I have taken a few acting classes and I’m in my high school’s drama club, however my parents do not want to get me an agent. Instead I decided to sign up to one of these sites. Are they scams and have you heard of any of these? I haven’t signed up yet please HELP!

  89. Mom in trouble

    I have been reading over things on this site and I am hanging my head in shame. I fell for this scam and I am not trying to figure out what to do to get out of it and to maybe recover my funds or is it a lost cause? Anyone have any tips or advice?


    1. free audition listings Post author

      what was the scam? There is no shame in being taken for money by a sales rep that tries to sell you the world.

  90. Momzwrite

    I do not see anyone has posted in awhile but I think I can help, or at least offer my two cents. We live in the midwest and my sons and now our daughter have gotten in the modeling/acting feild. I overheard some moms talking at a sports event how their kids do it and it helps fund their sports. I sent my kids pictures to agencies (not schools) and called eacha week later and asked for an appointment with their kid agent. All of them responded well and accepted the pics, sent them to some clients & got some bites. We went and had pro pics made for about 130 bucks, made about 50 copies for each agency and jpgs and sent all to the agenies.
    I never considered my kids would not be working, It was just HOW to be working. It took some leg work which I was willing to do because I am an at home mom and I did not want to pay any management company what I could do myself. They have all been working talent for about 14 years now. Funded sports, a new car for one son, and now college education. I dont think my kids are super cute or talented or even have that soft ethnic look. (God bless them and our Swedish/German roots) We just approached the idea with: we are livng our life, how about we do this on the side and make it make money for us? We could really take it or leave it. But its been fun. I gues the important thing to remember is to not take it too seriously and just raise some good kids.

  91. Tina

    I am so glad I came on this site. I too sent my daughters pic to kidz to fame on wed. thursday afternoon got an email stating that they wanted me to answer some questions and send a close up pic and a family shot, then i checked my email today at 6:30am est and it showed an email from kidz to fame from close to midnight my time asking for 495.00 so they can connect my daughter to agencies. This doesn’t feel right. First how can they respond to these emails I sent so quickly. Also as I have researched no agency whether talent or modeling will ask for money up front, if you have talent they represent you and take a percentage of your gigs. I had a bad feeling before I did research but now that I have and seen these posts it just confirms my gut feeling. I will continue to look for my little girl but I am not going to waste my money.

  92. Candi

    I too have received a call from Brandon. Is this a scam or can it be trusted?

  93. Laura

    I just got an email tonight from Kidz to Fame as well… my feelings are that it’s a scam.. I’m not spending the $495…. that 7% seems to be everyone.. hahah

  94. Nita

    I am researching Kidz to Fame myself after getting the same response everyone else on here seems to have gotten. I just got the second followup email tonight but it seems a little strange that if only such a small percentage of kids have what they think they can use, how did so many of that small percentage find this site too? I’m still very undecided. I do appreciate the comments and the additional links, which appear to be legit since this Brittany person didn’t dispute ever making the comments she supposedly made.

  95. Candi

    I am a new mom to the business. I submitted both of my children to Kidz to Fame. Only one child was excepted. I was told by Brandon that he possible job for my child. I signed up and paid the large fee. I received an email for the agent that was interested. Haven’t heard a word for Brandon or the agent. Not sure if I have been totally scammed or not. I know it’s not an overnight game. Guess I will have to wait and see what happens. It’s been a few days since I signed up.


  96. kathy

    i was actually believing this britani girl until i looked on and she claimed to be a “real agent”. sounds like a scammer 🙂

  97. free audition listings Post author

    This is Erica, the webmaster.

    A few words of advice

    check with the BBB about any business you are unsure of. NO, you cannot buy a BBB rating! What you can buy is BBB accreditation. That is not the same as a rating. The BBB also has very strict policies about helping companies with a bad rating. To be fair to this industry, the BBB is known to be very harsh in its rating of child modeling companies because the track record is so poor and have been known to start a new company out as a C, D or F.

    The ROR has issues, but, they are a great source of consumer input as well.

    When researching companies, agents, conventions, whatever, keep the following in mind.
    How long they have they been in business.
    What others say, good and bad.
    Do they promise something that is difficult to deliver.

    Remember that good agents do not advertise nor try hard to solicit new business, you must find them.
    The unions have lists available.
    And yes, anyone can write anything, claim anything, be anyone they want on the internet, it is anonymous, read the webmaster edits above which brought me into this conversation to begin with.

    And lastly, yes, in many states agents are not allowed to charge upfront fees, require you to use their photographer, take their classes and many other things.

    Basically be sure you know the facts, know what others say and know EXACTLY what they are going to do for you, what their services are, are not and make sure you get the promised services or a refund.

    Best to all

  98. susan holiday

    Edit from the webmaster


    This is Erica, the person who runs this site, know the following and make your own judgments on what the commenter recommends

    **** This person has posted as 3 different people so far, I checked the IP address ********

    susan holiday, says they are a parent
    IP address

    leo laughlin, says they are a parent
    Ip address

    jeremy toppeland, says they are a agent
    Ip address


    End of webmaster edit


    I also had both of my kids go through a talent convention called [removed]Actually, we had a wonderful time also.
    I also happen to be educated myself, as is my husband and, i agree, so much negative he said she said boring stuff….blah blah blah. I’ve owned an accounting firm for over 35 years so I’m not stupid. (I don’t think-smile).
    One of my kids, my daughter, ended up not really pursuin git but had an absolutely amazing time. She said it was the most exciting thing for her… ever!
    So, in short, I, myself don’t need another individual stating what i did was wrong or we wasted money. Says who? Who are you? Some phantom writer on the internet that obviously has an axe to grind.
    The talent convention was worth ever penny we spent. Like another gentlemen above said, we never expected anything and no guarantees were made ever.
    My son is doing very well. He got a great agent, is in the union now (Sag), which seems to have plenty of it’s own problems, and he’s booked 4 national TV Spots.
    We would NOT have done this if we hadn’t gone to [removed]. They connected us with the right people.
    So people, you can rant and rave all you want about “all these scams” going on. Well, it worked for us. I admist it doesn’t work for everybody but what does? College? Not. Kids are going to college racking up $80,000 or more in loans and graduating with no jobs, so I guess they got ripped off too? Guess so.
    Another issue, these phantom writers keep referencing the better business bureau as if their some credible source of accurate information. Another ignorant statement once again. I have had the “bbb” company along with their smarmy used car salespeople trying to sell me “membership” for years and years and yes, as exposed in abc’s 20 20 news magazine, they make it sound like they ARE part of our government and totally give you, and i’ll gladly quote….a fraudulent shakedown, as stated by mr. wolfgang puck!
    So, i’m going to go by information supplied by them? Like another writer said…about the bbb… pay us we’ll give you the magical a+++++++ rating. How gullable can people be. Consumers should not take anything from the bbb as truth. it’s not. there are swarms of lawsuits against them right now. as the famous phrase from our phantom writers say…. “just google them”.
    [removed] is not cheap, but, in our opinion, are we listening? My opinion, it well was worth every penny we spent.
    Knowing that phantom writers are going to be probably bashing me after i post this (im a competitor, sales person, rep, whatever!), i will no longer post anything here. i too just felt a need to share my thoughts on this.
    however you go about doing this, go by your gut instinct. if you have a gut feeling to pass on an opportunity, you should then. if you feel good about it and the people you’re going to be working with, go for it. don’t get caught up in all this internet chat drama. the same people posting this stuff will probably doing the same thing next year and the year after.
    That being said, i wish everyone very good luck with whatever they pursue in this industry or any other and must agree with the last writer, let’s stop going on major attacks here against people. for what purpose?
    We’re all adults here. I stole some of leo’s words… sorry but, i loved what you wrote leo!
    have a nice weekend
    my one and FINAL post here
    P.S.; I know [removed] has negative reviews on line, and a lot of positive reviews. i take that stuff with a grain of salt, as should you. You really don’t know WHO is posting the stuff, do we? Like again leo stated, anyone can write anything on line, not reveal their identity and bash any person or company, good or bad.
    Base your opinions on your own experiences not from some other hollywood wack job mothers. sorry…. that was wrong, but it fell real good!

    Edit from the webmaster


    This is Erica, the person who runs this site, know the following and make your own judgments on what the commenter recommends

    **** This person has posted as 3 different people so far ********

    susan holiday, says they are a parent
    IP address

    leo laughlin, says they are a parent
    Ip address

    jeremy toppeland, says they are a agent
    Ip address


    End of webmaster edit


  99. Hollywood Mom

    Any respected industry publication will tell you that the first rule of showbiz is “never pay upfront fees for representation”.

    taken from

    The Advance Fee Talent Service Law (SB1687 in 2005), and now the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act (AB1319 in 2010) were created in California, home to the entertainment industry, to underscore that idea and go further. Even though it is a California law, we feel that actors from other states should understand it as well, because many unscrupulous businesses intentially work in other states attempting to avoid this law while claiming that they have Hollywood connections.

    The law was designed as a protection to consumers. The intent was to label certain businesses as what they really are, and to protect consumers from companies who try to get around the California Talent Agency Act regulations by simply saying, “we are not a talent agency, we are a school/website/networking opportunity” and yet…they promise employment. Please note that this newest revision to the law was sponsored by every major studio in Hollywood, the Better Business Bureau, SAG, AFTRA and a slew of law enforcement. This should send a strong message to consumers that Hollywood simply does not do business this way.

    AB1319 defines businesses that offer talent services in 4 different ways, and each has specfic regulations:

    1. Advance Fee Talent Representation Service (ex. an agent or manager who charges up front) — PROHIBITED
    2. Talent Training Servcies (ex. acting schools, CD workshops, etc.) — Permitted, but must comply with regulations
    3. Talent Counseling Services (ex. those who charge to connect you with agents, advise you on how to get into the biz, etc) — Permitted, but must comply with regulations.
    4. Talent Listing Services (ex. online casting services, background actor services, etc) –
    Permitted but must comply with regulations.

    The law also defines and “audition” as a job interview.

    In short, any company that wants to charge you an upfront fee (for something like registration, modeling classes, or a talent competition), must post a bond, have certain refund policies, and they must follow certain rules about things like their success stories, their “scouts” etc. They cannot promise you employment and they cannot “sell” you an audition for an agent, casting director, or a job.

  100. leo laughlin

    Edit from the webmaster


    This is Erica, the person who runs this site, know the following and make your own judgments on what the commenter recommends

    **** This person has posted as 3 different people so far ********

    susan holiday, says they are a parent
    IP address

    leo laughlin, says they are a parent
    Ip address

    jeremy toppeland, says they are a agent
    Ip address


    End of webmaster edit



    You people are so negative at each other. Geeezzzz. With all the bad stuff going on the in world you’re attacking each other over modeling and acting stuff?

    Come on….. are we serious here? I want to chat not attack anyone or any company. People that attack and point fingers don’t come off credible.

    I don’t have any interest in this business at all, my older daughter is in it.
    She actually attended one of the Talent Conventions that were being bashed above. Well, she got scouted by Elite Model Management and Zoli Model Management in NYC and she’s been living in New York for almost 3 years and has been working non stop doing print work. She’s made quite a bit of money. She did it because she really wanted it. So, yes, we invested in it and it paid off. The convention company we went through had negative links on line, so what? Competitors, disgruntled employees, people who didn’t get agents, negative people in general.

    You guys keep talking about money getting into this. The money we paid was well worth it even is she didn’t get an agent and we know many don’t! It was an experience of a lifetime for her! Welcome to that industry is what I say. That’s the nature of the whole business….isn’t it people?

    Honestly, you guys sound very immature, just being honest. If a parent selects to pursue a certain way of breaking into an industry, who is anyone to go on a rampage saying how much they or we got ripped off.

    I’ve never seen anything like it. I think these negative people are all persons who, for whatever reason, never were successful themselves. Does that ring true here? I think so.

    Discuss something without attacking each other. We’re all human….right?

    Regarding Internet stuff, I’m an expert in SEO work. First, anyone can post anything, use any name, any email address, change-alter dates, add names, delete names, add or change photos, make up phony press releases, copy other person’s email addresses, and so on. It’s not hard.

    One thing most all people should have learned at this point is don’t take ANYTHING you read on line as fact.

    A quick comment about Rip Off That is NOT at all a credible web site. A writer said the owner, who is Ed Magedson, is a wanted scammer by authorities. He is in fact. How do I know this? I was contracted by a huge company and while I was there the Rip Off Report guy posted a bunch of negative commentary about the company and then tried to extort $75,000 from the company to get it removed. The Fed’s got involved. So, anyone relying on information posted on there is wrong. Rip Off Report also goes under Pissed,, he’s opening as many of these fraudulent websites as possible before the Fed’s close down the main Rip Off site.

    Another issue to raise, one of the writers has used the Better Business Bureau as a place for reliable information. To set the record straight, most people in the business world know that the “BBB” is not part of the government and is a sham itself. Nice to hear ABC’s 20 20 finally exposed them for what a fraud that it is.
    You pay, you get an A. You don’t, you Fail with an F. Enough said on this issue.

    So, instead of going on the attack with each other, why not share opinions and let others make their own decisions.

    I’m sure there are many kids that go into the conventions like my daughter and don’t get picked. Does that mean they were ripped off? No, it means the agencies decided to go with other kids. It doesn’t mean the convention company didn’t do their job. The conventions promise nothing but opportunity, which they give. We had a blast.

    Again, why attack each other? let’s be adults here people.

    best regards to everyone on here,

  101. Cynthia

    Britini – you are a sales rep for scammy operations and have been for years. here you are defending flash cast which from my Google search seems to have been closed down and indited by the LA city attorney in 2009 for the same type of operation. BTW, those are now not legal businesses in California. Nevada seems to be the place for them to go now since their laws still allow it.

    in one post you say you are an agent, in another post you are a client? lies all around. Pick a story. You are not looking good.

    here you are as an agent

    here you are as a client defending these guys years back

    LOS ANGELES The Los Angeles City Attorneys Office today announced it has secured criminal convictions of the owner and operator of two Los Angeles talent services — Scooters Fab Flashcast a childrens talent broker — and Model Management, Inc. a talent agency for models — for deceptive business practices, following a successful prosecution by Deputy City Attorney Mark Lambert of the Consumer Protection Unit.
    Scooters operator, Carl Ken Carranza, and its owner, Flashcast Companies Inc., each pled no contest to two counts of false advertising and were placed on 36 months probation and sentenced to 90 days in jail or 600 hours of community service. Carranza and the Corporation were also ordered to pay $17,145 in restitution to 11 victims, not to attempt to collect any portion of outstanding fees from persons who notify the court by November 5 and to prominently display on future advertisements that the company is not a free service. Located in Universal City, Scooters Fab Flashcast now doing business as Scooters Kidz issued misleading advertisements primarily on the internet at appearing to offer a no-cost talent search for babies and young children for jobs in modeling, catalogs and television commercials. Parents responding to the advertisement spent hours at an audition only to discover that the company was in fact a service offering to obtain a licensed talent agent for their child at a cost of $1,495.

    how funny, i have also been with fab flashcast since 2002 and they are great!!!

    Here is her post about the scammers that got caught.

    what idiot is trying to rag on them. the last client made a very good point. Fab Flashcast does not get the jobs for their kids, the agents do. so, these MORANS saying that Carl claims he casting for these big jobs with a casting director in his office is complete bu–sh–. They don’t do that.

    Very smart of Linda to pick this up. obviously, someone is trying to damage Fab Flashcast because they have been around for over 20 years plus.

    You can email me anytime at for any info. on Fab Flashcast. They are wonderful people to work with. We would have never gotten the agent we had if it weren’t for Carl and Debbie.

    Good luck,
    Beverly Hills

    link to her post

    There are multiple posts by Britini rebutting to kids to fame complaints. Actually, a search goes back to 2006 and some other modeling scam that got closed down.

    Wow, those wonderful people from your past got indited for scamming parents. Get a REAL job and stop scamming people!

    Parents Beware

    time to switch emails?

    I am a mother that has been scammed before. I was approached by kids to fame and did my due diligence before handing out 500 bucks. I am glad I did.

    1. Saddened Dad

      Ok. Here it is. Currently, I’m deeply saddened, frustrated and pissed beyond the max that people even possess an evil enough heart to literally prey on the innocence and wantings of a 5 year old little girl, and feed off of the faith, and belief of a father in his daughter. I am deeply embarrassed to say that I have been a victim of the scambags at CASTINGHUB. Embarrassed, but not ashamed. Hopefully, I can be the example and save countless of others from this Devils den of false hopes, promises, cheap material and basically this game of g”rab the money and go!”

      The Pitch:
      My wife hears a radio ad saying “Wanna audition for Disney and Nick? Call this number!” She calls, sets up an audition for our 5 year old girl, and is given these lines for a Lifesavers commercial that she must have memorized. She tells me of this when I get home and in fact, I heard the same ad on my favorite well known radio station and instantly thought of my daughter but didn’t take the number because I was driving. We worked on the lines with her and she got them with no problem. We as parents excited at the possibilities rewarded her hard work with lunches like McDonalds and so forth.

      The Catch- We arrive at the hotel where the auditions were to be held, and noticed people of ALL ages. We were then escorted into this huge room with chairs and microphones and do forth. Some lady with short red hair soaks first, and here’s when I noticed the same people that escorted us to our seats were also the judges. (Weird) This lady tells us it’s because the auditions started the moment we walked through the door and they wanted to see who were “rude” to the help. (Understandable) So, here’s the part where we learn, there’s no audition. It’s a seminar instead. My wife and I believed this was just the beginning of the process though, so we stayed. So this lady talks on and on about how she’s from Paris, grew up in Nigeria and her parents sacrificed theirs lives for her dream. It was all very professional, and we bought every drop off it. Then, this kid Zeke, from Wizards of Waverly Place comes running down the aisle, exciting the kids and reassuring my wife and I that this is real! “They do have Disney connections!” were my exact thoughts. This kid talks about how many times he was turned down before making it, and how his parents sacrificed everything for him after he heard a radio commercial for acting just as we did, giving the impression that he works and gets work through CASTING HUB as well. Well, now we know that isn’t true either.

      The Bait-
      Next, the short hair liar returns to the microphone and says we’ll now begin the interview process after explaining that only maybe 5 people in this filled up room will receive a phone call between the hours of 5pm-11pm and calls could go on until 2am if they didn’t finish in time. She has everyone line up and each interview doesn’t even lasts 3 minutes. We met with the extremely botoxed Bernadette Heyer who was introduced as a former Super model and spokesperson for Revlon for 7 years. She took a liking to my daughter and told me we’d definitely be one of her 5 call backs. We left. Later that night we received a call personally from Bernadette around 11:58pm saying my darling was one of her chosen and if we could afford the prices. I told her we could do the 2,000 that would inform us of all local auditions. She tells me that my daughter DEFINITELY could be on Disney with her personality, but we’d have to pay for the 6,000 packet to enroll her in the national auditions to get her to Disney. I explained I didn’t have that. She then tells me “I loved your girl so much, they I’m prepared to be her Fairy Godmother and I’ll personally pay for half out of my own pocket. She’s a star! Disney agents will be here in 5 weeks and we need her processed in order to get her going.” I agreed to meet her the next morning. When we arrive, they give my daughter meaningless lines to remember right there on the spot, and she mastered them. Now we’re in a room with this Tales from the Crypt Keeper looking woman who guarantees her agent will take my little girl to stardom. I agree to the 3000 if she pays the remainder. She says deal and pulls out a waiver stating that I could not tell any other parents about the sponsorship or we would lose it. Now, in sealing the deal, I noticed I left my wallet in the car due to rushing in not to be late. I asked to be excused to retrieve it. My wife says “I know the number by heart.” And Bernadette agrees to just use the numbers. This was when I first thought something was off. Not once was I ever asked for my license, a copy or anything. As soon as I got home, I read all the info we just went over but noticed something. The sponsorship paper’s title was hidden due to my daughter’s profile papers covering the very top. It was slickly folded and tucked into the black folder we were given as we left. The title of that paper read “SPONSORSHIP OF CAREER PLAN AND WAIVER OF CANCELLATION RIGHTS” My jaw hit the ground. I walked up to my wife with the form in hand and said “I think we’ve been scammed. She wanted to cry. I then looked up and found all of this stuff on them.

      STAY AWAY FROM CASTINGHUB!! After learning this we called the agencies they claim to be affiliated with and ALL denied even knowing them.
      They’ve mastered their craft. I see the game now that I look in hindsight. Those judges who seat you are looking to see if you have money. During the Zeke presentation, they literally scour the room like vultures, making mental notes of those that seem like they can pay and believe in their kids to the fullest. They only call five is complete bs. The reason they call so late is so after you get an acceptance call at midnight, and have to go in at 8:30am, you’re going to bed to arrive on time and won’t have time to research them finding stuff like this. Zeke is an ACTOR paid to ACT and neither he nor Disney or any entity has any affiliation with CASTING HUB. And my biggest form if advice. STAY AWAY FROM THEIR SPONSORSHIP METHOD. IT’S A WAY FOR THEM TO STEAL YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL!!!!!!!! I pray this saves someone from my idiot mistakes.

      1. Mrae


        1. Saddened Dad

          I’m so glad I could help. That makes me feel so much better. It really does. Also, guys. I heard their commercial on the radio again yesterday so these sharks have not yet had their fill of Atlanta blood!!! Be CAREFUL and question EVERYTHING! This has taught me to always remain skeptical about everything. Sad, but it’s life.

      2. james

        Hello, I just went to the Atlanta “audition” what a total scam. I went with my wife and 4 year old daughter, I admit I was falling for it. But my wife said that something is wrong, she had a gut feeling. Then I received a call from this same women but her name is now Renee, I told her I will stop by tomorrow. I will call her and cancel this bogus @@@@
        I am now doing some more research and thanks you sudden dad, it helped me from making a huge mistake. Thanks.

      3. Elle

        This sounds exactly like the “model and scout”, but they are promising “marketing” through iscout. Did you go through multiple interview processes? I notice you posted in 2014, since you paid funds did you get an account and do the auditions, or did it simply not exist?? Thanks!

        1. Elle

          I mean “model and talent”…not model and scout. They use iscout. Have a call back….paying very close attention to the above. You are paying for marketing here…but the question quite frankly is – how much do they push out their marketing. Did you ask for a refund? Did you get any auditions? Thanks!

      4. Saddened Mom

        Hi Saddened Dad! I feel your pain. We just fell victim to this company this past Saturday. Unfortunately they’ve changed their name from “Casting Hub” to “model and talent” so all scam warnings didn’t come up on the Google search. Friday, our 9 year old daughter heard their add on the radio and called with our permission. Like you, we bought into the short haired lady’s authoritative speech and felt like we’d be holding our kid back by not taking advantage of her offer. Dan Benson (Zeke Beakerman from Wizards of Waverly Place) was also at our seminar. His performance was so engaging. I was just as entertained by him as every kid there. We happened to come across him in the hotel lobby on our way out of the audition. Our daughter wanted to meet him so we went and talked to him. He congratulated her on her first audition and took a picture with her. Afterward we uploaded it on Instagram and tagged him in it. (His username was conveniently plugged after his exciting performance.) To our surprise, he reposted it on his Instagram and Twitter. Our daughter got many followers because of it. Cool beans! We were so blinded by an actual Disney actor’s presence at the seminar and his sweet and encouraging interaction with our daughter that we didn’t even think to suspect the legitimacy of this company. Why would a famous actor link himself with a company that fuels itself off of children’s dreams and doesn’t follow through with it’s promises?

        Duped. We got a callback (which was actually just a text) at 10:50pm Saturday night. We were so excited and immediately got ready for our early morning appointment the next day. Their late night notification did exactly as they planned. It left us little time to question anything. We went the next morning to the audition and our daughter diligently practiced the new script. Our judge, Jonathan, applauded her abilities and complemented the photographs we brought in. We were assured that our daughter would begin booking auditions the next week. Fortunately, we couldn’t afford to invest as much as many others have lost – but we would have had we been able. We were also offered a 50% sponsorship for the $2900 six month membership if we paid the same day. We’d already been considering that membership so we jumped at the opportunity to save so much money but still couldn’t afford to put down the full cost that day. They let us make the first month payment of $833 and were going to let us pay the remaining balance two days later when my husband’s paycheck came in. We left excited about our daughter’s future and couldn’t wait to see her dreams come true.

        Sunday night we began going through the packet they gave us. We knew we wouldn’t have access to the website until later that week but we figured we’d still be able to Google and find some of the actors and models that had been successful with “model and talent” bookings. That’s when the new name comes into play. You can’t Google “model and talent” (their all lowercase name) without pulling up thousands of companies and agencies in the business. We jokingly thought “what if we got scammed” and searched for casting audition scams. That’s when we found many warnings about a company called Castinghub. We started reading the stories and discovered how similar their audition process was to what we’d been a part of. We got scared. I sent Dan Benson a direct message on Instagram asking him to verify that “model and talent” was a legit business. While waiting and hoping for a reply we kept searching. The social media sites listed on the back of the brochure don’t exist. We checked our bank account and saw the charge of $833 for MAT Entertainment, Inc. We knew that if they were actually incorporated we’d be able to find them listed. Sure enough, they were. Also listed was every other name their business goes by, “Castinghub” included. We were devastated. Two hours after I sent my message, Dan replied saying “I would spend my money elsewhere.” He knew!! We found many horror stories of the Castinghub auditions that included appearances by him and Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese from Zoey 101). It was too late. We immediately called our bank and changed our cards so they couldn’t process the remaining $617. Since we never actually received the sponsorship we figured that it would null and void the waiver. We called and emailed every contact we had for them and sent the cancellation agreement. No response for two days. After the final payment wouldn’t process on the card they had on file they called to verify our information. We tried in vain to get our payment back since we were cancelling before the three day deadline but they were unrelenting. When speaking to the customer service representatives it was clear that they had been trained to respond to unhappy customers. When my husband calmly claimed that they had conned him into signing this form, the rep robotically replied “Due to the harassing nature of this phone call I’m going to get off the line” twice (weird) and clicked off. The money we lost was a big hit for us but more than that, we had to sit our daughter down and explain to her that all the hard work she put into her auditions this past weekend was a waste and that a Disney actor she admired, knowingly took part in luring her into a trap that wouldn’t bring the results promised. A model\judge sat in front of my 9 year old kid – asked her what her dreams were and claimed they’d be coming true the following week. DISGUSTING!

        We found out that they are doing another casting call on September 6, 2014 at the Jacksonville, Marriott in Jacksonville, Florida at 11:30 am. We contacted 11Alive to try and get them to cover the scam so others wouldn’t be victims. They said that they were aware of this company and that they get reports of them every time they come to town. Because of the elaborate nature of the companies scheme they think it would take a lot investigating to prove that they are doing something illegal. Their business practice is unethical and their product is a ripoff to be sure but if they can’t prove it they could get sued for talking about it. Hopefully, they will decide it’s big enough to investigate soon. It’s so discouraging and I feel helpless not being able to do something to prevent others from being victims. I hope replying to this will at least let help “model and talent” to come up in a search other parent’s make. I honestly don’t know how these people live with themselves after manipulating hundreds of children into believing their dreams are about to come true.

        1. Susan

          Thank you for your post! You just saved us from being a victim today! I don’t know how they can get away with this!

      5. almost fell for it in Dallas

        Saddened Dad, Thank you so much for writing this, it definitely helped us make the right decision. We just experienced the same exact situation today from a company called model and talent here in Dallas, TX. Both of my children memorized their lines and were extremely excited about their audition this morning. I became a little skeptical when we got close to the room and they asked all of the parents to take out their photo id’s and started snapping pictures of us and our ID’s on a IPad. When I asked the gentleman (which later was one of the judges) why they were taking our picture with our IDs he said “because there is a room full of children and if one of them went missing, I would thank them for having that information.” I walked in the room and told my husband I thought that was off and a little weird. We filled out the info they requested for both of my kids and both of them did the audition. During the speech, the lady that spoke (she had short blond hair today but the same story) said that the reason that we couldn’t find anything about their company on the website is because they are a private company that works with children so we should be happy to know they are not sharing our child’s information on the internet. We thought that was a little weird because even if they didn’t want to share the children information they should still have information about the company in general. My 11 yr old was nervous and stuttered through his lines and my 9 yr old did great. The judge asked us if we supported them doing this and if we would be ok with the financial costs and we said yes, he then asked us if we would be ok if one of them made it and the other didn’t. As the day went on my husband and I were nervous, if we got a call back from them it would be for my 9 yr old and this whole thing was the 11 yr olds idea and he would be devastated that he didn’t get chosen. Well the text came in this evening and it was for the 11 yr old. We were shocked to say the least that he was chosen over the 9 yr old so we started doing research and talking to our family about our experience to see what they thought about this whole situation and my mother in law found your report. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much! Because your story was identical to what we experienced and I was able to not only save our money, I was able to share the story with both of my kids and they understand why we are not to move forward with this scam! I hope this helps others too!

        almost fell for it in Dallas

        1. Mary Williams

          Just went to “model and talent” casting call today with my child in Austin, Texas. Everything happened that you described, just a different actor was there. The guy that plays the Red Power Ranger ran down the aisle to the front of the crowd of kids and parents to excite everyone. I decided to google this company while waiting for our “yes or no” callback text at home and am glad I did. I wanted to leave while we there when I saw the fees in the brochure they had handed out but stayed to listen because of my daughter. We were told to turn off all electronic devices and put them away so I couldn’t google their company while we listening to there sales pitch. Thank you for sharing your experience. I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right about this when I saw the financial obligations in the brochure.

          1. Mary

            We got the text late last night that my daughter was being called back for a second audition for the next day at 10:00am. My husband texted back no thank you, that we had decided not to use their marketing skills. The lady named Marta texted back stating she was sorry to hear that because my daughter was one of five kids to get a partial scholarship. We didn’t respond to the second text.

      6. Thankful

        Thanks so much saddened dad, this was helpful. I live in Mass but was visiting family in Florida, I was going to go with my little cousin, but would probably miss my flight home. I thought it was strange, when I try to call back the numbers, there was no answers, or the line would just disconnect. Now I heard from a friend that they are in Ma, I wanted to bring my kids, but when I check the old email from the agency and did a name search on the web for more info, NOTHING! But I found this chat room, What rang a bell with me in your story is when you said lifesaver. I got the same script, but I think its a different name now. ITs called M&T Talent Advisers

      7. angry mom

        Thank you and God bless you sadden Dad! you had helped many families and the heart of many young children!
        A&T advisors now in Houston Texas ; and a popular radio station is inviting”auditions” for “Disney channel” at the Hilton hotel.
        exactly the same!
        We were going, but after reading you….NO WAY !!

      8. Amanda

        Response to saddened dad: Thank you so much for reassuring me that something was not right with our situation..we went yesterday and the exact same scenario! To the tee. We did respond that we couldn’t afford it and they could help us. We ended up saying we couldn’t do it. Our children were very upset and let down that we couldn’t do it, now that I know it’s a scam it truly rages me and I don’t understand how they can continue to do this….thanks again

      9. Constance Newkirk

        OMG! Sadden Dad
        Thank you for your post. I read your entire post because today I am supposed to take my son back to the Sheraton here in Tampa, fl for his second interview with “model and talent”. That is the name CastingHub is using now. Last week I heard the same radio ad and responded like you and your wife. We set up the audition and it was yesterday at 9 am (03/21/15) at the Sheraton hotel. There were parents and children of all ages. We registered, and had our family picture taken at the door, before we were let into the ballroom full of chairs. The back of the room had 5 tables, and each had a number on them. We sat through the same spill you and your family received; including seeing Zeke from Wizards of Waverly Place. Your right they did watch the entire room while he talked, and walked up and down the aisles. The Nigerian woman must have dyed her hair because it was a pretty salt in pepper color, and she did look like she came from Paris. Well she told us her child was also a client of “model and talent”, told us about Danny Devitto and his rejections, plus some more nonsense.

        Well at the end of the presentation, we all had to line up according to the number on the top of our registration sheet. So we did and my 6 year old son got a text to come back today at 1:20 pm for the second interview. In the text we were told to reply with his full name and what package we could afford by this afternoon. We reply we can do the Competitive 1 package for $1950, but my husband and I thought about it more, and decided to look up the company. I found out CastingHub changed their name to “model and talent”, by looking up the address on their site. Once I googled the address, I found casting ripoffs, and this site. I am so upset because we thought it was legit, and was going to borrow the money so my baby could start a career. Now his father has to break his little heart in the morning.

      10. JenB

        Thank you so much Saddened Dad for this info!!! Obviously it is now called Model and Talent but you were spot on and a year later they have the same exact presentation, but they brought out Agatha from Jessie having you think that it is legit! They texted us back for a callback tomorrow at 1:45 pm but after reading all of these comments we will not be going.

      11. Steph

        THANK YOU SO MUCH! My little one’s “audition” is tomorrow and I even went to buy her an “Upscale casual” outfit for the event. I will not return any of these calls, texts, or emails as I believe they have changed their name to a company called MAT which My little one had to memorize the same Lifesavers commercial information. All it takes to help someone else is a kind gesture! Thank you for your willingness to share your experience with the world! We would be swindled and I work hard for my income daily for it to be cheated away from me.


        Glad to see others with the same experience. I took my daughter to her audition at the Sheraton in Birmingham, AL yesterday. “Gia” was the name of the short, VERY RUDE, woman from Nigeria/France; however, “Pedja” did our audition for Post Raisin Bran. He was very nice, but my daughter messed up her lines a little, due to nerves. Because of that, I was sure she wouldn’t get a callback. Little did I know… Haha! We got a text at 7:47 pm saying she’d made it and I needed to reply with her full name to confirm her spot at noon today, along with which package we could commit to today, as all packages were listed in the little black book. After looking through this and seeing the amount of money they wanted, without even promising you anything more than a website and emails with upcoming auditions, I decided against it. (1 year was $7999!!!) I knew it had to be a scam. Thanks for the post to confirm what my gut told me! By the way, they are now going by “TALENT”. (I nearly showed back up at the 2nd auditions today without my child, to encourage other parents, before they walked in the door, not to give them their money) If I didn’t live 2 hours away, I would’ve!!

      13. aldecaide

        Thanks for bringing this up. I went through the same with my 9 yr old son and because something seemed sketchy after we got the text saying my son passed the first audition, I did an internet search and found this super helpful comment narrating exactly what we experienced yesterday. After reading this, we decided not to attend the 2nd audition, scheduled for 1pm. No one called us or texted us back to find out why we did not show up. I guess they found enough people willing to attend and commit to the payment so they didn’t need to. Thanks again!!

      14. Disappointed Mom

        Thank you Saddened Dad! That is almost the exact same experience I just had with 321Shine, including the Zeke guy. This is 3 years later, so maybe Casting Hub changed their name? I actually wondered why the paper we filled out at the beginning asked what the parents did for a living! My daughter was heartbroken!

      15. LadyMamaLee

        OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! M! GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m in the Philly area and they are now called “CASTING”! I heard the ad on the radio and my daughter had her audition today and I know their going to call tonight! I am SO GLAD I found this blog!

        Everything you have mentioned, the Lifesavers commercial, the French lady and hotel is to a T!

        I have a friend who has a LEGIT agent and I will be calling them on Mon. Bottom line people ALWAYS just find an agent! And remember, agents do NOT ask for money upfront! If they do, its because your child needs head shots, but you can get your own head shots done. Shoot, you can even manage to do them yourselves!

        THANK YOU again “Saddened Dad” and I am sorry this has happened to you!!!

    2. Saddened Dad

      Erica… I made a post about casting hub over a week ago that I believe the people need to see. What’s taking so long to verify it??? I wasn’t rude or anything.

      1. erica

        I posted every comment, I’ts there, I believe it was a reply to someone else (Cynthia) which would ad it into the middle of the page, after the one that was replied to and therefore maybe a bit hard to find since there is such a long discussion going on, especially, when there are so many replies to Cynthia – yours is a few down, I just checked 😉

        thank you for your input! Every shared experience helps someone else avoid the same pitfalls!

      2. Disappointed

        Dear Saddened Dad and Saddened Mom,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience about models and talent. Like you, my daughters and I also heard the radio commercial and called the number. They emailed me a commercial script. My 8 year old had to learn the script for LIFESAVERS and my 10 year old the script for RAISIN BRAN. We are in Miami, so it wasn’t surprising that they’d hold auditions down here. However, I wasn’t very clear on what EXACTLY they were auditioning for. I found the radio commercial to be somewhat vague. Nevertheless, I was going to take them and see what it was all about when I got there. The audition was today. Last night I couldn’t sleep because I was unsure about this so called audition and so I began googling and searching. That’s when I came across your postings and experiences. I am so sorry this happened to you, but I am VERY THANKFUL that you took the time to write this in an attempt to keep others from falling victims to these preys. I showed your postings to my husband and we both made the decision not to put our daughters through this deception. Instead, when they woke up ready and eager to go to their “Disney” audition, we sat them down and showed them your postings. We are all saddened by your experience. Thank you for saving us from going through it.

        1. Jessie

          I’m so annoyed right now reading about model and talent. I fell victim this weekend too, these people are heartless. I don’t know what I was thinking. I know nothing is free and I didn’t think anything of investing a small amount for a return or just breaking even. I’m nauseated reading all these posts. I tried so hard to research the company online before going back to the callback. I’m so disappointed in myself. I agree with whoever thinks this company shouldn’t get away with what they are doing.

  102. britni larsen

    Hey, Brit here again!
    To dear “Cynthia” to clarify, NO, I’m not a rep I’m a client. I very happy one. So, when I see people referencing things that are total bs it’s irritating.
    Sorry, I’m not that gullable to believe anything I read on line. If you Google Rip Off Report, you’ll find out that the owner, Ed Magedson, is a wanted fugitive by the FBI for Extortion and Fraud. I thought this link was interesting…. ezripofflawsuit He’s got over $50 million dollars in unpaid law suit judgements against him for creating phoney bad press on companies all over the world, then submitting them to various search enjines like Google and Yahoo!. Then, he approaches the business and offers to “clear up the mess” (that HE himself created) for a mere $50,000. Yeah, that websites real reliable!!!!
    Now, on to the BBB. I guess you ALSO missed the 3 part expose on what a SCAM the Better Business Bureau is on ABC’s 20/20 last month? The BBB will give A grades to anyone who will pay them and write negative statements about those who dont! Wolfgang Puck and The Ritz Carlton and DisneyLand and others are suing the Better Business Bureau. On top of that thanks to 20/20 the organization is under indictment now in 6 states.
    See Cynthia, I can do research too. So, “Google” all you want. Why are you putting so much time into this? Maybe there’s something more your not telling us? I was HONEST enough to give my contact info so any new parent can contact me for the facts of the baby business. Anyone who can’t identify themselves obviously are not that confident of what they’re saying or they wouldn’t be hiding behind their computer….hello?
    Maybe your kid never was successful doing this, maybe this is personal for whatever reason you’re not sharing, who knows and who cares Cynthia, sure that’s your real name!
    If people are so sure about what they’re saying is accurate, why hide?
    I’m not! I posted my real name and real email address.
    Who’s playing games here?
    LOL! Get a life people!

  103. Cynthia

    The last 2 commenters sound like Kids to Fame reps.

    Here is some input from an employee / ex employee – very enlightening

    I looked up the company, here is the info

    Other names Kids to fame / Kidz 2 fame has gone by is Kids Talent Network, model republic and The Talent Network. They all share the same address.

    Model Republic aka
    The Talent Network, LLC
    7473 W. Lake Mead Blvd. #100

    Kids 2 Fame
    (702) 562-1230
    7473 W. Lake Mead Blvd. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89128
    Las Vegas, NV 89128

    Kids2fame website info:
    Domain Name: KIDS2FAME.COM
    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Creation Date: 11-jan-2010
    Expiration Date: 11-jan-2012
    Created on: 09-Sep-10
    Expires on: 09-Sep-11

    The websites were created in 2010 – so they are either new, or changed names last year.
    BBB listing –

    Rip Off Reports

    There are too many ROR reports to list here, you can Google the different company names.

    If they are legit, why are they changing names? I think the only reason to keep changing company names is to hide the bad press and tons of ripoff reports.

    Again, here is what their employee had to say

  104. jeremy toppeland

    Edit from the webmaster


    This is Erica, the person who runs this site, know the following and make your own judgments on what the commenter recommends

    **** This person has posted as 3 different people so far ********

    susan holiday, says they are a parent
    IP address

    leo laughlin, says they are a parent
    Ip address

    jeremy toppeland, says they are a agent
    Ip address


    End of webmaster edit


    hey writers, my assistant found this chat and i wanted to quickly reply giving you some advice as i’m an agent in chicago and florida and i book babies and young children for a living, that’s what i do, so listen up, here’s my advice:

    i do NOT EVER work with babies from parents mailing in pictures. sorry its too much work dealing with newbie parents. young children need work permits, trust accounts, there’s never ending child labor laws to deal, young kids pictures have to be updated constantly and kids do not have to be unionized (SAG-Screen Actors Guild) until the child is 4.
    Also, finding the right parents with the right kids is also nearly impossible. many parents are doing this for the wrong reasons, trying to cash in from their cute kid or the moms are plain “pain in the butts”, same as the pageant mothers. Yuk!
    So, in a nutshell, any new parent thats giving advice on how easy it is to send pictures of their cute kid to an agent or management company and get representation have no idea what theyre actually talking about. with older kids, teens to adults, you can do those time consuming and expensive mass mailings to us, but, with babies, no way! this is why agencies or managers who work with babies go through third party companies to scout them. i, myself have used kidz to fame over the years and have only gotten great kids and parents from them. they screen out the “seedy” parents and kids not cut out for this. then, once i sign their kids, they continue working with the parents on educating the parents and answering all of those never ending questions i spoke about. further, they dont take a percentage from bookings so obviously they charge a fee. what some of these parents got confused, which is obvious from what they wrote was that kidz to fame is not your agency or manager. they get you connected to people like me. agents and managers do work on commission. the hard part is getting connected with one when you have a young child with no work experience. Also, if your kids ends up working, you don’t have to worry about paying any commission to them, which would add up to much more than paying their flat rate. I only hear fantastic things about the kidz to fame reps!

    if i wasn’t making money from their clients, i wouldnt be working with them for so many years.

    i have worked with paula and brian. i dont know brandon but i have heard parents love him. many of their reps used to be agents or models themselves.
    i also have to make a comment to that harlee person as well. this person claims that ANYONE can be an agent. that’s the furthest from the facts harlee. talent agencies must be licensed through the State they do business in, in most states, they must also carry a surety bond to ensure payments to clients on jobs, go through a crminal background check, get finger printed, etc…. harlee you’re way off!
    So, once again, many newbies write things when they don’t know what they’re speaking about. (Britni above- you were right on!)
    To sum it up, any legit agent or manager works on commission off work. that’s correct, that’s always the way it’s been. HOWEVER PARENTS; THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOUR NOT GOING TO SPEND MONEY OR TIME IN THIS PROCESS. Nothing is this world is free, come on. For older children and teens, you will need professional pictures, coaching, training, and so on and YES! the parents pay for these industry “tools”. If youre a parent struggling in this tough economy right now, this business is probably not for you. It costs money, period.
    If any company tells you to “buy” a $3,000 portfolio on a baby….run the other way… fast…. they ARE trying to scam you! Young kids change too quickly to invest in pictures!
    Good luck people. Please don’t ask for my office mailing address. Like I said, I do not deal with parents and kids directly. I did want to take the time to reply to this blog though since there was so much inaccurate info being shared and i too got very annoyed.
    take care and good luck,
    Commercial, Film and Print Agent
    Chicago, Florida

    1. wow

      Hi do you recommend or have you worked with kids from Cast

  105. britni larsen

    I’ve had my daughter with Kidz to Fame and I actually work with Brandon and Sarah.
    This “Harlee” person who claims to be a production company has no clue what they’re talking about.
    My daughter was connected with numerous agencies and managers and booked 5 jobs, including a TV spot for Mattel and one for Macy’s last year. So, “Harlee” get your facts straight. First to correct you, Kidz to Fame never said they were an agency. They helped me get my 16 month daughter an agent and a manager, that I was unable to do on my own. I tried and spent a lot of time and money. Harlee, if you actually really knew this industry, you would know that no agent or manager will take kids under the age of 5, unless theyve already worked on TV. That’s a fact. I contacted every agent and manager in this country practically. Most of them basically said “no babies” and hung up on me!! I got very discouraged. Then, I found kidz to fame, recommended by a REAL producer in NYC. So, I really think you opened your mouth before you actually knew what you were speaking about. I receive amazing service from the reps at Kidz to Fame and was extremely annoyed when I found this post. It’s really annoying when people open their mouths up on line and try to bash a great company when they’re speaking total MIS truths. They basically do all the initial footwork for newbie parents and get you connected with the right agencies and managers. They also work with me almost on a daily basis with all the ins and outs of this crazy business. They helped me get a work permit, open a trust account, went over contracts with me, etc all for $495.00. I would have paid 3x that amount! Give me a break! Youre calling them a scam based on what? I’m an actual client that has worked and will tell other moms trying to break into this that getting a young child started in this business with no prior experience is almost impossible. Kidz to Fame got me with agencies and managers that I have submitted to for years with no luck at all. Scam? hardly. If people are going to bash companies on line, then “hide’ their identity, they’re nothing but cowards. I WILL identitfy myself. My name is Britni Larsen and my email is If any newbie mothers wishes to contact me for advice please do so. I would be glad to help you! To Harlee, you claim to be a production company. Please provide all of us the website to your production company so we can all verify who YOU are. You have nothing to hide….right Harlee? The kidz to fame reps have been wonderful, basically they have walked my husband and I through the very windy road of this endeavor. Yes, in any business there’s good and bad. Kidz to Fame has been around for years and years, obviously they’re doing soemthing right. Their kids book all kinds of jobs. My daughter, to date, has earned enough already to pay for a year and a half of college. I would hardly say that’s a scam. Some ignorant person spouting their mouth off on line is more of a scam to me. The business takes a little time, energy and money to start and A LOT of luck. If any parent thinks they’re going to start this based on luck and a cute kid, it’s just not at all reality. How do I know this? Because I was one of of those uninformed moms.
    Good luck everyone.
    To Harlee, get a clue. Find out what you’re speaking about before you actually open your mouth. We’ll be waiting for you to post your website. I’m also emailing a copy of this to the great reps at kidz to fame in case they wish to reply. I’m sure they probably have better things to do, like me, but, this got me real angry so I needed to put my two sense in.
    bye… Britni
    PROUD KIDZ TO FAME supporter
    Love you Brandon and Sarah!!!!!!!!! xoxo
    btw…. we have 2 auditions this week!!!!!!

  106. Harlee

    I run a production company. I know this business. These types of “agencies” are the black sheep of the entertainment business. Rule of thumb.. you NEVER EVER pay anyone to represent you. NEVER. That is not how it works. Anyone who requires payment before work is running a huge scam. Agents, by law, receive a set percentage from work they have gotten an actor. So if an actor is paid $75 per hour, the talent would receive $60 and $15 goes to the agent. Agents do not represent talent they can not get work for because they do not get paid otherwise. Be aware that there is no licensing for agents either, so anyone can claim to be one. And trolling the internet is no guarantee since it takes no time at all to put a ton of positive comments out there about yourself. It is so easy to prey on parents with stars in their eyes. These conventions that say you will meet agents (and you foot the bill for travel, accommodations, and a fee to be seen) are the same thing. Watch out for the ones that you hear on the radio saying that they will be at a hotel in your area. SAME THING. Parents have got to be smart and must be their child’s advocate. If you do not know the business, find out, and never pay for anything upfront, not even pictures. If someone says you must use their photographer and pay… RUN in the opposite direction. I have seen this all too often. When someone wants you for a project, they will pay YOU, they will provide transportation and lodging, and they will be willing to take any picture, even if it in front of the Christmas tree.

    1. juanita

      What about wilhelmina Philadelphia? Are they a scam?

    2. amber Pringle

      Thank you for this confirmation. I needed to know this for sure. I was suspicious of this NEXT for Disney shows to be a scam.

  107. Jessica

    I got the same EXACT thing from Kidz to Fame. I am researching them right now and everybody keeps mentioning this Brandon guy. Sounds to me its more and more of a scam unless Brandon is the only “agent” they have working for them.

  108. Libby

    OMG—I just got a call from Brandon tonight! Did anything ever happen? There is no way we will pay up front! He said they had someone already in line for our baby! I find this very hard to believe!

  109. Emily

    I got the same response from Kidz to Fame and my husband and I decided to give it a try and pay the $495. That was 2 days ago and we have already gotten the contact information for one possible audition. We will have to see where it goes moving forward. This industry is crazy so we don’t expect anything overnite. Either way, the representative who is my contact with the company (Brandon) is fabulous so I have high hopes. I will update as things progress. You can also look on Babycenter and see some responses from mom’s who have also used this company. Trust me, I Googled the heck out of them before they got my money.

    1. adepeju

      I did the same thing my daughter went to the casting hub and her brother wouldn’t simmer down so we had to go outside while my daughter stayed inside so I started going on google like crazy and the past people who went there had bad reviews so then my daughter comes out and she said that she had to use the restroom and when she came out I told her the reviews I found and we left. Casting hub broke my daughter’s heart she was so f-ing sad afterwards but I cheered her up by taking her to the mall and letting her go to any restaurant she wanted to go to.

  110. Anna

    Rebecca, my kid got the same thing! Did you ever sign up?

  111. free audition listings Post author

    sounds like a scam… ‘scouting agency’???, A legit agent will not ask for money. Actually, in many States such as CA it is not legal to do so. Send headshots out to legit agents(will never ask you for a signup fee). Don’t believe the 7% thing! A sales persons job is to make you feel ‘lucky’ to be selected, their commissions depend on you lowering your defense and making you feel like you were the only one chosen and privileged to hand them over your money. Just a sales tactic.

  112. REBECCA

    I was wondering if anyone know about the scouting agency called KIDZ TO FAME. Their website is After you apply a few days later they said you a email saying that you made it though the first round and ask you to fill out a form and have it back to them with in 48 hous. They also ask for more head shots as well as a pic of your family. Then a few more days later after that has been submitted I got another letter saying congrats your child has been selected but you have to pay a fee of 495.00 for them to represent your child. Is this a scam? I dont want to make a mistake a pay for something I shouldnt. Please help me!

  113. REBECCA

    I was wanted about the company kidztofame scouting agency. They state they only accept 7% of their application and you are one of the lucky ones. They make you answer these questions on a form they email you and they only give you 48 hours to complete it and send it back. You then get a final confirmation a few days later saying congrats again they accept you too their scouting agency but you have to pay 495.00 for them to represent you. I am nervous about making a move like this. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do or if they know anything about this company.

  114. Sammy

    hey i signed online for modeling singing and acting. the next day they got to me and it sounded very profesional and they booked a apoointment with my parent in new jerseyy. they said that if im not wat they r looking for then theyll say thanks for coming and bye but if they think i have talent then ill work together with the producers and directors. but i might have to pay , if they ask for money is it a scamm?? because dont we usually have to pay at first then they start paying uss?

    1. free audition listings Post author

      if they ask for money for lessons, conventions, joining their website and other expensive things then yes. Reputable agents will not sign you up online, they see you in person. You send them resumes and headshots by mail.

    2. Brisseth

      Hi so I signed up my daughter for a casting last week and they called me today Tuesday, Saying there’s a casting tomorrow at 6:30pm. They said producers from disney channel are gonna be there. They also said they were gonna give her a script which she will have to say in front of camera&producers. They didn’t mention money at all. The company name is HOLLYWOOD INC here in las vegas. Plz help me 🙂

      1. erica

        Disney is not holding an open casting call in Las Vegas tomorrow. They hold auditions through agents and one open call yearly. Also, producers and agents are pros that hold business hours which are not normally evenings. May be a good idea to ask questions such as “What production is my child auditioning for”?, “How did you get our name”? “Where have you seen my child perform”?.

      2. Diane

        This company is still in business. They are not doing anything illegal that I can see but they are towing the line. It is all about getting kids thru the door after their grueling 2+ hr orientation and callbacks the next day where they want payment. I unfortunately did pay knowing it was for classes and they have a couple kids that did work. However I knew deep down something was wrong. They prey on parents caring about their children. I luckily complained and got my money back. I guess I was too much trouble since they said they no longer want to work with my daughter. I contacted channel 13 news in vegas who is investigating them based on other complaints, but since I was refunded my money they couldn’t help me. I hope that they get it done and expose the company for what it is. The former company was called Visions Entertainment and thru clark county records you can see they were in court and evicted. A storage unit was also taken over. One of the partners (name removed) was involved in a John Robert Powers scam in Virginia. They took money and closed the doors without telling anyone or refunding a penny. They are not reputable. You can’t find much on them except they can’t say they are an Agent since Agents get paid when their clients work. However, I saw videos on You Tube where some auditions were taped and the client stated they were (edited) represented by Hollywood (redacted) which would be illegal. They make their money through the classes and as they call it Workshops. They do get agents there for workshops but not because they “have the access” but because they pay them a high price to come there. However those agents are not allowed to take headshots at those workshops or give them work. It is all a scam.

        See below: for explanation to redaction.

    3. Lilly

      If you have to pay, it’s a scam. DO NOT PAY anything! Real agencies do not charge you. Their commission is a percentage of what you make at the commercial. The client pays one part to you and one part to the agency.

    4. Melissa

      No, you do not pay them! My daughter has been acting for 5 years, going on 6 & we had to learn the hard way too. If an agency says you have to pay them, it is a scam & even if they are not a scam where they take your money & run, they still are not a reputable agency. Real agents get 15 -20% of your paycheck & that’s it. A real agent will never tell you that you have to use their photographer or their workshops.
      To be a professional actor, put in the hard work. If you are truly passionate for acting then you won’t mind the hard work, giving up everything for long hours on set, sacrificing playing with your friends, going to the mall, going to parties, etc… because you love it! It does take a lot of money to become successful, but not to an agent. You do have to pay acting coaches & photographer’s. You need headshots & a resume both 8×10 & staple them together. Start taking resume builders, again, if you love acting you won’t mind working for free! Don’t give up. Training is very important & your headshot & resume is your “calling card”. & again…Do not give up. This industry is 95% rejection. I wish everyone who truly loves acting all the luck in the world. If your only in it for money & fame…you won’t make it.

      1. Erna

        Hi Melissa?
        Thanks for the good information.
        I have a daughter that would love to start going to auditions. Any recommendation where to go?
        You had said your child is acting for 5-6 years now. Do we need an agent first? as you can tell I am clueless where to start off but reading all these comments about scammers I just want to go a safe route.

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Regina

          DO NOT use John Casablanca/MTM. They re true scammers and will get your child hopes up and then ask for 2000.00 and then try to make it impossible for a refund or with drawl from a contract even if just signed within 10 minutes they will request a certified letter be sent within 3 days so they can refuse to sign for it. But there are UPS same day services to get that letter there and I will not post it here but there is a way to get them to sign without knowing what it is.. THEY ARE A SCAM BY FAR AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING

  115. Monica Lambert

    thank you so much for all your information, it has helped me a great deal in understanding what to do and not because I have already ran into some scam artist. Im going to keep doing my home work with the information that you guys provided, nice to no there is some truth in California, i no its hard out here but to pray on peps is not cool.

  116. marine

    As a mom who’s been approached at the mall many times and has gone to one of these “sales invents” this was very useful info…thank you!

  117. amyjane

    Do you know of any great agencies in Ontario Canada?

  118. Deborah

    I have joined a modelling agency called little adults and since half way through last year up to now I have not received any castings of any sort or even one audition. Are they or are they not a scamming agencie?


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