Disney Auditions and Nickelodeon Auditions – How the Scam Works

So, you have a kid that wants to be on the Disney Channel?

Here is info about how Disney Channel auditions work and how to prevent your kid and yourself being taken advantage by those that see dollar signs in your child’s dream of being a Disney star.

The Disney Audition pitch (from people who have nothing to do with Disney, Disney Channel, Disney+ or any subsidiary)

Just about every kid from Canada, the U.S. and all the way to Australia would love to be a Disney Channel star. Most kids watch the shows and say “I can do that too”, and maybe they can.

Scammers everywhere know this and have created scams that play on those dreams. They run ads online, in papers and on the radio aimed at getting these people to attend their events in an attempt to separate them from their money.

Is it legal? Yes. Here’s why.

You are driving with your kids and a radio ad comes on saying “Does your child want to be a Disney Channel Star? Auditions are being held this weekend. Call some number and book your slot”.

What you hear in the quick 30 second sales pitch is “Disney Channel Audition”. What they actually said was “Does your child want to be a Disney Star?” They never actually say that this is an audition for Disney. None of these so called auditions are affiliated with the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. They are held in places far from the actual Disney Studios in Burbank.

It is a classic ‘bait and switch’ sales tactic. They lure people to these events dropping the Disney brand. After people call the number, they are given a time and place to go. They make it sound very real by telling the parents to bring photos and to dress up as if to meet real casting directors. Some of these groups go as far as booking convention rooms at Disneyland resorts or hotels just to make it look more legit and connected with Disney.

These events draw thousands of hopefuls and once there the entire room gets a sales pitch of how their children can be rich and famous. Each family will meet with a sales person who will use a title like ‘talent scout’ or something that sounds meaningful in Hollywood. The sales person (‘talent scout’, ‘casting agent’, ‘talent director’, ‘whatever’) will then take the child in for an ‘evaluation’. To make it look more legit they may have the child read a few lines, pose, or do something to demonstrate their talent. They will go on and explain that only a small percentage of children are good enough for them and miraculously, your child is perfect, except… for a lack of training, a portfolio and whatever else they would like to sell you.

This is where the hard pitch begins. They tell you that your child has all the potential to be the next big Disney star, but only if they take some very expensive acting classes from them, buy an expensive portfolio, or a number of other services they are trying to push. They never come out and actually say they  “are casting for Disney”  because that would be fraud. But they play on words to make you believe that they are somehow affiliated with Disney or Nickelodeon. They often drop Disney star names and even pay ex Disney stars to attend these events.

The cost? thousands. How much they tell you it will cost depends on how much money they think you have. People have reported being asked to pay $2000 to $8000 at the same event for the same services.

Why the price discrepancy? Because the so called “talent scouts” are nothing more than commissioned sales people who wouldn’t know talent if it fell on their heads. They make their living off commissions from sales, they push whatever they think you are willing or capable of paying so they make something off of you… the sucker. These commissioned sales people masquerading as “talent scouts” can make as much as 40% of the sale, so getting you to sign a $5000 contract puts $2000 in their personal pocket.

These one-on-one evaluations are usually nothing more than the sales people evaluating the parents for financial means. They look at the clothes the parents are wearing and other factors to decide which package to try to sell.

Just like other hard sales pitches, they add a time constraint. They try to get you to make a decision on the spot by claiming that this opportunity will go to another kid if you do not do it NOW! Why the time constraint? Simple, they do not want you to go home and think about it, ask your friends or do your research.

These scams work well for the scammers. If only 50 people of the 1000 actually go for it, that is a 1 day profit of over $100,000 for them… not bad. Once they hooked you in and you actually pay for whatever inferior service they are pitching, they have a entire line up of other services to sell you later. Some people have complained that they were out over $30,000 over this. These companies also have solid contracts that make it difficult to cancel or get a refund after you have signed up.

Once they get the first payment, you feel invested and they make you feel like paying for this, that and the other will make your kid a star.

Protect yourself!

Disney Channel never runs ads on the radio or ads of any kind for sites other then their own websites.  Recently, Disney lawyers even got involved after numerous consumer complaints but there are just too many companies doing this and their lawyers can’t go after them all. Even if they get shut down, they re-open right away under a different name.

Real auditions for Disney Channel never have any fees! They will never sell classes, conventions or make promises of fame and fortune. There are millions of kids with dreams of Disney stardom, the reality is that there is only room for a handful in the few Disney shows airing.

If your child wants to act, stay away from anyone promising a fast track to fame – THERE IS NONE, unless you are related to Hollywood producers or Will Smith. Get your kids some reasonably priced acting classes to start and take it from there.

you can also read these articles http://sethkoenig.bangordailynews.com/2012/01/06/whats-happening/attorney-general-warns-about-supposed-disney-auditions-in-portland/

In Florida, where many of these are held, a Disney Channel spokesman had this to say…

“Disney Channel is not affiliated with any acting school or acting workshop, and has not authorized a talent search in Jacksonville, Florida,” said Patti McTeague.

“Disney hires talent two ways, through agents or an authorized casting call,” she added.


Officials also had this to say “Disney Channel television movies cast principal roles in Los Angeles, usually from within the Disney ranks” – what that means is they cast actors they have already worked with for leads in new shows.


You  can also read Disney Auditions on the  Radio

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227 thoughts on “Disney Auditions and Nickelodeon Auditions – How the Scam Works

  1. zeya

    I’m 10 years old and I watch a lot of Disney+ movies and shows. I have a dream to be a Disney actress.

  2. Precious

    Hi am Precious. I was a actor in my country but when coronavirus came in l stopped acting but I am free, and l can act because I always wanted to act in USA.

  3. Derrick

    Ok hey everyone, I am Derrick I know that so many kids signed up for this and I also know not everyone will get it. I do believe anyone can get it and am grateful for auditioning I know I might get it or not but I know anyone can make it and I’ll be happy for those who get the opportunity.
    Am 15 years old and done with high school. I sing well, mostly in the shower thanks.

  4. Wiam Laghzaouni

    Hi my name is Wiam, acting has been something that I wished I will try it one day. When I was a child I watched a lot of movies and series. I have been growing up watching movies so yeah I wish I would be in a movie. Trying this new experience, in this life, enjoying each minute.

  5. Tad Parker

    This article sounds a lot like an online audition my daughter went through last night with Casting Calls LLC. Other than their Facebook page, (castingcallinc) I’m having a hard time finding much out about them. Anyway, but we got the callback an hour later and the follow-up audition is today. I WANT to believe this company is legit, but I’m getting the willies here. Can anyone confirm or deny my suspicions?

    1. erica Post author

      If it’s too good to be true…it is. The industry does not work this way but scammers rely on people not actually knowing that.

  6. Luke Smithson

    Music is my passion! I have grown up knowing how to work hard and I love listening and making music. I will work harder than anyone if I get an audition or get cast. I am happy with whatever happens but I would love to start gaining some experience!

  7. Ana Herrera Zavala

    It doesn’t matter who you are. I want to have my own show, top 10, there’s a girl a Mexican girl and she did her own show from iHeartRadio And Disney Channel. I want to be popular like Debby Ryan she was at doing actor from Jessie. I’m eighteen I live in Tacoma close to Seattle. My hair it’s brown or black my eyes are brown.

  8. Mia ancira

    My name is Mia. I love to act and dance and sing they are one of my 3 favorite hobbies. I always wanted to be a movie Star and I’m here to accomplish my dream.

  9. Darien Fleck

    Hello, my name is Darien Fleck. I’m a female and I’m 14 about to turn 15. Acting as always been in my head. I’ve wanted to do I think since I was little and I’ve done a couple theater shows at my school. I have also done competitive dance since I was very little. I love dancing and acting and I would live to be a part of the Disney channel set. I want to start somewhere so I thought his would he Thebes perfect place to do so. I love being in front of the camera doing what I’ve been taught to do and so many Disney channel stars have really inspired me to want to continue my passion for acting. I would love to get the chance to audition, it’d mean the world to me. I hope you consider me, for an up coming 2019-2020 show. thank you!

    1. Darien Fleck

      sorry about the spelling mistakes :/ I didn’t see them!

  10. Alexandra Felix

    Hi my name is Alexandra Felix and I really want to start acting for money and for the fun of it.
    Name: Alexandra
    Last name: Felix Ireland
    skin: white/ caucasion
    State: Utah
    City: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Age: 12, 13 in September
    Birthday: September 25th
    Those are some of the facts about me and one of the shows. I’ve always wanted to audition for was Andi Mack and they film in Utah so that’ll work and I’m also 12th cousins with Walt Disney and since he made movies I also want to follow in his footsteps just like him and be the star of the show. So please let me know if I can act near me.


    1. danajia pittman

      Hello I’m Danajia Pittman and have always Been A Fan Of Disney. I Always Wanted to act and bring something new to the table. I’m 17 Years Old I Live In Rocky mount North Carolina. I Have short Brown Hair And Brow Eyes. I’m 5’3, But, I don’t Really Feel That Short haha! My Birthday Is Jun 11. Love To Express Myself through color Things Like With Color Hairstyles I Love The Boldness, I Love Good Energy And Positive Waves But When It Comes To working, I’m All About My Business.

    2. Woody Allen

      Hi Alexandra, My name is Allen (search me up) I have connections, let me know very soon. I know a movie who needs 12-14 yrs old for this movie PLEASE LET NE KNOW.

      1. Naomi Edemidiong

        Hi my name is Naomi, I have always wanted to be an actress but every time I sign up for a site it always comes with a price. so if anyone could please help me it would be greatly appreciated.

        1. erica Post author

          Please read the article. It tells you what to watch out for.

        2. Josh Douglas

          Hello! My name is Josh Douglas. I am signed with a legit talent agency. I AM NOT A TALENT AGENT. I am just an actor and model. If you are looking to act or model you need to sign with a legit talent agency. They will help you book jobs and maybe even a spot on Disney channel one day.

  11. Alex Thon

    Age 9
    Hair black
    Eye brown
    Hey, I’ve always wanted to be on Disney channel and now I think it’s time.

    1. Alexandra Felix

      hi my name is Alexandra Felix and I’m 12 years old and I really want to act on Disney channel. Plus my twelfth cousin is Walt Disney and I’ve also wanted to audition for the Disney Channel series Andi Mack again this is Alexandra Felix from SLC, Utah

  12. Mia Bella

    My name is Mia Bella Merritt, I was born to be a star. I’ve been modeling and acting every moment of my life since I was born. I’m a character. I will be the next Hannah Montana/ I Carly/ victorious/ Zoey 101/ etc….. it’s just me. I am 11 years old with an outstanding vocabulary and impeccable pronunciation with a cute voice. I have midback multidimensional level 6 and 7 browns same length straight silky smooth hair, (my moms a master cosmetologist). My eyes are amber:gold/my moms inspiration for my hair! I’m 5’2 and 68 pounds. Light-med complexion on the olive side I guess? There’s no pink in my skin, but it is light. I have beautiful Italian/America facial features that people literally go pay for and get plastic surgery! I’m naturally like a doll. My dream is just to make money doing what I do all the time anyway, be in a character.

    1. lol

      Ma’am, I’m sorry to say, but you’re a Mary Sue.

  13. Eleora Muekia

    HI MY NAME IS Eleora Muekia. I’m 14 and I am from Papua New Guinea. I want to be a Disney or nickelodeon actress. I’m good at singing as well. No one in my country got to be a Hollywood star so I’m wishing to be the 1st. PLEASE MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! PS we’re 9 in the family and I’m hoping this will benefit my family, PLEASE READ THIS!

  14. Brian maina

    Hi my name is Brian. I love acting. It has been my dream to be a nickelodeon actor. All that I am saying is that you may help me fulfill my dream. May the good lord bless you.

    1. Bianca Renee Harrington

      Hi my name is Bianca Harrington and I have always wanted to act but one day that dream almost came true. My mom was on Facebook as usual and found an ad but it was real. It was about auditioning for Disney and Nick it was held on that Saturday which btw made me cry happy tears. but the night before I still didn’t get an email to go after I had practiced my lines for weeks I was super bummed out. But turns out the only reason I did not go was because the Hollywood directors has to cancel for another day so, I still have a chance.
      Name:Bianca Renee Harrington
      Weight:86 pounds
      Height: 4’9 I think
      Birthday: September 24, 2009
      Age: 9 my birthday is next month

  15. Tamarauebi Wodu

    Hello my name is victory and I’ve always dreamed of being on Disney or nickelodeon. I feel I would play a good role in Descendants because I love singing and also I have a passion for acting. I hope you choose me and by the way I’m 11 yrs old.

  16. Dorothy Adofowaa

    Hi I’m Dorothy and in Ghana West Africa. I can sing and act. I would really love it if nickelodeon gave me a chance to display my talents and bring out my best.

  17. Blax

    I had a “free trial” that I could never seem to get into. After they “fixed” it, I did make the mistake of paying for a subscription. AGAIN, problems logging in, not receiving emails, etc. I actually tried a different email address as a “free trial”.
    HMMM? I’m getting all kinds of emails to that address because they want me to join!
    I reached out to customer support only to get a reply that I can not use .edu or .gov email addresses. They should be from providers “such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook.” I responded that I wasn’t using .edu or .gov addresses and WAS using one of the suggested providers. I demanded that because they couldn’t fix their issues and we have not been able to participate in the advertised services, I wanted a refund.
    It was denied.

  18. Emmanuel Stridiron

    My name is Emmanuel Stridiron. I am 16 year old. I wanted to be in Disney and on nickelodeon. I want to show my amazing talent. I have to act out in school and play music like piano, Bass, saxophone, drums and many more so I hope I get in.

  19. ogunmola

    I really want to be in Nickelodeon. I am 12 years old and am in 6th grade. I want to be in Nickelodeon because I can act, sing, dance and I hope I will get a good response.

  20. Aliya Bastien

    Please.. I’m a ten year old. I’m going to 5th grade and I’m in drama, plays,and dance. I also sing I wish I was on Disney chanel.

  21. Poppy Benkins

    My dad is a millionaire and will pay anything for me, even a million dollars.

    1. erica Post author

      That’s what the Disney audition scams want, lot’s of money. Problem is that money does not actually buy you a Disney TV show role. Actors, even the Disney kids need stuff money can’t buy such as experience on stage and in productions. You do not need money to join community theaters, school plays, indie productions, student films, etc.

  22. Poppy Benkins

    I’m a girl and I can sing, dance, act and I got top of the class in drama. I’m 13 years old and I LOVE Disney. I’m the best choice.

  23. Poppy Benkins

    I hope I get picked. I’m poppy benkins and I signed up.

  24. Crazy corona

    Hi I am 11 years old and I have a great voice. I want this money to help my family and the poor, giving them a meal with my family behind my back.

  25. David Olanipekun

    Hi my name is David from Nigeria, I have always loved and enjoyed acting and have always dreamed of becoming an actor one day, what better choice than Nickelodeon and Disney shows. I am 14 and full of great skills.

  26. Legend ogunjulugbe

    Hello my name is Legend. I am 12 years old. I was born in England but I live in Nigeria with my parents. We moved from England and we came to Nigeria.

  27. thoko

    My name is Thokozani and I love Disney channel for life, love it, and would like to audition for Disney.

  28. Adam

    Hello my Name is Adam Ramirez and I am looking forward to improve my acting, singing, and dancing skills. By doing this I will have to play a part in shows and Disney is my number one choice to do it on. I love Disney! I can’t possibly think of a world without him. My goal isn’t to become famous but to improve my skills for the better. Maybe I might make a song that changes the view of people. Who knows?

  29. nadia aslam

    My daughter was harassed in Disney auditions held in Dubai today and a boy was repeatedly slapped. I have called the police.. they should be ashamed of themselves.

  30. nadia

    my daughter was harassed in disney auditions held in dubai today and a boy was repeatedly slapped ..i have called the police .. they should be ashamed of themselves


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