Child Acting Scams

How to spot and separate a child acting / modeling scam from real opportunities.

The showbiz industry is filled with unscrupulous companies that pray on unsuspecting parents. The scammers know their targets well. They know that ALL parents think their children are talented, beautiful and smart. They know that proud parents want their children to be happy and succeed. They also know that all parents think their child has that “something special” quality to be the next big child star.

The truth is… we all have kids. They are all great and cute. There are millions of them and millions of parents who can be taken by sales pitches that feed the need to hear “Your kid should be a star”.

Here is how the scam works…
You answer a casting notice, get approached in a mall, or even get a phone call after filling something out online. The sales person pretending to be in the industry and posing as a casting director, agent or some other title tells you your child is “perfect” and would like you to audition for some part.

Excited you go to the audition with your kid in tow.  Once there you realize that there are 100’s of others there and that it is not a “real” audition. There is no part to fill, script to memorize or production company there. It is a sales meeting and you are in the audience. Someone goes up and reads a pitch to all the excited kids and parents. They tell you your kids were chosen to be a part of the showbiz industry. They go into how much fame and fortune the kids will achieve. Every word spoken is meant to excite your child to a point where it would break their heart if you said “no” at the end.

Sometimes, they pull you and your child into a room and make your child read a couple lines for them. They do this to make the entire experience seem more legit. The reading is meaningless because there is no real part you are reading for…. it’s all an act.

Now comes the end… What do you need to do to make your child’s dreams come true? Pay up. What else. This entire sales session was meant to pump you guys up to pay for expensive, inferior classes, worthless acting workshops and poor quality portfolios. They have now convinced your child that “if only” their parents would cough up the 1000’s, they would be stars. They tell you that there are tons of companies who need “new faces”… and miraculously, can’t find them in the sea of over population outside. “New faces” and cute kids are hard to come by and companies will pay fortunes, they stop short of trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. You and your child MUST buy their services or their dreams of stardom can never be.

At this point, the scammers expect proud parents to fold into the pressures of “mom, please” and pay the cash. And, luckily for them, many do.

How to protect yourself and your child

Do not believe anyone who approaches you out of the blue. The scammers pay people to hang out at malls and shopping centers to sign up kids for these things… It’s all fake.

Be very careful when answering open call and auditions. When a real production company needs someone, they need someone specific, as in 8-9 year old Indian girl who can ride a horse. If you go to a casting and see tons of kids with nothing in common of different age groups, then it’s most likely a scam and be very skeptical.

If it turns out to be a sales meeting, run.  DO NOT allow your child to sit in.

NEVER pay up front fees for anything. This is supposed to be a job — meaning YOU get paid.

ALWAYS do your research. Google company names, agent names, etc. If you find nothing at all then it may be fake. Legit companies have tons of info available about them and their employees.  Many companies that operate in the gray change names and locations often. Finding very little or no information at all should be a red flag.

Learn to read between the lines.

Their commissions depend on making you feel special and selected for something special. They have honed their sales pitch  and know how to pull heart strings.

this is from the ftc

Unscrupulous model and talent scouts have their acts down. Take a look at what is said and what it means.

“We’re scouting for people with your ‘look’ to model and act.” – I need to sign up as many people as possible. My commission depends on it.

“Your deposit is totally refundable.” – Your deposit is refundable only if you meet very strict refund conditions.

“You must be specially selected for our program. Our talent experts will carefully evaluate your chances at success in the field and will only accept a few people into our program.” – We take everyone with money.

“There’s a guaranteed refund if you’re not accepted into the program.” –  Everyone’s accepted so you can forget the refund.

“You can’t afford our fees? No problem. You can work them off with the high-paying jobs we’ll get you.” –  We demand payment, whether or not you get work.

“Commissions from our clients are our major source of income.” – Our income comes from the fees we charge suckers like you.

“I saw your child’s photo and think she is perfect for ‘fill in blank’ , the job pays $800 a day, I would like to submit her to the job “ – for a fee I will forward her info to the other scammer I found in a free CraigsList ad for kid auditions.

It is up to you to protect your child! All the above is unethical but NOT illegal.  Authorities will not help you when you lose your money and your child gets no work.

These days there is little work for kids with years of training living in large markets whose families are in the business. The last thing a legit casting director for an ad campaign will do is travel small town malls seeking talent. Stay grounded in reality and never allow high pressure sales tactics to sway your judgement.

The Nigerian 419 scam and the acting twist.

If you think it’s unscrupulous sales people praying on dreams of fame and fortune, think again. The Nigerians entered the act as well. They are posting fake casting calls, trolling online profiles and contacting wanna bees with checks in hand.

How it works is they contact you through a submission through CraigsList, any online casting call, an email or a contact on a acting profile. They tell you they are casting directors and have cast you for a high paying role in your city. They love you so much from your pic that they will pre-pay you for the shoot… COOL! right? ahhh, wrong!

They send you a fake cashier’s check from an international bank. You are requested to keep your pay and forward the remainder to their crew for the shoot via western union. Your bank cashes the check and you forward the rest as told. 2 days later your bank holds you accountable for the thousands of dollars you withdrew against a fake check.

Authorities can not help you and you are left holding the bag. You cashed a check from a bad source against your account!  These people are in Africa, US authorities can not touch them and they know it!

How to Get your child into Acting for “real”

Forget about fame and fortune and concentrate on your kid having fun with it and improving their skills.

Get your child involved in school plays, local theater groups and local student film projects. None of these will pay a dime but will give your child the experience needed to get an agent. In small markets, agents may not always be required.

Find out what is being filmed in your area and contact the legit casting companies. Join their lists. Most cities have a few background agencies that allow anyone to register for a small fee and many casting directors hold monthly open auditions for new talent.

Many states have websites dedicated to the film industry and production in the state. They are a good source of local info for small markets.

Check with Union sites. SAG, AFTRA, Actors Equity, all have lists of licensed agents and other valuable information.

The only real way into the industry is with a resume, training, hard work and an agent. An agent will not see your child unless they have some experience and training. Send your child to community acting classes and local workshops.  Network with other families that are involved within your community.

Once you get an agent, it will be up to you to get your child to the auditions your agent sends you on. Be ready for lots of disappointment. This is not easy work. For every small gig your child lands there will be dozens he didn’t.  If your child enjoys it and has a true passion for the art, he will succeed.


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  1. Liz

    I meant to ask if any of you have heard of Star Bound Talent and of it was legitimate? (Hard to type and calm your child down ; she’s excited but I’m not sure how to proceed)

    1. erica

      If you have to ask if something is legit… chances are it is not. If your child is excited because they said something to excite her, that’s not good either.

  2. Liz

    Hello, do any of you have any information on Starbound Talent in Toledo,Oh? My daughter was “selected” to go to a scouting conference but we have to cough up about 2K and leave a $480 deposit to reserve a spot. Thank you.

    1. erica

      Toledo Ohio is not a production hub at all. There is no such thing as “scouting” for kids to model or act. There are plenty, more than could ever get roles, in L.A. and NY. Legit agencies do not require conferences and payments of $1000’s. If your child is talented, then they should represent them without upfront payment. Save your money for acting classes. Those would help your child more if they want to act.

      FYI – It is no longer legal for franchised / licenced agents and casting directors to accept resumes / headshots / etc. at these events. They are not allowed to cast at these pay to play events. They sometimes come because they get paid to be there and if these “agents” need the money that bad as to accept payment for showing up, they probably are not making the money on booking talent… which is not a good sign.

  3. Roxanne

    They are Now in Denver going by the name CASTING at the Curtis Denver Hotel.

    Congratulations on making your audition for Casting and/or IMTA in NYC July 2018! Your registration is tomorrow with PJ at 3:45pm at the same place. There are THREE different levels you get to choose from: Level 1 is local marketing and does NOT include the IMTA Convention in Los Angeles. The cost is $1,995.00. Level 2 is for either ACTING or MODELING, $5,995.00 PLUS parent’s pass $1900 . Level 3 is for ACTING AND MODELING and is $9,995.00USD plus parent’s pass $1900 (if you pay with credit card, there is additional 2% service charge, cash and check there are no additional fees). All fees are due tomorrow, minimum due tomorrow for Level 1 is $1000. Reply back with your full name to confirm your spot and commitment and which LEVEL you will register for: Level 1, 2 or 3. Incomplete replies will automatically disqualify you. Congratulations again.

  4. Ammar Netarwala

    One such company is APURVAKRITI PRODUCTIONS. This is a fake organisation. They call the parents and say your kid is selected and and try to talk sweet with you and then tell you to pay xyz amout for your kids shoot and once they get your money, then they don’t know you. I worked in this company as a photographer and they just used me for some of their shoots and then when there was no more work, they told me not to come. Pls be careful and don’t ever try to get associatied with this fraud company in any way.

  5. Almost Got Me In Dallas

    Location: Dallas, TX
    Schemers: Casting (not sure if it is the same as Casting Hub and they conveniently changed their name to Casting, because an internet search pulls up a myraid of hits)
    NOTE: I will post this story on all websites that helped me figure out the company called “Casting” is a scam!

    My story: Heard a radio Ad for casting calls for Disney Channel, local commercials, modeling, etc. I didn’t think it was real because the commercial was so over the top but decided to call for kicks-and-giggles. To my surprise someone actually picked up. I give the lady who answered my name and email address and she sent me info on my audition time for that Saturday and the script for K-mart that I would have to memorize. Note: there were multiple scripts for different age groups.

    Auditions took place at the Marriott hotel in Dallas. Still skeptical but slightly convinced this may be the real deal as it would be taking place at a hotel ( I mean hotels are legit, they have never checked someone in that would be doing illegal things >_> *sarcasm*), I go. There are lots of people, about 80-100. Mainly kids with their parents. There’s a tall, dark haired guy asking for I.Ds and giving out registration forms. We go into the large meeting room and SAME people who registered us are there. They would be the judges too! (hmmmm) The main presenter (short, rude/blunt, blonde, white lady from France/Nigeria) Gia, says that the reason the same people who registered us will also be our audition judge is because we were the last group for the week and that the moment we stepped into the hotel we were being auditioned. The other two dark haired guys (who registered us) were in the room. They were both relatively young, not pass their 40s. Gia said one of the guys was a top model for Prada back in the day (his beer belly was forming nicely so it must have been waaay waay back in the day) and the other has a young son who is doing well in this business.
    Gia goes on and gives a presentation mainly about IMTA talent search and gets the crowd riled up about the possibilities of going to the IMTA convention in NYC in July. She said that we must go through them, i.e Casting, in order to get to IMTA. Stating that nowadays entertainers can’t just call an agency and get signed without first going through a casting company like theirs >_> (which I’ve research and found NOT to be true) or that it is hard/near impossible to do it on your own. She says the IMTA event is supposedly huge and key to getting an agent, blah blah blah. Anyways, people are getting excited and kids are getting excited and nervous about not to screwing up their lines. We line up based on our assigned numbers given at registration. The auditions would take place in that same room! Weird huh?!! There were 3 table, next to each other, for the 3 judges: Gia, the two other guys. We are told that if chosen for call backs tomorrow, we would be notified between 6pm- 3am because she says the hours of show business are unpredictable. And if chosen we should be prepared with our payments for which level we would like to register for. LEVEL 1 = $1995. LEVEL 2 (chance at IMTA competition) = $5996. LEVEL 3 (IMTA + US casting program acting and modeling) = $9995. I audition with Gia. It was very short, no longer than 90 seconds. She scribbles some stuff on my paper, gives me no hint of whether she likes my audition or not. That night, I get a text message from Gia around 9 pm (because I missed her call a few minutes back) saying that I made it for call backs tomorrow (Sunday). I am getting excited now, like this really could be the real thing, but I am worried because I don’t have all the money to give them should I be chosen (which, most likely, I would have as this is all a sales scheme). I do some research online to learn more about Casting and if this is really something I should invest my money in.
    Surprise, surprise, I can’t find anything on the company. A) because of the very general name “Casting” B) because they don’t exist. The IMTA website is real though, but if they are legit and actually help aspiring entertainers out, I don’t know! But lucky me, I stumble on this website about acting and modeling scams and read stories EXACTLY like mine, with the same rude, short blonde lady named Gia!! I am livid but happy that I caught this scam in time before I started asking family members to loan me money. On Sunday, the day of call back, I call Gia (without giving her my name) saying I can’t make it. NOT TODAY DEVIL!

    People, be careful of a company called CASTING (or whatever new name they snort out of their butts) and a short, blond, rude, lady named Gia! False prophets. All of them. You don’t have to pay thousand to get an agent and fulfill your dreams of becoming an entertainer/model. It’s a job- THEY PAY YOU!

    1. erica

      Thanks for sharing your story! You wouldn’t believe how many people have had similar experiences and have been helped by all the consumer commentary and stories that people share to prevent others from falling for these things.

    2. Jonathan

      Oh. My. Gosh… I auditioned for IMTA New York 2019 in December of 2018 in Dallas and had the SAME story you had in the same hotel, same setting. This is crazy. Thank you for writing this. I unfortunately already paid the 6,000 and can’t get my money back…

      1. Beyuh Nicole

        Omg I’m so glad I didn’t go yet. I signed up for “Casting” yesterday and they told me to come Saturday at 10am, glad I know it’s fake! But I do work as an extra here and there thru the website and they’re legit. I’ve worked 5 or 6 movies so far. But it’s only an extra position and they pay you 2 weeks after though a check in the mail. I’ve done NCIS, the purge and more.

    3. JANET


    4. Tanna P.

      Thank you for this insight this same exact scenario happened to my daughter and I (I mean exact)smh. I thought this was real and wanted my daughter to have this experience but unfortunately had to break the news to her about people like Gia Chris and there was another dark haired woman there that also had kids in the industry that were modeling for Gucci. Chris texted me and told me my daughter made it to her 2nd audition and that the fee of which ever level i chose would be due upfront during 2nd audition and then we would be going to LA for the IPOP event in July 2020. That is so sad for the kids because they were all excited and couldnt wait to be on Disney dreams to come true. Again Thank you.

      1. Erica

        Yes, I paid $6500 for my son. I was driving into Los Angeles and had run late. I was told not to show up for the AMTA ipop event since my son was late. If it were a real talent place they wouldn’t cancel just because you are late. Anyway my kid was to perform the day we showed up. It doesn’t make sense. They even did some coaching with my kid for about a month. This is where I thought it was real. Guess not.

  6. Allison

    We just came from an Open Call with David Mogull of Mogull Talent. Unless you’re ready to fork out $3500 for a ‘retreat’ to ‘meet’ agents, Mogull Talent is NOT an agent. He even admits it himself during the open call screenings. He’s just the middle person to connect you to this $3500 event where you see if any agents are interested. He’s not even connecting you to any agents/agencies. You’re paying to attend an event for photos and no connections. Beware!

  7. Irina Shestakova

    Casting, “a leading entertainment company in the US” held “auditions” yesterday, January 7, 2017, at Washington Dulles Airport Mariott. The “talent scouts” names are Gia, Piere, and Bernadette. Today they are signing contracts with “lucky ones” (who were called back) for “services” that range from $2,000 to $10,000 – and that’s a representation for three months only! We received a call back last night at 11:47 pm from Gia, who checked on my daughter’s excitement level, asked which level of their marketing services we were ready to pay for, and asked to bring a credit card or a checkbook. Thank God I came across this site last night. Today, playing along, I texted Gia and asked for a copy of the contract to review prior to the appointment and what would happen after three months of their “representation”. She said she would not be able to send me the contract in advance – company policy. She also said she would walk me through all the details during the appointment. Last night I contacted local TV stations and The Washington Post to warn other parents, but I am afraid I am too late to warn other parents. Do not fall for this scam!

    1. erica

      Thanks for sharing your story! Any shady company that wants people to sign contracts without having the time to actually read what they are signing should be indicted. These companies move city to city, hotel to hotel, making it hard for local officials to actually catch up to them.

  8. Eric

    I went to an audition with 321 Shine. I brought my 8 year old daughter. They had her memorize some lines, which she did, and they also had her sing. She got a callback the next day. I was skeptical to say the least. When I returned for the callback the next day there were a lot less people so that made me feel better already. I had done my homework and found both good and bad about the company as with most companies I suppose. After she made the 2nd audition I reluctantly signed her up to be coached by a Disney celebrity, per my wife and daughters urging. It has been several months now. My daughter loved the coaching provided, her pictures came out great and she has had several audition opportunities. So overall they did deliver everything they promised. I am glad I did not believe everything I see on the internet, my daughter would have missed out on an amazing opportunity.

  9. Ali

    This is a scam. I’m trying to get the charge dispute through my credit card, any suggestions and tips are welcome! I’ve been scammed.

  10. Karen

    Hi, I was in the mall two months ago and put my daughter’s name in the box for an audition with a company called Model and Talent ( discover you tour) out of Ft. Lauderdale. I been online and I have seen a lot of things about this company being a scam. They told me that she made it trough to the next level and that she needed $300. I asked her what does the $300 cover, she told me I will get all the photos on a CD. I also realized that this is a family business which was a red flag for me. I also called the mall and told them about my concerns. The co-founder has numerous modeling agencies which seems weird to me also. He also told me that at the time of the photo shoot there will be scouts there. When I got there, I asked where are the scouts? she told me that she is the scout. Have you ever heard of this company.

  11. Anne-Sophie

    “Casting Hub” is now called “talent” and they are currently in Canada (Ottawa last weekend and Calgary on July 2) ! The botoxed lady, Bernadette Heyer, is now being called Juliette…

  12. Otosan

    What about model and Talent inc? Now I did one of those talent shows where you do pay to be in it. You pay for the photos about 150 and the rest is all free. They say if you are one of the winners they forward you to an agency and an agency will look at the photos and video and decide if they will represent you. My daughter won and was offered a contract. We sent the casting cards, resume and signed contract but haven’t heard back from them in a week. I haven’t paid model and talent inc anything nor have they asked but I can’t find much information on them either.

    – an impatient otosan of a proud odango.

    1. Janie Maedler

      I’m trying to find this out too. They are casting in our area this month and my daughter wants to do it. I am afraid to take her after reading this feed.

      1. erica

        Usually if folks have reservations and feel something is wrong, it’s because it is. I am not sure which area or company you are referring to, but just from you stating that “they were casting in your area,” makes it very unlikely that it is legit. TV shows do not “cast in your area.” Legit casting directors have 10000’s of submissions and have no reason to go city to city looking for “new talent.” Most kids are cast through their own agents which they get only after being in many productions, having lots of experience and training under their belt already.

        As mentioned in this post, the one’s that go area to area, run ads on radio stations, hang out at shopping malls and troll any place there are kids with parents attached, are all 100% scam. Most of those people hanging out at the malls pretending to be talent scouts are recruited through Craigslist Ads for “sales.” They have no connections to any production companies and are normally paid commissions for getting the parents to shell out money for worthless services.

        The sales people that do this are good. They will play on feelings and they do this because parents, all feel that their kids are amazing and want to make the kids happy. No one should ever lose sight of the fact that EVERYONE has cute kids. I have seen scammers convince people that there is some kind of a kid shortage. There are 70 million+ kids in the US. Most of them want to be on Disney. There are only a handful of child actors in the 3 to 5 Disney shows in production. The sales pitch always wants to make parents believe that there are not enough kids to fill roles. There are actually millions of kids per role. No one gets discovered walking in a mall and the legit casting directors involved would never actually go out looking for more kids. They already have 1000’s more than they could ever cast in the very few available roles.

        BTW, you do not need to pay to get your kids a shot at a TV show, Nickelodeon’s Paradise Run is always casting, online, no fees involved –
        Variety show, The Gong Show, is also casting talented kids –
        There are shows casting kids fairly often including major ones – see

  13. David

    I run a drama school here in Cape Town and they practice here – scamming parents and taking funds from low income families who struggle to pay the fees and take out loans to pay for their kids dreams . The whole thing is so simple and buys in to the aspirations of many – I just wish more people in South Africa – well everywhere really would do their homework before they part with their cash. Thanks for all the feedback.

  14. Will

    Would like to know any information on this company. I looked at their website and they offer auditions, but after reading your info, I am not sure about them. I am still researching them, but any help will do. Please email me, if possible, as to I dont frequent this site often.
    Thank you.

    1. erica

      It is a talent convention and it will cost money. They are not agents or casting directors and there is nothing to audition for as they cast no roles of any kind. Their home page tells you they are a convention / showcase. Generally… anyone claiming to make your kid a star is a giant red flag. Also, generally, talent agents DO NOT plaster Disney & Nick promo / show title pictures, aimed at kids, across their site…. especially when they are not affiliated with them.

  15. Veeda

    ** correction on typo:

    The Undiscovered Group and IPOP kept saying that the kids would be signed if chosen by agencies. Now the information that you have provided regarding american agents signing Canadian actors has cleared a lot in my head. But are you familiar with IPOP are they a scam themselves or is it worth it to try?
    I am with ACTRA, but was never aware of American agents not being able to sign Canadians (living in Canada, not the USA).


  16. Veeda

    Erica…. THANK YOU!!!!
    I have connections in Toronto and Vancouver. Calgary not so much. The agency I was with here barely contacted me, when I would request to audition for roles. All I got were extra parts for some television series. So back to homeland Toronto it is.
    I want to move to California (always been my dream to live there). I do plan to move there one day.

    Thank you for this information. I know that living there for 6mos-12mos is more realistic when obtaining an agent, get auditions and be there for call backs, rather than flying out every time.

    The Undiscovered Group and IPOP kept saying that the kids would be signed if chosen by agencies. Now tour information has cleared a lot in my head. But are you familiar with IPOP are they a scam themselves or is it worth it to try?

    Thank you again. 🙂

  17. Veeda

    Sorry I forgot to mention… After the 1st audition, we got the call back. They signed my son, but it was for acting classes (workshop) and doing a showcase for IPOP Agents (2 scouts which I have read from their site just now that 2 scouts were actually a modelling photographer and network assistant!) And 1 lady is from IPOP (registered IPOP agent).
    For 4wks (on weekends) They did the workshops and we were told they would be doing a big showcase in the city. Well the “showcase” was in the same room of the workshops (conference room in a hotel). 30kids ages 4-28 I believe. For the 3 judges. And this showcase was to see if you would be selected for IPOP…. Not Disney, not nickelodeon, nor any other child or TV network. The coach was a struggling actor himself whom I have yet to find any info on IMDB or any site crediting his work/or any roles.

    Matter of fact I haven’t found anyone whose claimed they are actors anywhere online.
    The owner of UTG is a man named Brandon. He was present the first 2 days when they began the auditions (radio/Facebook ads for the open casting calls).
    Sorry my msg is all over the place. I’ve alreqy paid $$$$ for the workshops which I was under the impression my son was already signed with Disney…. Not UTG, or needing to audition again for anyone or IPOP. I’m confused just as you might be from reading my msg. I’m sorry for this.

    But any info. Is much appreciated. They called us back and said only 12 were chosen (conference room showcase ), but I think more were offered the trip to LA in Jan.
    Originally there were roughly 500 participants. They called back and only 31 were selected. Then the showcase and they said only 12 made it. But my heart is saying more (from reading and investigating more).
    If anyone knows information’s regarding IPOP, UTG, John Robert Powers…… PLEASE I beg of you…… Please help provide me with info/guidance.

    I don’t want to crush my boys heart.
    Tnx again, a worried mum.

    1. erica

      Canada has a large entertainment industry and it’s own union. Since you are not a US citizen/resident, you are not allowed to actually work in the US… which means US companies and casting directors cannot hire you. Any agents at the event are paid to be there, they are not there scouting for new talent. In California it is illegal for agents or casting directors to even accept resumes, headshots, etc. at these types of events. If they are licensed and caught doing so, they will lose their license. If they are SAG, they will lose their franchise…

      Here is the paragraph from SAG…. If you are asked to pay a fee or give any form of compensation to audition for a casting director, producer, agent, manager, or anyone else that has any input into the hiring process, please contact (number removed, see link) to report the incident. This includes workshop-style situations where a casting director watches your scene or monologue, offers no meaningful critique or feedback, and is presented as someone looking for actors for “current and upcoming projects.” This becomes a paid audition, which is against SAG-AFTRA rules.


      Since your child cannot legally work in the US (US casting directors are not going to risk jail time to pay someone under the table, just to be nice.), you need to start with Canadian talent agencies, check with ACTRA, the Canadian talent union for a list of franchised talent agents….

      If you are coming from Canada to LA hoping to land a talent agent, you may want to think about how feasible that even is… if you could get the work papers needed to work in the US. Getting an agent is just the first step. Once you have an agent they send you to auditions. An LA agent doesn’t do much good unless you live in LA. It is not uncommon to attend 50+ auditions to land 1 job and parents I know who do this with their kids spend 2 to 3 days a week running around town auditioning, most of which are really short notice…. i.e. can you be here this afternoon? Living in Canada, there is no way to even attend those auditions… so again, may want to try local agents first.

  18. Veeda

    First off I would like to say thank you All for sharing your great and unfortunate experiences with us. Providing us information helping prevent another family becoming victims of fraud.

    I recently had auditions in Calgary AB (Canada), with UndiscovetedTalentGroup (UTG). They had Facebook and radio ads stating auditions were for Disney Channel. I went with my son (7 yrs old).
    We thought the auditions were at 1:00pm, private. But once we got there, it was a cattle call. Hundreds of people in a small conference room, children hoping to catch their big break.
    We got a call back for the 2nd audition. And they wanted him for IPOP. Researching, I found that IPOP is associated with John Robert Powers. (Not impressed) but it seems as though the kids we watch from Disney Channel started with IPOP.

    Has anyone else done IPOP? I know he has talent, he’s great! But they want me to pay $6,900 for hotel, entry fee to the showcase (+$500 for each category he is to compete in).
    I’m so lost. I know its too good to be true, chances of agents signing kids at this are slim to none I’m assuming. No guarantees.

    But is it worth the $, to go from Canada to LA, pay almost 10K to IPOP for a showcase, they demand us use their photographer for photos (we did and my iPhone takes better photos). Images were untouched, poor lighting, etc.
    Is this a scam? Or are they legit?!?!

    I have unt DEC 19 to pay. They took $1000 deposit already. For registration. But I’m hesitant to continue after reading these reviews on other scams.

    I’ve been in TV I have an agency and just applied yo audition and made the callbacks and got paid. I only pay $160 a yr for website and administration fees. But I’m new to the child acting business. If this is or is not the way to get kids an agent. Does IPOP really do good for kids, or are they scammers like JRP?

    Please advise… Any information is very much appreciated!

    Kind regards, a worried mum.

  19. kay

    They are at it again! auditions at The sheraton Hotel capitol Ballroom on Saturday the 19th, in Nashville TN. IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, PLEASE ATTEND AND STOP AS MANY FAMILIES AS POSSIBLE FROM BEING SCAMMED !

  20. Maria

    My boys both had an audition tonight in Naples FL for celebrity experiences as we are getting ready for bed, I get a call that my oldest made the cut and was told that I need at least a down payment of 500.00 to start either a 3, 5 or 6 day training program.. Does anyone have any input on this Company? Very confused mother.

    1. visitor

      Their website explains exactly what they do… They are not casting directors or agents, they sell “celebrity experience” packages which include tours, a red carpet experience, dance party and other stuff designed to make kids feel like celebrities… or at least that’s what I got from the website. It is an event that has a fee.

  21. red

    Iscout/ Talent ARE IN BOSTON THIS WEEKEND AUG 29-30, 2015.
    Did you get the email below too?
    From address is : (removed)

    Hello Performer,

    We are so excited to hear that you are going to attend our talent audition for actors and models in the Boston area. Talent is a commercial networking service granted to only a select few who meet industry standards through live evaluations by an talent Talent Advisor. Talent provides thousands of castings and auditions for Feature Films, Soaps and Sitcoms, TV Shows and Modeling.

    The Boston Audition for talent is:

    Date: August 29th, 2015
    Time: 10:00 AM
    Location: (removed)

    The audition will be held in the hotel Ballroom. Please follow audition signs.

    Here are a few things to remember –
    • Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Doors close at your audition time.
    • Please note that any child under 18 will not be allowed to audition without being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian ONLY.
    • A state ID is required of EVERY ADULT in order to enter the audition.
    • Only children and members of the immediate family (up to 2 legal guardians per family) will be allowed to audition. Extended family members will not be permitted to enter the audition.
    • Bring a non-returnable photo.
    • Dress in upscale casual attire…no flip-flops.
    • The audition will last approximately one hour and thirty minutes to two hours.
    • Come with a smile, lots of energy, and excitement.


    Get on I-90 E from Crafts St and Washington St. Head northeast on Watertown St toward Walnut St. Slight right onto Crafts St. Turn left onto Washington St. Continue straight to stay on Washington St. Continue straight onto St James St. Take the Mass. Turnpike ramp to Boston.
    (Toll road), drive to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike. Merge onto I-90 E. (Toll road). Take exit 18 on the left toward Cambridge (Partial toll road). Turn left onto the ramp to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Partial toll road). Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W/Worcester and merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road) follow and you will shortly arrive at your destination.

    Head northeast on Reservoir Ave toward Lee Rd. Continue to Chestnut Hill Driveway.
    Turn right onto Beacon St. Turn left onto Chestnut Hill Driveway. Follow Chestnut Hill Driveway to Commonwealth Avenue. Turn right to stay on Chestnut Hill Driveway. Continue straight to stay on Chestnut Hill Driveway. Continue on Commonwealth Avenue. Drive to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton. Turn right onto Commonwealth Avenue. Turn left onto Allston St. Turn right onto Brighton Ave. Turn left onto Harvard Ave. Turn right onto Cambridge St. Take the Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W ramp to Worcester (Toll road). Merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road) follow and you will shortly arrive at your destination.

    Get on I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston from Harvard St and Putnam Ave. Head southwest on Ellery St toward Broadway. Turn right onto Harvard St. Turn left onto Bow St.
    Slight left onto Dewolfe St. Take the 1st left onto Mt Auburn St. Turn right onto Putnam Ave.
    Turn right onto Western Ave. Turn left onto Soldiers Field Rd. Take the I-90 ramp (Toll road).
    Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W/Worcester and merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road). Merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road) follow and you will shortly arrive at your destination.

    Get on I-90 E in Newton from Elm St, High St and Cherry St. Head east on Main St toward Elm St. Take the 1st right onto Elm St. Turn left onto Pine St. Turn right onto Newton St.
    Turn left onto High St. Slight right onto Cherry St/Joyce Rd. Continue to follow Cherry St.
    Turn right onto Washington St. Keep left to continue toward I-90 E. Turn left onto the ramp to Boston/Mass Pike. Drive to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike. Merge onto I-90 E (Partial toll road). Take exit 18 on the left toward Cambridge (Partial toll road). Turn left onto the ramp to I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Partial toll road). Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W/Worcester and merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Turnpike (Toll road) follow and you will shortly arrive at your destination.

    Ages 4 – 8 Years


    Ages 9 – 12 Years


    Ages 13 – 17 Female


    Ages 13 – 17 Male


    Female Ages 18 +


    Male Ages 18+


    1. Trying to Find Info

      We got this exact email (except for the location). My daughter is supposedly one of 20-30 to get called back out of 1200. Jennifer ??? (Actress who plays the Scraggle toothed nanny from Jessie) was there. We will go to the audition tomorrow to see what they have to say, but they too want $2000-$8000 depending on the plan chosen. I find it odd that I can not find any email addresses, website info, addresses, or phone numbers for “Talent.” There wasn’t even any of this info on the paperwork that they presented to us. Red flag? I will definitely be asking them some questions.

  22. Questioning Teen

    Okay, so I go to Barbizon acting school and through them, I’ve competed in competitions. The last one I did, I got callbacks and I’ve been in touch with 2 places still. One, Cleri Models, wants to sigh me. I don’t have any real questions or concerns about them, but the other place is Plaza 7 Talent in King of Prussia PA. They haven’t said anything about wanting to sign me, but they pretty much said they want to work with me, but they want me to take a few classes with a man named Jimmy Carr to get more commercial and tv experience practice. She said he’d work with me on camera and stuff, but It’s $50 a lesson and they want me to take 8. I feel like this is a scam, but I’m not sure because they make it sound so real. The lessons would be at their place in KOP and that’s what’s making me think it’s more of a scam then something that will actually help me. I just don’t know if I should even bother with them or if I should just go and work with Cleri solely. Advice?

  23. Kirby Whitt

    Does anyone know anything about “The Industry Network”? I got an audition and with them, then a call back, and now I was accepted, but they want some money now to start with getting me some scripts, monologues, and coaching? What do you guys think.

  24. Jen Rogers

    this company had a sign up through a mall. You’re than notified through text of a date to come for audition which consists of walking on a runway and an interview. Then if interested they have you come back the next day for a $150 photo shoot. Where you get the pictures! I’ve googled them can’t find any complaints and they only really come up once on Google as the actual site! Not sure if I should bother with this!

  25. Pissed OFF Parents!

    BE WARNED OTTAWA, ONTARIO! THE ABOVE MENTIONED ARE ALL THE SAME COMPANY M&T TALENT ADVISERS! If you’ve heard it on the radio and you’ve gotten a script for Lifesavers and Raisin Bran, then stay at home. Don’t waste your time or money. Read the ABOVE! These low life, scum suckers only want to take your money. They do not care about your child or their future! Only your pocket book! I did my homework and am glad that I am saving my child from heart ache so I thank all these parents especially Saddened Dad for the information! These people pray on peoples hopes and dreams. These things cannot be bought! Best wishes for your hopes and dreams in your future, just don’t look here.

    1. alejandra

      Thank you! All of you that share your time en experiences, they are now in Houston Texas!
      My children were excited but, thanks to you we are now sure that we were gong to make a huge mistake..
      This company M&T Advisor is on the radio invinting to auditions only by appoiment…and we get the same email you got after calling!
      Thank you sadden dad! thank you! thank you!

    2. Martin

      This is crazy. I’m in California, there are agencies that take babies. Have you seen babies on t.v., movies and print ads. Yes. You don’t need to pay someone to get your kid a work permit, trust account, agent, or manager. I did that on my own.

  26. amanda

    warning……they will be in Charlotte, NC at the Omni hotel this saturday January 31, 2015. save yourselves the heartache, time and money!

  27. Travis

    “Modeling and Talent” is advertising on Orlando Florida radio stations for an event at the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando Airport this Saturday Jan 17th at 1130am. Please read the horror stories about this group and do not fall for it. We should all call the radio stations (101.9 is one) and the hotel to complain, or even show up and warn parents.


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