Disney Auditions and Nickelodeon auditions – how the scam works

Just about every kid from Canada, the U.S. and all the way to Australia would love to be a Disney Channel star. Most kids watch the shows and say “I can do that too”, and maybe they can.

Scammers everywhere know this and have created scams that play on those dreams. They run ads online, in papers and on the radio aimed at getting these people to attend their events in an attempt to separate them from their money.

Is it legal? Yes. Here’s why.

You are driving with your kids and a radio ad comes on saying “Does your child want to be a Disney Channel Star? Auditions are being held this weekend. Call some number and book your slot”.

What you hear in the quick 30 second sales pitch is “Disney Channel Audition”. What they actually said was “Does your child want to be a Disney Star?” They never actually say that this is an audition for Disney. None of these so called auditions are affiliated with the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. They are held in places far from the actual Disney Studios in Burbank.

It is a classic ‘bait and switch’ sales tactic. They lure people to these events dropping the Disney brand. After people call the number, they are given a time and place to go. They make it sound very real by telling the parents to bring photos and to dress up as if to meet real casting directors. Some of these groups go as far as booking convention rooms at Disneyland resorts or hotels just to make it look more legit and connected with Disney.

These events draw thousands of hopefuls and once there the entire room gets a sales pitch of how their children can be rich and famous. Each family will meet with a sales person who will use a title like ‘talent scout’ or something that sounds meaningful in Hollywood. The sales person (‘talent scout’, ‘casting agent’, ‘talent director’, ‘whatever’) will then take the child in for an ‘evaluation’. To make it look more legit they may have the child read a few lines, pose, or do something to demonstrate their talent. They will go on and explain that only a small percentage of children are good enough for them and miraculously, your child is perfect, except… for a lack of training, a portfolio and whatever else they would like to sell you.

This is where the hard pitch begins. They tell you that your child has all the potential to be the next big Disney star, but only if they take some very expensive acting classes from them, buy an expensive portfolio, or a number of other services they are trying to push. They never come out and actually say they  “are casting for Disney”  because that would be fraud. But they play on words to make you believe that they are somehow affiliated with Disney or Nickelodeon. They often drop Disney star names and even pay ex Disney stars to attend these events.

The cost? thousands. How much they tell you it will cost depends on how much money they think you have. People have reported being asked to pay $2000 to $8000 at the same event for the same services.

Why the price discrepancy? Because the so called “talent scouts” are nothing more than commissioned sales people who wouldn’t know talent if it fell on their heads. They make their living off commissions from sales, they push whatever they think you are willing or capable of paying so they make something off of you… the sucker. These commissioned sales people masquerading as “talent scouts” can make as much as 40% of the sale, so getting you to sign a $5000 contract puts $2000 in their personal pocket.

These one-on-one evaluations are usually nothing more than the sales people evaluating the parents for financial means. They look at the clothes the parents are wearing and other factors to decide which package to try to sell.

Just like other hard sales pitches, they add a time constraint. They try to get you to make a decision on the spot by claiming that this opportunity will go to another kid if you do not do it NOW! Why the time constraint? Simple, they do not want you to go home and think about it, ask your friends or do your research.

These scams work well for the scammers. If only 50 people of the 1000 actually go for it, that is a 1 day profit of over $100,000 for them… not bad. Once they hooked you in and you actually pay for whatever inferior service they are pitching, they have a entire line up of other services to sell you later. Some people have complained that they were out over $30,000 over this. These companies also have solid contracts that make it difficult to cancel or get a refund after you have signed up.

Once they get the first payment, you feel invested and they make you feel like paying for this, that and the other will make your kid a star.

Protect yourself!

Disney Channel never runs ads on the radio or ads of any kind for sites other then their own websites.  Recently, Disney lawyers even got involved after numerous consumer complaints but there are just too many companies doing this and their lawyers can’t go after them all. Even if they get shut down, they re-open right away under a different name.

Real auditions for Disney Channel never have any fees! They will never sell classes, conventions or make promises of fame and fortune. There are millions of kids with dreams of Disney stardom, the reality is that there is only room for a handful in the few Disney shows airing.

If your child wants to act, stay away from anyone promising a fast track to fame – THERE IS NONE, unless you are related to Hollywood producers or Will Smith. Get your kids some reasonably priced acting classes to start and take it from there.

you can also read these articles http://sethkoenig.bangordailynews.com/2012/01/06/whats-happening/attorney-general-warns-about-supposed-disney-auditions-in-portland/

In Florida, where many of these are held, a Disney Channel spokesman had this to say…

“Disney Channel is not affiliated with any acting school or acting workshop, and has not authorized a talent search in Jacksonville, Florida,” said Patti McTeague.

“Disney hires talent two ways, through agents or an authorized casting call,” she added.


Officials also had this to say “Disney Channel television movies cast principal roles in Los Angeles, usually from within the Disney ranks” – what that means is they cast actors they have already worked with for leads in new shows.


You  can also read Disney Auditions on the  Radio

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218 thoughts on “Disney Auditions and Nickelodeon auditions – how the scam works

  1. Precious

    Hi am Precious. I was a actor in my country but when coronavirus came in l stopped acting but I am free, and l can act because I always wanted to act in USA.

  2. Luke Smithson

    Music is my passion! I have grown up knowing how to work hard and I love listening and making music. I will work harder than anyone if I get an audition or get cast. I am happy with whatever happens but I would love to start gaining some experience!

  3. Ana Herrera Zavala

    It doesn’t matter who you are. I want to have my own show, top 10, there’s a girl a Mexican girl and she did her own show from iHeartRadio And Disney Channel. I want to be popular like Debby Ryan she was at doing actor from Jessie. I’m eighteen I live in Tacoma close to Seattle. My hair it’s brown or black my eyes are brown.

  4. Mia ancira

    My name is Mia. I love to act and dance and sing they are one of my 3 favorite hobbies. I always wanted to be a movie Star and I’m here to accomplish my dream.

  5. Darien Fleck

    Hello, my name is Darien Fleck. I’m a female and I’m 14 about to turn 15. Acting as always been in my head. I’ve wanted to do I think since I was little and I’ve done a couple theater shows at my school. I have also done competitive dance since I was very little. I love dancing and acting and I would live to be a part of the Disney channel set. I want to start somewhere so I thought his would he Thebes perfect place to do so. I love being in front of the camera doing what I’ve been taught to do and so many Disney channel stars have really inspired me to want to continue my passion for acting. I would love to get the chance to audition, it’d mean the world to me. I hope you consider me, for an up coming 2019-2020 show. thank you!

    1. Darien Fleck

      sorry about the spelling mistakes :/ I didn’t see them!

  6. Alexandra Felix

    Hi my name is Alexandra Felix and I really want to start acting for money and for the fun of it.
    Name: Alexandra
    Last name: Felix Ireland
    skin: white/ caucasion
    State: Utah
    City: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Age: 12, 13 in September
    Birthday: September 25th
    Those are some of the facts about me and one of the shows. I’ve always wanted to audition for was Andi Mack and they film in Utah so that’ll work and I’m also 12th cousins with Walt Disney and since he made movies I also want to follow in his footsteps just like him and be the star of the show. So please let me know if I can act near me.


    1. danajia pittman

      Hello I’m Danajia Pittman and have always Been A Fan Of Disney. I Always Wanted to act and bring something new to the table. I’m 17 Years Old I Live In Rocky mount North Carolina. I Have short Brown Hair And Brow Eyes. I’m 5’3, But, I don’t Really Feel That Short haha! My Birthday Is Jun 11. Love To Express Myself through color Things Like With Color Hairstyles I Love The Boldness, I Love Good Energy And Positive Waves But When It Comes To working, I’m All About My Business.

    2. Woody Allen

      Hi Alexandra, My name is Allen (search me up) I have connections, let me know very soon. I know a movie who needs 12-14 yrs old for this movie PLEASE LET NE KNOW.

      1. Naomi Edemidiong

        Hi my name is Naomi, I have always wanted to be an actress but every time I sign up for a site it always comes with a price. so if anyone could please help me it would be greatly appreciated.

        1. erica Post author

          Please read the article. It tells you what to watch out for.

        2. Josh Douglas

          Hello! My name is Josh Douglas. I am signed with a legit talent agency. I AM NOT A TALENT AGENT. I am just an actor and model. If you are looking to act or model you need to sign with a legit talent agency. They will help you book jobs and maybe even a spot on Disney channel one day.

  7. Alex Thon

    Age 9
    Hair black
    Eye brown
    Hey, I’ve always wanted to be on Disney channel and now I think it’s time.

    1. Alexandra Felix

      hi my name is Alexandra Felix and I’m 12 years old and I really want to act on Disney channel. Plus my twelfth cousin is Walt Disney and I’ve also wanted to audition for the Disney Channel series Andi Mack again this is Alexandra Felix from SLC, Utah

  8. Mia Bella

    My name is Mia Bella Merritt, I was born to be a star. I’ve been modeling and acting every moment of my life since I was born. I’m a character. I will be the next Hannah Montana/ I Carly/ victorious/ Zoey 101/ etc….. it’s just me. I am 11 years old with an outstanding vocabulary and impeccable pronunciation with a cute voice. I have midback multidimensional level 6 and 7 browns same length straight silky smooth hair, (my moms a master cosmetologist). My eyes are amber:gold/my moms inspiration for my hair! I’m 5’2 and 68 pounds. Light-med complexion on the olive side I guess? There’s no pink in my skin, but it is light. I have beautiful Italian/America facial features that people literally go pay for and get plastic surgery! I’m naturally like a doll. My dream is just to make money doing what I do all the time anyway, be in a character.

  9. Eleora Muekia

    HI MY NAME IS Eleora Muekia. I’m 14 and I am from Papua New Guinea. I want to be a Disney or nickelodeon actress. I’m good at singing as well. No one in my country got to be a Hollywood star so I’m wishing to be the 1st. PLEASE MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! PS we’re 9 in the family and I’m hoping this will benefit my family, PLEASE READ THIS!

  10. Brian maina

    Hi my name is Brian. I love acting. It has been my dream to be a nickelodeon actor. All that I am saying is that you may help me fulfill my dream. May the good lord bless you.

    1. Bianca Renee Harrington

      Hi my name is Bianca Harrington and I have always wanted to act but one day that dream almost came true. My mom was on Facebook as usual and found an ad but it was real. It was about auditioning for Disney and Nick it was held on that Saturday which btw made me cry happy tears. but the night before I still didn’t get an email to go after I had practiced my lines for weeks I was super bummed out. But turns out the only reason I did not go was because the Hollywood directors has to cancel for another day so, I still have a chance.
      Name:Bianca Renee Harrington
      Weight:86 pounds
      Height: 4’9 I think
      Birthday: September 24, 2009
      Age: 9 my birthday is next month

  11. Tamarauebi Wodu

    Hello my name is victory and I’ve always dreamed of being on Disney or nickelodeon. I feel I would play a good role in Descendants because I love singing and also I have a passion for acting. I hope you choose me and by the way I’m 11 yrs old.

  12. Dorothy Adofowaa

    Hi I’m Dorothy and in Ghana West Africa. I can sing and act. I would really love it if nickelodeon gave me a chance to display my talents and bring out my best.

  13. Blax

    I had a “free trial” that I could never seem to get into. After they “fixed” it, I did make the mistake of paying for a subscription. AGAIN, problems logging in, not receiving emails, etc. I actually tried a different email address as a “free trial”.
    HMMM? I’m getting all kinds of emails to that address because they want me to join!
    I reached out to customer support only to get a reply that I can not use .edu or .gov email addresses. They should be from providers “such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook.” I responded that I wasn’t using .edu or .gov addresses and WAS using one of the suggested providers. I demanded that because they couldn’t fix their issues and we have not been able to participate in the advertised services, I wanted a refund.
    It was denied.

  14. Emmanuel Stridiron

    My name is Emmanuel Stridiron. I am 16 year old. I wanted to be in Disney and on nickelodeon. I want to show my amazing talent. I have to act out in school and play music like piano, Bass, saxophone, drums and many more so I hope I get in.

  15. ogunmola

    I really want to be in Nickelodeon. I am 12 years old and am in 6th grade. I want to be in Nickelodeon because I can act, sing, dance and I hope I will get a good response.

  16. Aliya Bastien

    Please.. I’m a ten year old. I’m going to 5th grade and I’m in drama, plays,and dance. I also sing I wish I was on Disney chanel.

  17. Poppy Benkins

    My dad is a millionaire and will pay anything for me, even a million dollars.

    1. erica Post author

      That’s what the Disney audition scams want, lot’s of money. Problem is that money does not actually buy you a Disney TV show role. Actors, even the Disney kids need stuff money can’t buy such as experience on stage and in productions. You do not need money to join community theaters, school plays, indie productions, student films, etc.

  18. Poppy Benkins

    I’m a girl and I can sing, dance, act and I got top of the class in drama. I’m 13 years old and I LOVE Disney. I’m the best choice.

  19. Poppy Benkins

    I hope I get picked. I’m poppy benkins and I signed up.

  20. Crazy corona

    Hi I am 11 years old and I have a great voice. I want this money to help my family and the poor, giving them a meal with my family behind my back.

  21. David Olanipekun

    Hi my name is David from Nigeria, I have always loved and enjoyed acting and have always dreamed of becoming an actor one day, what better choice than Nickelodeon and Disney shows. I am 14 and full of great skills.

  22. Legend ogunjulugbe

    Hello my name is Legend. I am 12 years old. I was born in England but I live in Nigeria with my parents. We moved from England and we came to Nigeria.

  23. thoko

    My name is Thokozani and I love Disney channel for life, love it, and would like to audition for Disney.

  24. Adam

    Hello my Name is Adam Ramirez and I am looking forward to improve my acting, singing, and dancing skills. By doing this I will have to play a part in shows and Disney is my number one choice to do it on. I love Disney! I can’t possibly think of a world without him. My goal isn’t to become famous but to improve my skills for the better. Maybe I might make a song that changes the view of people. Who knows?

  25. nadia aslam

    My daughter was harassed in Disney auditions held in Dubai today and a boy was repeatedly slapped. I have called the police.. they should be ashamed of themselves.

  26. nadia

    my daughter was harassed in disney auditions held in dubai today and a boy was repeatedly slapped ..i have called the police .. they should be ashamed of themselves

  27. Nicole

    Hey, I’m going to be there for the auditions. I got a call and see you on Saturday! 🙂

  28. Brooklynn

    please pick me. I watch girl meets world, and liv and maddie everyday. They are my favorite shows. I’ve loved acting for a long time. Its my dream. If I believe I can do it.. then I know I can. I love making quotes, and taking pictures of the sky like.. the stars or the sun set and make a quote out of it. id do anything to be an actress. I love acting. please pick me.

  29. Martin Achiya

    Hi i am a 15 yr old boy from kenya. I have always dreamed of being an actor in Disney and nickelodeon shows. This because I live with my mom and I wanted to help her one day.

  30. Ogwo Harmony

    I can dance, sing and act. In fact I am fit for this?

  31. Jen

    My son is looking to audition for rank the prank. Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  32. Raeann

    All PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH DREAMS! This is a message I sent to Child star of Disney just a moment ago. I asked her if she was a customer of Premiere for exposure or if she was a spokesperson as Premieres whole scam is to lead you to believe they put them in front of the right agents and they were discovered……

    IMPORTANT READ NOW, So I have answered my own question. The internet is amazing. Next time you see Michael from Premiere say Hi From Us! How can you knowingly get paid to promote a company that is a massive scam? Maybe you don’t know, probably not your a child. Do you know I ALMOST gave them 11,180 yesterday all at once. Luckily they couldn’t take my moms credit card from American Express. They told us to “send a cashiers check” to Phoenix Arizona for the amount and my daughter would be all set for the week at Premiere.

    Now from yesterday at 6:00 pm when we left the “Auditions ” at Hyatt had a horrible feeling in my stomach. Nauseous all evening about how to get them the cashiers check. My mother comes to the rescue today from Arizona where she is away from her home in North Dakota taking care of her dying mother, to wire transfer the money to our account. While she was doing all this for us, my little mind is whirling with question after question. Why do they need the money so fast? I always heard you don’t pay to be a star! Is this a Scam? So I started googling.

    It’s so bad I’m one of the few who was lucky enough to have an extra 24 hours to think this through. Please do your own research if you don’t believe me, but I think you already know. It’s very sad people want to bring others down to profit, my child bawled when I confessed all I had found. He made me look like a fool to my baby and that is heartbreaking. He’s a very good actor though I’ll give him that. I am posting this publicly so all parents who read it will not have to experience the pain of this massive scam. A foolish parent who would do anything for their children as is the scam that we all would.

    The name of the company is Premiere or Official Premiere they have also had two previous names. They are out of Phoenix Arizona and they travel all over the world raking in 100,000 a day from families who probably can’t afford it but make it happen.

    They promote themselves as having found some of the Disney stars or Nickelodeon. Or even Ariana Grande! All lies. Watch the YouTube videos they were all stars already on the stage, not unknowns. Ariana comes out on hers and it’s apparent the audience knows who she is. The reaction is that for a star! She isn’t Showcasing, she’s promoting too! I’m blessed, I’m A woman and have good instincts or my family would have been heartbroken like so many others I read about.

    All the same stories of the hotel convention rooms and being admonished by Michael for looking at phones and not taking this seriously, I advise everyone to only do things for your children that do not cost 10,000 or more at age 10. I almost did and I thank God I came to my senses.

  33. Misheal

    Hello my name is Misheal. I love Disney and Nickelodeon so much. I am 11 years old and I love to act and sing. Please give me a chance and I will surprise you. Just give me a chance.

  34. Alaijah Taylor

    Hey my name is Alaijah Taylor and I’m from Cleveland Ohio. I was born on January 9 2004, I’m 12 and also a female. I think Disney channel has great shows for all kids and teens of all ages to watch and enjoy. I am very hard working when it comes to school, family, helping others and my career of being an actress. I care truly about the world and all the people and animals. My talent that I have is modeling and action. I think action and playing a different person is so awesome and just like pretending. I think being a kid model is just like taking selfies and I should know because I do a lot of selfies. The Disney star that inspires me and is my role model is Zendaya. Not only does she inspire me, she also inspires other girls to do things. I hope this audition can make me an amazing actress and inspire so many people.

    1. Miya

      Hey lay lay,
      Its miya and I’m very happy for you and I’m happy you finally got your dream.

  35. Akabogu Judith Destiny.

    Hi, my name is Destiny and I am 12 years old. I am from Nigeria. I love watching nickelodeon and I have always wished to be a nick star. I can sing, dance and act. I hope auditions are here in Nigeria. just give me this opportunity and I will show you guys what I am made of.
    P.S please give me an answer before this year ends.

  36. ereremena favor

    My name is favor I live in Nigeria and I want to become a movie star in nickelodeon so as to make my parents proud of me. I am 14 yrs old, I can sing, act, dance. I want to see any of those people who act like Jace Norman, Isabella Moner. Please give me a chance to be a star.

    1. Random

      You guys are blind. Sweetheart, They aren’t casting you. This is for showing you “what a scam is” they aren’t telling you “give me your information so I can be a star” if you wanna go be a star, go WORK FOR IT! Get some acting classes.

  37. Anonymous


    Is anyone reading the freaking article. I know you kids want to be on Disney but just how desperate are you kids. Don’t go putting your personal info out in the open like this. I’m tired of everywhere I look if it has Disney or nick kids put their personal biz out for the world to see just to try to get discovered. If you read the title it clearly says Disney Auditions and Nickelodeon auditions – HOW THE SCAM WORKS. If you really want to act start with classes, then ask your parents to try to find you a LEGIT casting call, after a few films/plays try to find an official talent agent. People don’t care if you can dance, sing, or even breathe if they want money they will scam every last penny from you. don’t get your hopes just for someone to make them come crashing back down to earth shattering your whole world. I once went to an actual audition for a local film and not once did I have to expose any of my information. Of course I didn’t get the role but at least I wasn’t scammed or stalked.

  38. Christen

    I’m an 8 year old girl who really wants to be an actor. I’ll be a good actor, singer, and dancer.

  39. Elizabeth Shonubi

    I could give up my life for it. Just give me a chance it won’t hurt to try.

  40. Elizabeth Shonubi

    My name is Elizabeth Shonubi. I live in The Gambia, West Africa and my dream is to be a star on nickelodeon. My parents want the same too but the problem is how we can get money to go to the USA. I can search for a script and act it out then send it on you on youtube and if I get through you can call me.

  41. Vanessa Kopp

    Hay, my name is Vanessa Kopp. I’m 15 years old and come from Germany. I love to sing and dance and it´s my biggest dream to act on Nickelodeon or disney channel :). I would give everything for it. I hope you give me a chance and that you leave me an answer. Thank you. (I really want it)

  42. Hannah

    Hello my name is Hannah Newman I just moved from Georgia to Texas. I am really interested in auditioning. I am 11 years old my birthday is October 1 2004. I am 5’3. I have always been interested in Nickelodeon. I have brown hair brown eyes. I am tall, skinny, and tan. I have a Georgia accent witch is country and everybody I know loves it. I would really love if I could audition. Even if I do not make it it would be a awesome experience. Thank you so much!

  43. Willy Wanjama

    Am 16 years old and since watched nickelodeon I discovered that acting was one of my hobbies and to show my gratitude to that I wanted to be a nickelodeon actor. Another of my hobbies is singing and all I ask for this Christmas is to be a Nickelodeon actor. May God bless you and merry Christmas to you all, God bless you.


    My 3 year old daughter is named Megan and we live in Louisiana. Curly brown hair. Dark brown eyes. African American. She is well mannered, feisty, super energetic, extremely smart, takes the initiative, and enjoys smiling, laughing, singing and dancing. She has participated in pageants & fashion shows. We are willing to travel to give Megan the opportunity to act and be a part of this new project. I hope to hear from you soon via email.

  45. Karsyn

    Do these kids not know how to read? I’ve gone through half the comments, most of these kids are only a year or two younger then me. This page is explaining the scam of “Disney stardom” not “here’s how I’ll recruit you”. But anyways, thank you for the warning, I was planning on asking my dad to call up the people on the ads but now I’ll just refrain from asking and continue with what I already have going for me.

  46. Parentsagainstscams

    There are a few new groups popping up that are using the same tactics. They have all been doing it for years, under different names and company umbrellas. #MAT Entertainment, Inc, #IAMAStar, #TheBigShow2016

    Star Project lures him with audition to be on a reality TV show. When you get there, you are screened to see if you are a sucker to pay money, then you are told your child is a natural and awesome. Then you get a call back for final cuts at which time they bully you into giving them anywhere from $2500-10000. For this you get some acting classes , poor quality literature, and a very unprofessional productions.

    A few weeks later they hit the same town for The Big Show 2016 in Nashville TN

    #thebigshow2016, #iamastar,

    1. erica Post author

      The companies that do this change names often. Generally, any company that sells itself on making your kids a star… is one to watch out for. Real agencies would never make such a claim nor charge money to sign with them. Reality shows do not require talent to even have agents. Most reality shows you can apply directly to and they do not charge a fee. Reality shows do not require acting lessons, etc. They are in fact looking, mostly, for real people, not actors.

    2. Arlene Schwegmann

      I auditioned for a spot for kids on the Disney channel or Nickelodeon. They DON’T tell you that you have to be a certain weight to be on it. I’m complaining cause I don’t think it is right getting kids hopes up then turning them down because their weight.

  47. Glory

    Hi am Glory. I’m a 17 year old Nigerian and would love to audition for a role in a Nickelodeon show.

  48. Amoreea Lane and Traci Ashford

    Me and my friend have been watching nickeloden for the longest time and we want a chance to be on Nickeloden. We are both 12. We can sing a lil and act.

  49. alvionjoshua

    I am 11 and I like all the shows on nick, I am 4ft tall.

  50. Coley.Leadbitter

    Hi my name is Nicole Leadbitter and I’m 12 years Old and about 4 foot and I was born on the 7th July 2003. I Love Disney Channel and Acting and I have always loved to be an actress. I love all the actors and actress on Nickelodeon. I have had a lot of acting experience by teaching Drama clubs at school and 2 times a week I have drama. Outside of school, I do acting classes at school with my drama teacher. In Drama I have had effect grades 5 ( the best grade ) . I love all the shows and I don’t care if I get picked to be any show, I will still do it. I have been trying to get on Disney Channel for ages. And I will be there every day and not let you down ever.

  51. raulquiroz

    I like Ariana Grande, Jack Griffo. Ill peanut, Jace Norman from Nickelodeon and jennette mccurdy from Sam and Cat and I Carly.

  52. raulquiroz

    I am 12 years old, I’m 5 foot one and I have black hair and brown eyes. I’ve been watching Nickelodeon since I was a baby. I was born on June six, 2003. I have acting experience in school and other places. I have excellent grades only straight A’s. I live in Bakersfield California. I like sponge Bob, Sam and cat, iCarly, Thundermans, game shakers and Henry danger. I especially love Henry danger. I am cool with being on any show. I will try to be on Nickelodeon for many years as I can if I’m chosen.

  53. Alvina

    I already know how to find out if there is a Disney audition. I just want to know how to find out if there is a Nickelodeon audition. Thank you though for helping me know if anything is a scam. 🙂

  54. Ivori

    My name is Ivori. I have been wanting to be an actress since I was 4 years old. I make awesome grades, on the principals list (all a’s). I have been wanting to be on Austin and Ally since it came on Disney channel. I love Ross Lynch and Laura Marano however you spell her last name. I really believe in myself for this part. I really hope you pick me and if you don’t pick, if you pick someone else, I will be happy for them. Thanks anyway, Ivori

  55. Lee schultz

    My name is Lee, I’m 14 years old and live in south Africa. Being a nobody is hard. I want to show people that I’m not a loser. I have always had this dream of being in a TV series on Disney, like most of those comments on top …and would really like being give a chance to prove myself and show you that I’m worth it. Think about it and then contact me plz.

  56. myesha

    Hey my name is myesha I been wonting to be an actress for a long time now and I will love to have a chance to be on Disney channel, since I was 4 years old, it didn’t happen yet, but I know it will if I believe in myself.

  57. Tetty oseni

    I can sing dance and act. I have all the star qualities and they are all just waiting to be found please email me as I have a lot to offer.

  58. Naomi Luciano

    Hi my name is Naomi Luciano.
    I love Disney channel and Nickelodeon.
    I’m a great student and have great grades. Here is all you need about me:

    Name: Naomi Lee Luciano
    Race: Mexican/Hispanic
    Skin color: tan
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown and black
    Birthday: June 22,2004
    School: Golden Gate Middle School
    State: Florida
    City: Naples
    County: United states of America
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 80
    Talent: Acting, Singing, Dancing,
    Mother: Cristina Antonio
    Father: Fredy Luciano
    Stepfather: Carlos Alvarado
    Siblings: Fredy Luciano, Uziel Luciano, Sara Alvarado
    Stuff: Wear glasses, have buck tooth, have pimples

    Thank you for reading this.

  59. Taylor Styles

    Hello Disney Channel! I am a big fan of all your work and TV shows. I just would like to say that I would be perfect for a role of one of the new cast mates/campers in the new Series of “Bunk’d” Spin off. Now here are some details about me.

    Name: Taylor Styles
    Race: African American
    Skin color: Light skin
    Eye color: brown
    Hair Color: Black and Brown
    Birthday: November/29/2002
    Acting school: John Casablanca
    State: Maryland
    City: GlenBurnie
    Country: United States
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 90
    Talent: Model, Act, Dance and Sing a little
    Parents Name: Natasha/Mother Douglas/Father
    Sibling name: Jackson/Brother

    This is all the Info you need to know about me and if you need to contact me please send me a message and I will be sure to give it to you. I hope I get picked to audition for this amazing offer. Thank you for reading and I hope to work with you soon.

  60. A.j

    Hello I’m am A.j. I’m 17 and I love Nickelodeon. I’m like the biggest fan out there and it would be a big dream come true if I could someday act on a nick set. I have all the energy and I’m very enthusiastic about using my imagination in everything I do and since Nickelodeon is like my universe, it sure would make my dream a big big big reality : D.


  61. Mikayla Winters

    I’m reading this article and I feel I’m the only one who understands it. I read through the comments and they are all kids around the ages 10-13 who probably have scrolled past the whole article and began putting down their information and “Sad” stories to try to get recognized, It’s not as easy as just putting your name and age and a bad story about your childhood. You actually have to have potential in acting, and just because you’ve starred in a few plays at school or your Drama teacher says you act well doesn’t mean your ready to be an actual actor or actress. I am a 15 year old girl, and I know I am good at acting but I’m not going to just sign up to whatever until I actually finish school, and get more opinions from professional directors, and accepted into a performing arts college/university. Besides most of you really don’t want to act, you want to be on t.v. and get money to blow. Also for those who did not read the article, it said that those auditions are fake and to protect yourself , also it is said that Disney usually only work with kids they’ve worked with before so stop leaving your comments your not going to get recognized!

  62. salat

    I really want to be actor. I have been looking and looking all day long for auditions in Seattle WA but they are all fake. If you are here to help, then be my guest. I am here to Succeed, so please help me with my project and I will help yours.

    1. erica Post author

      The official Disney open casting call / auditions are held annually, usually in the summer. The 2015 Disney auditions should be announced soon and I will post the info once they are announced.

  63. Elizabeth Nave

    Hi I’m Elizabeth and I’m just a girl who really LOVES acting so please choose me. I love Disney channel so much and always dreamed of being on it. So please let me act.? I also LOVE singing.

  64. Hiba

    Hi my name is Hiba and I am 12 years old. I live in Morocco
    and we don’t have opportonities to do what we love. Acting was always my
    passion because I shy away a lot but when I am in front of cameras or I am on
    stage I forget every thing and I become the character that I am playing. I
    had some experience in acting just at school but I really want to act in
    disney channel. My life is acting and if I act in Nickelodeon or I can be
    me and the person who I want to be.
    Thank you.

  65. sheila

    Sheila here all the way from Kenya. I would love to join acting and singing. Am 18 years old and am kind of hoping my presentation will attract many Kenyan viewers and Africans as a whole. I promise to advertise your channel in Africa. Please contact me, Thanks for reading.

  66. Jocelyn

    Hi there I’m Jocelyn Nkongolo please let me act in Nickelodeon on Henry Danger or Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. I’m good at acting. I can act as any character. I write songs and I’m I’m black. Please send me a message in gmail if you would like me to act in 1 of the shows.

  67. Lanequa

    I am 14 years old and my dream is to be an actor on Disney channel.

  68. Lanequa

    I really want to be an actor for Disney. Being an actor Is a dream.

  69. Erin McGhee

    I am 10 years old, I love the Disney Channel!
    I mean I don’t watch it all day long or anything, but I would like an audition, A LOT!
    My height is 5 5″ and I can play as a teen any day.
    I have been told that I have natural Talent. ( I probably sound really stuck up but I swear, I don’t mean it that way. trust me.)
    Also, I can play as any character. I am VERY mature and most of my friends are older

  70. Olabanji

    I love acting. I am Badejo olabanji from Nigeria. I would love to be one of the cast members on nickelodeon. This is my opportunity to prove to my family and the world that a new talent has arisen.

  71. Anastasia Adams

    I have been watching disney and nickelodeon for a very long time. It would be amazing to be on one of the shows or in an animation movie. I have good experience and I am very creative.
    12 years old>
    Thank You, Anastasia Adams

  72. Daisy Burnworth

    My name is Daisy Rain Burnworth. I love acting, singing and swimming. I am also joining a model program. I have little experience but I can act really good. I was hoping I would get this part at least to try. I love the camera but I wouldn’t hog it. I am a really nice person and I forgot to tell y’all that I am 11 years old.

  73. Todd Fortenberry

    I am 13 years old and I live in Mississippi. I have been wanting to be an Actor for almost 3 years now. I am willing to do what ever it takes to be an Actor.

    1. Todd Fortenberry

      I am 13 years old and I live in Mississippi. I have been wanting to be an Actor for almost 3 years now. I am willing to do what ever it takes to be an Actor. If you give me a chance i want let you down.

  74. amyia aprincess jordan

    Hi , my name is Amyia Jordan. I live in Memphis,TN. I’m 10 and all I want to do is be on T.V. I can sing, dance, act and model. My family would love me to be on T.V., so all I ask for is a chance to shine. If you hire me I won’t disappoint you. I thank you for all that you do and may god bless your entire life.

  75. helen kaka

    hi my name is Helen and I am fifteen (15) years old from Nigeria. I would love to be an actress. I love, love, love Nickelodeon shows and I would love to be a part of it. I love acting and I am a wonderful singer, every one around me thinks its impossible but I know it is possible, please, am hoping to hear from soon.

  76. .aliyah Weddle

    Hi, I’m aliyah and I would love to be on the show Henry Danger. I also love to act at home.
    So if you need an extra actor just call me and just tell my mom that
    you selected me from my school. My mom doesn’t like me to do other things.

  77. Kimmel brown

    Hi my name is Kimmel Brown. I had a dream since I was 5 years old to be an actor. I’m very good at it. I was in a play called lorax. I live in South Carolina, Summerville and it will be amazing to be an actor, thank you :-*

  78. Tracy onyeukwu

    Hi, my name is Tracy Onyeukwu. I love singing, dancing, reading, acting,s miling a lot but mostly I love acting. Please pick me, it will be a great opportunity for I love Disney shows and wish to be part of one. At least let me have a chance to prove to you that I am worth it. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

  79. Aadele Sill

    Hi my name is Aadele Sill, but lots of people call me Dele. I am 12 years old almost 13. I am 5’4″. I have Auburn/Brown hair. I have all A’s and B’s in school. I have been trying to get into acting for the past 4-5 years. I would love to be in the show Jessie. I think I would be great at this because I am outgoing, funny, I can make friends with almost anybody, I get along with everybody, I can easily memorize scripts, numbers, dates, you name it and I can memorize it. I would be so committed to acting if I get this part. I play basketball and volleyball. If you could please give me a call or email me that would be great!

    Aadele Sill

    Hope to hear from you!

  80. Lexi granda

    I love watching disney channel and I think it would be fun to be on it not watching it.

  81. Farhad

    It has been my dream to be a star on nickelodeon since I was little. I really love acting and always been good at it. I hope I get the audition and I hope my dream of being a nick star will become reality.

  82. La'Taye Davis

    I too could have been a victim of the scam on yesterday. I have the videos and pictures of the scammers on my phone if anyone wants them to prosecute. I was so furious I left before my son was even able to say his cereal line. There has been, One Life to Live actor that the promoter used to engage the audience was a pure joke. They had us sit in the ballroom for over an hour with small children ranting about this guys life and career on various, has been, shows and complained because people began to surf on phones. He lashed the parents for modeling disrespect by being on phones when they should be paying attention, told us to leave if we didn’t want to be there. The problem was not that we didn’t want to be there, we didn’t want to hear him rant and parade around giving us his biographical sketch as if we cared. He throws Disney’s name around as if he is affiliated, and he’s not. These people prey on working class people because they only run the ads on urban radio channels. I would be more than wiling to help take these guys down. They are horrible. They charge people thousands of dollars for a hope of stardom. Because of their ignorance and willingness to give the kids a fighting chance they go through with it. I wish I had the means to make sure they never did another event in life…..

    1. Brandon

      I took my, then 6 years old, daughter, as well as my 12 year old sister to one of these “Big events” at the Marriott hotel here in Jacksonville, Fl. Well, they gave a room full of hopeful working class people this song and dance and mentioned their agents were once actors in various shows like, twilight zone, disney shows and several others. I had discovered this from a radio commercial, so I JUST KNEW it had to be legit, because the Disney name was being thrown around. WRONG. Well they had all the young aspiring boys and girls line up and they gave each kid a look over and moved through the lines. This salesman known as “Brock” sat me down and told me that my daughter, as well as my lil sister had “IT” and that’s exactly what any proud father and big brother wants to hear. They withdrew $600 almost immediately as soon as I gave the Go Ahead. Two days later, they withdrew another $200. During the first “class”, they insisted all adults leave the room, for privacy, or [so nobody will realize that it is a complete scam], my daughter told me that she was taught to “walk around the room”. I tried to stop payments, but I had signed the contract. It was a legal and binding one, so I cancelled my debit card instead. Only after it cost me around $1,100. These people are the lowest scum of the earth. They should be dragged through the streets. BEWARE!

  83. khushboo

    Hi I’m khushboi, I’m 15 and I always wanted to be on tv to have have my chance in life. I always watched all these shows on nickelodeon and Disney channel and wondered what if that were me on tv with fans. It would be my dream to be on tv. I hope you read this comment and hope to give me a chance and make my dream come true. I am already doing work in a show.

  84. Juan Rodriguez

    Hi, My name is Juan. I’m 12 years old and I want too be Famous on Nickelodeon. I just hope my wish come true.

  85. Ashlei Rose

    Hi my name is Ashlei, I am 11 years old, it has always been my dream to be a disney channel star. Just like the people said I heard the radio and it was a disney channel audition so I begged my mom to sign me up after the audition the next day they asked me to come back but it turns out it was a scam. You had to pay $500 just to go on a trip to a disney resort where disney channel stars show their other talent but they said it was an audition to be a disney star.

  86. keyanna

    Hi my name is Keyanna and this is my dream… becoming a singer and actor. I would almost do anything.

  87. Zaniyah Harris

    Hi I’m zaniyah and I would love to be on nick shows like Henry danger, Max and shred or a Disney channel show. I tried out for many things but I had learn that they are all scams. I do drama and I was one of the lead singers. Please Email this hotmail account. Thank you!

  88. kathryn Corrigan

    Hi my name is Kathryn Corrigan, I am 13, I am Spanish and English and I’d love to be on disney channel series. I can dance. I learn fast, I have a good memory and I consider myself a good actress. I’m 1.58 m and weight 41.4kg . I have brown hair with blonde tips, have bangs, green eyes and braces. I like dancing, music, animals and “the next step” disney channel series.

  89. Hafsa

    I know I’m probably going to sound cheesy here but I want to be an actress. I am not going to lie. About 3 years ago when I was 11, I thought acting was stupid I took it for a joke. but 1 day my old drama teacher said take the course when it came to my GCSES. I was shocked so I said yes, and I haven’t regretted it since then. There’s so much more than what meets the eye, emotions, language. It was truly amazing. So I’m probably just going to ask for a chance. I would like to act but I would also like to be a script writer, can anyone help me? Please and I hope you take this into consideration.

  90. Jawaun Moore

    My name is Jawaun. I am from Rocky Mount NC I would love to be on Disney Chanel.

  91. shayna provost

    hi, my name is shayna and I want be on Disney channel because I know you guys need actors. well I’m planning on showing my family I can do this. I’m really looking forward to this and I know that I’m the least to get picked because there’s a lot of kids who want to try out for that. I understand that but it would be a pleasure if I got to be on Disney channel, its worth a try..thank you and I am 12 years old. I would appreciate it if you could give me a call. It means a lot to me.. bye..:)
    sincerely: shayna provost.:)

  92. david onoja

    My name is David Onoja from Nigeria. I am 15 years of age. I would love to become an actor in diseny channel.

  93. loida

    It really is a dream come true if I enter. I have entered the talent show 4 years in a row and I just what to spread my singing, dancing and talent to the world.

  94. lisi

    STOP I MEAN IT, my name is Lissette but I call my self Lisi and yes, yes we all know it is YOUR BIG BIG BIG DREAM to be on DISNEY. I know it is all most everybody’s wish, but we can’t all have it and all I want to say is I really want to become an actress and it is a start to something new, a start to something of one’s and a life time thing. I am sorry if it sound mean but it hurts me that kids say thing they don’t want to say and I am not part of them. I do mean this, I really want to start something new. I am 12 and I have curly hair. I have brown eyes and I would love to be on Disney.


  95. marie sipary

    I always wanted to be on tv, it’s my dream to be on a tv show, not for fame but for because I love acting. I can’t because my mom and dad say we don’t have the money to go to CA and try to get an audition. I know they are right because we don’t but I can audition sometime and by the way, I’m 12 and my birthday is May 13.

    1. Sarah Drake

      You do not need to go to Hollywood to act. You can join a community theater or act in some student films at your local college.

  96. Genesis Figueroa

    I sing Spanish and I see kids on disney Channel. I just know English and Spanish please make my wish come true.
    I am 12 years old and I live in Minnesota. I have been singing since I was little and I work hard for me and my family.
    Thanks for everything – make my wish come true

  97. Genesis Figueroa

    I want to be famous, I sing, so please make my dreams come true.

  98. Madison Bloome

    I also can sing and I’m from Swansea,sc.

  99. lesedi jennifer sekhosana

    Hi my name is jennifer I’m from south Africa. I’m a good actress I’m 13 years old and I love acting and singing. I do a bit of dancing. I’m always smiling. I have a great personality, I love meeting new people and I work well with people. I am really great at acting and singing. My acting teacher often says I’m really great I’ve wanted to act on disney since I was 5 years old since then I have been working hard to get an audition. This is my dream and I might not be confident about making it. But I still believe in myself and I would give up everything I’ve achieved just to become a disney star so my family can live a better life.

  100. Brianna

    Hi my name is Brianna McCray and ever since I was little, I have had this dream of being anybody I want to be. I have been singing for about 10 years now and I am only 11. I see millions of lucky children on Disney Channel and I know I can do what they do, so some day that door will open and I will take that advice you gave to me and follow my heart.

  101. christine

    La talent show is at abq nm marriot across mall. I took my son yesterday, they want me to pay 2000 today. My son was so happy, studied script, now he’s sad, its a scam. Today lot of people are gonna get scammed today, but not me.

  102. Battery Mill

    Guys, I don’t even care about all this stuff. This is a place to comment about the audition scams, not to post your hopes of becoming a star. Really…

  103. Kassandra medina

    Well I love to act so bad and I think it’s really fun and enjoyable. I also love to sing but acting is my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. I beg you please choose me, I want to become an awesome actress!

    1. Cynthia Bush


      1. erica Post author

        You explain it was a sales gimmick. If the kid wants to act, check out local theater groups, put him into his school plays.

        Those people sell stuff in a deceptive way, but it is not illegal. Explain to your kid that you will find other acting classes for him to take if that is his passion.

  104. Jordon Willinger

    My name is Jordon I am really good at acting. I would love to be on Disney. I memorize lines very well and make them my own. I’m almost thirteen, I have brown hair and green eyes. If you want any pictures please contact me thanks for reading have a nice day

  105. Ayileka Deborah Tolulope

    My name is Tolulope,I am 15 years old. It is my dream to become an actress in Nickelodeon. I always wanted to audition in nickelodeon but I live in Nigeria so it is not possible but I believe that any thing is possible if you put your mind to it. I’ve been acting since when I was 7 years old and my parents don’t really support my dream of becoming an actress but movies like victorious, big time rush and iCarly inspire me a lot, so please assist me in any way you can and God bless you.

  106. toyin adesida

    Hi everyone, my name is Toyin, I am from Nigeria.I know people all around the world term Nigeria as a bad place but there are still good and talented people like me. It has been my dream to be a famous actress. My friends and family make fun of me anytime I tell them I’l go to Hollywood and make it. I love nickelodeon and Disney a lot. Watching ‘victorious’ made me realize that I have what it takes to be am actress. I have this dream right inside of me, please don’t let it die. My parents don’t have money to travel to america. I hope there can be an audition in west Africa. I’ll be grateful..expecting your reply soon!thanks.

  107. aFather

    All: My daughter just made it in the audition this morning in Houston by acting league staff and we were required to pay for $4,500 + 600 more for a 5 day workshop in Hollywood. Our situation is similar to this situation. As a father, I really don’t know if this is legit or not but I have a feeling this is a scam. Tomorrow – Sept. 22, 2013, we need to show up with this amount of money. Do know this Acting League company if legit or not?

    1. casting Post author

      If you make the cut at an audition, generally that means YOU get paid, not the other way around. An audition is a job interview. If a job was for say a fast food chain, would you ever expect to go on the interview and have the restaurant manager ask you for money?

  108. wishtobeaactress

    Please I need it, I think I can become a Disney or nick star and I know you other people can too. You or me can maybe get your own shows and I need this really bad.

  109. wishtobeaactress

    When I was little, like 3 yrs old, I wanted to be an actress or actor. I told my mom I would be an actor on Nickelodeon.

  110. Vani Sweetness Gertze

    Hey, hey, people my name is Vani. I have a talent of singing, drawing and acting. I was told I do weird and funny things and I have made people laugh ever since I was young. I love doing new things every day and I am also a fun person to work with. By the way, I am 13 years old…DISNEY AND NICKELODEON ROCKS MWAAAAAH SEE YA!!

  111. Demario Coats

    My name is Demario, I’m a 9 years old and want to be on Nick or Disney, please, I will do anything.

  112. Jessica

    My name is Jessica I’m a 12 year old who was always wanting this chance. I was scammed before and it was hard. I would love to act, model or sing. I’m a very out going person and I love to have fun so please email me.

  113. Just Me

    PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, NO Got y’all 2 read this didn’t I lol 🙂

  114. magtalia

    Hello my name is Magtalia! I live in Yonkers New York. These are the top 3 reasons why you should pick me for Nickelodeon.
    1. I’m 13 and I can sing better than Beyonce & i can dance too.
    2. I have experience in school, I did play’s. I’m funny, people tell me that I’m hilarious.
    I’m a joker, educated, smart, a whole lot of fun!!
    3. Also one of my main goals in life were plan A to become a youtube sensation than become famous or plan B. to just be an actor.
    So these are the top [3] I can give you for now,thank you for the time
    and please, if any updates, please tell me, thank you and have a blessed day.

  115. Amira Malick

    It’s always been my dream to be on TV. My parents think that I shouldn’t sell my self out to world, but I think it would awesome, I mean the fame, money, why shouldn’t I be on TV?

  116. Andre' Washington

    Hello! My name is Andre! I live in a small city, Camp Springs, Maryland. I am 12 years old and I’ve always dreamed of being an actor! I know that I will make it as an actor, move to Los Angeles, and live a good life. My fingers are crossed and I know that I will experience some great things this month! I really hope and pray that you read this and make my dream come true.

  117. Andre'

    I’m Andre’ and I’m 12 years old! I live in a small city in Maryland, called Camp Springs. I always dreamed of being one of the next big famous Hollywood stars as acting, moving to Los Angeles, and having a good life as an actor! I know I can do it and I know my dream will come true before this month is over! 😉

  118. Cristina

    I’m Cristina, I am 15 years old and I like acting . Becoming an actress on Disney is my biggest dream and this is the reason why I learned English (I live in Romania) . I want to become an actress on Disney and if this happens my dream comes true. Please make it happen and give my a chance.

  119. simone james

    hi! I’m SIMONE!!! I have always wanted to be on disney channel! I love all your shows and jokes!! I at least want to meet someone that acts (skai jackson,chyna mcclaine,debby ryan, selena gomez and etc.)on disney channel.It has been my dream to become famous or be friends with disney channel stars.I always see them having fun on the summer time commercials with all the stars (so jealous at that point). I love all the stars and actors.Can you please help me. I love all you guys on TV .I use to even get a glow stick (or make a stick) and whenever someone goes on the disney channel watching part I use to say I’m Simone and your watching Disney channel. I love singing,dancing,and FASHION!!!!!!!Can you guys please let me get on this channel!!!My dream has been going since I have been 6. I’m 11.You can always start young.But I love you guys.*fingers crossed*hope I make it!!!!!!

  120. Gileyla

    It has always been my dream to be on Disney Channel. I just need someone to give me a chance.

  121. Shannel Clarke

    Hi I’m Shannel, I’m 12 and I always wanted to be on tv to have have my chance in life. I always watched all these shows on nickelodeon and Disney channel and wondered what if that were me on tv with fans. It would be my dream to be on tv. I hope you read this comment and hope to give me a chance and make my dream come true.

  122. leah

    I was always that kid who was non described. Who hid because I thought I was nobody.
    But when I open the script I feel like I can be anyone I want. I can be me. acting is who I am. I’m 13 going on 14 waiting, wanting to fill my passion with a dream and that is acting. So please this is me. acting is who I am.

  123. elsy

    Hey,hola and bonjour
    My name is Elsy I have been watching Disney since I was 6 years old and nickelodeon since I was 7 years old.
    I remember watching Phil of the future every 21:00 at night.
    Back to the topic, so I’m 13 years old and I’ve been acting at the age of 5 years old.
    I tried to enter the nickelodeon KCA’s award twice but I wasn’t picked.
    I tried to audition for one direction’s new show, but for some reason my phone lost connection.
    I can sing, dance and act, plus I play a few instruments.

    I would say that I talk a lot and never seem to stop. I love acting like Selena Gomez (my favorite celebrity),Ariana Grande and Harry styles (even though he is a guy)hahahaha
    My favorite colours are purple and black. I hate sushi because it’s fish and I’m piceis so it feels like I eat my family.

    I was born on saint Patrick’s Day! yes you guessed it I was born on 17 March, my friends call me a leplecoin and ask me for “my pot of gold”.

    I have a crush on Jaden Smith(so embarrassed).
    I do not have a agent 🙁 and I have black hair I’m kind of have China McClain colour of skin.
    I love Karate “HEEYAA”
    I love Paris and my parents know french so yeah I kind of know french.

    I love junk food, but never get fat. I love pranking people and every April Fools Day I prank one person.
    Back to my talent, I can even play a 20 second role as long as it’s in any show in nickelodeon or Disney because I can’t choose between both this companies. So please please consider me. I only travel with my sisters and parents.

    Plus if you have two roles that means my best friend and I will be ready!!!!!

    This is why people say I talk a lot turns out I also write a lot.

    Bye!!!!oh! And I live in Africa(please choose me even if I have to use my voice in a cartoon for 20 seconds I would)
    Oh!one more thing I do voice expressions

    Once again bye

  124. okuhle ndzongo

    I’m 15 and I would like to be a disney actress but I don’t think they hold auditions here in South Africa and I cannot afford to come to America… What should I do because I want it so badly.

  125. Mandybeinaime

    Hi well my name is Mandy Bienaime. It would be a dream come true to be on Disney channel or nick. When I was younger I had an audition but was to young and did not make it. I am 12 years old, a girl in sixth grade. All I ever dream about is to be on nick or Disney channel. I have been a model for a year. All I really ever wanted to do is act just please give me a shot. I am a little girl asking for this. You have no idea how long it took to find something like this. I have been trying to audition for Disney for five years so just give me this chance, this is my last chance.

  126. Carmen Lopez

    Hey, my name is Carmen Lopez. I really want a chance at being an actor for Disney, but I know this is a long shot because so many other peoples message sound like mine. I hope you guys pick me because I really want to do this. Not just to be famous but to provide money for my family that doesn’t have enough money right now.

  127. nancy

    hey my name is Nancy I am 11 years old IT IS MY BIGGEST DREAM TO ACT! I LOVED victorious and I Carly and can’t wait to see the new show Sam and Cat. I love Disney channel, Disney XD, and nickelodeon. I also love shake it up, ant farm, Jessie, wizards of waverly place, how to rock and many more. I <3 1d, music, art, electronics and many more things.

  128. Kinnley Reed

    Hey my name is Kinnley I am 12 and I live in Texas and I Love acting! Its always been my dream to be a Disney channel star! I want to be a movie star and that’s all I ever wanted in my whole life! Please, it would cheer me up if you granted this one wish for me. Thank you!:)

  129. Hana

    I’m 11 and I believe I can act. I’ve always had this dream and I’m not giving up.

  130. Deborah Boateng

    Hiya who ever is reading. I am 12 and I have always wanted to became an actress when I was really young. I would love to do Disney or Nickelodeon, I don’t mind. I hope you choose me. I always dream about it and this is my time shine.

  131. Bruce

    Hi my name is bruce and I would love to be on Disney or nickelodeon. It is my dream! I live in Minnesota and I watch nickelodeon and I want to be just like them. I want to be famous and be known. Well I hope you get a chance to read this and hope that you choose me to be on nickelodeon or Disney channel. Thanks

  132. Sydney

    My name is Sydney Fletcher and I live in a small city in Montana called Kalispell. It has been my dream to become famous since well forever.I am a short, a thin girl ( as I’m told) also I LOVE to dance and have been for 7 years. I can sing and only my friends know. I can act very well too contact me for an audition plz P.S I’m legit, love ninjas and have a passion for dogs

  133. Teniya Butler

    I believe that one day I will excel to singing in front of big crowds and I think no better way than to start by auditioning for disney or nickelodeon. It would be a great opportunity to show what I can do.

    ACTIVITIES: Singing, Dancing, Juggling and more – if you want to know more then just send me an email,
    xoxoxoxoxo Teniya Shaunese Butler

    1. Chris Butler

      You are a beautiful girl, but you better listen to your Dad Christopher Butler and stop messing around in class because I love you and want to see you do well.

  134. cheyenne fink aaliyah mason

    I love radio disney channel;

  135. Abby

    Wow, thanks for the info I would have never known if it wasn’t for this. You guys probably just saved me a ton of money and time. Now I can go after my dream of being a performer and not be so easily scammed. THANKS!

  136. Mike

    first learn how to speak and write in english before you beg for something you will have to actually work for, nothing comes easy and when your talking about acting its ten times as hard, so its great to have dreams and you should follow them but you should NOT expect someone to knock on your door and say hello your going to be our new star! it just doesn’t work that way in the real world, you need to put in the time, this means doing things for FREE yes free no one will hire you, let me rephrase NO ONE will pay you on your word that you have some kind of skill you will actually need to show them on camera from past/prior work. If your not willing to do this then you better look for other work, and you should ALWAYS have a back up plan while your trying to break in to this hard profession!

    1. Crystal

      Reply to Mike: Really? It’s “you’re”, a contraction for “you are”. Maybe you should learn to write in English before you criticize these kids who aren’t native to English speaking countries. Ease up. They’re kids and they dream. Let them!

      1. Butterduck

        Crystal: I hear you, but Mike has a point. It sounds as if they want to be stars in the US market. It would be smart for them to learn English if they want to be on American TV shows and they are serious about it.

  137. Jazmin Matonia

    I would just like to say that I would love to become and actor. I’ve been acting inside and out of school since I was 5 and I’m now 16. I dance, play guitar, soccer and netball. It’s my dream. please take this into consideration. thank you.xx

  138. Lopes bruno

    My name is Bruno, I’m 13 years old. I live in Paris but I speak English very well. I’ll move to America for my chance to go on disney channel, thank you goodbye.

  139. Allyson Weinbrenner

    Hi my name is Allyson I can sing and act my favorite show on nick is HOUSE OF ANUBIS. I’m a huge fan I love the cast, someday I hope to meet them. I can’t believe KT likes Eddie. I will see what happens next. Well I’m 13, live in Kansas, I really love to act. It lets me express my feelings and laugh. I hang out with friends and would love to be a actress. thank you!

  140. Brooklynn Amber Galindo

    Hi, my name is Brooklynn and I have always wanted to act. Since I 8 years old, I’m 14 years old now. My mom said that I was fine and that I could write this comment. If y’all need anybody for disney channel and nickeloden please contact me, thank you for your time!

  141. Laura Anna Lapsina

    Hi , I’m Laura , first of all right now I live in Latvia , but I’m ready to move to USA anytime . My english is really good , I don’t have an accent .I’m16 . I am ready to do anything and have the roles that nobody else wants . I can also sing.

  142. Laura Anna Lapsina

    Hi , I’m Laura , first of all right now I live in Latvia , but I’m ready to move to USA anytime . My English is really good , I don’t have an accent . I’m 16. I am ready to do anything and have the roles that nobody else wants . I can also sing.

  143. nimyia pompey

    It’s been my dream to act and sing ever since I was 9 or 10. My name is ni’myia, I love to sing and act and if you would give me a chance I know I can do it.

  144. Luisa

    hello, my name is Luisa, I am 14 years old and I’m from Colombia, my dream has always been to be on Nickelodeon, be recognized and discover my talent, please help, but I’m from Colombia!

  145. nia simmons

    My name is nia, originally Xenia but shortened it to nia because Xenia is just to hard to pronounce. Hey what can I say I’ve always wanted to act for as long as I can remember and just like everyone else here it’s been a dream of mine. It will be really cool to actually have that dream come true and express myself by doing what I love. By the way, I’m 14 and Hispanic. I hope that one day someone will notice, kay later………x

  146. Jimmy Rickles

    I’m Jimmy from North Platte, Nebraska. I’m 53 years old and live with my parents. I’ve always wanted to be a star. I know I have more talent than 98% of all the actors in Hollywood. I just need to be discovered.

  147. Holly Gibson

    Hi! my name is Holly Gibson. I am 12 years old. I have always wanted to be on a TV show on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. I think I would be good for a role of a girl kind of like Cat Valentine from the program Victorious. I am good at singing I just need to work on the right volume and pitch. I don’t have any videos on you tube but I have been in choir for 3 years, I had to sing to get in. and I did get in. If I did get in to a show I would put a lot of hard work in to it. This has been my biggest dream since I was 3 years old. I love dancing, I have been in some dance classes like tap dance, maori dance and hip hop. I do art as well. I am really good, I mostly paint animals and flowers. So I think I would be great for a role. I would take it seriously and enjoy it at the same time. 🙂 All I want is an audition and I wouldn’t mind even if it was just extras that I got a part of. So please someone just give a chance thanks 🙂

  148. Pilares Dance

    Hello, I am inviting you to visit online Pilares Dance Academy in Hialeah, Florida. They had been forming a little group of three talented girls 11-12 years old. They had been winning some competitions, but their family do not have enough money to develop their careers. If you want to know, they will be competing in Hall of Fame Dance Challenge 2013 in Boca Raton, Florida. We are inviting you to enjoy their wonderful hard work. We never know who will be a real star, maybe it will be one of them.

  149. marcquez marsh

    This is Marcquez Marsh. I know I can do the acting real good. I would love to be on disney channel. Please email me. I would love that, please do. I am 13 yrs old. please give me a chance because it would be an honor.

  150. Edward

    Hi my name is Edward. I would like to be on disney channel (12 male), I got talnet and I want to show the world. I live in Fairfax VA and give me a chance.

  151. Malachi

    Hi my name is Malachi I would like to be on ant farm and by the way I’m 8 years old.
    If I would be on Disney I would like to be on disney on monstober.

  152. Alicia Moosa

    Hey my name is alicia moosa ,I live in South Africa and I am very talented, I would like to be an actress in a disney show (I am 14 years old, female)and I would go all the way from SA to America for an audition.

  153. alicia

    Hey my name is Alicia Moosa. I live in South Africa and I am very talented. I would like to be av actress in a Nickelodeon show. I am 14 years old and I am a female. I would go all the way from SA to America for a audition.

  154. ochuko

    I also wrote a song of dreams. I want to come true but don’t know how.

  155. ochuko

    Hi, am the girl from Nigeria. I wrote a new rap calling victorious in Nickelodeon and disney. I also have a song of dreams. I want to come but don’t know how. I wanna make it known to the world that WALT DISNEY has inspired me and I must pursue my dreams. I’m gonna be sweet 16 on the 6th of April 2013. Thanks a lot for reading.

  156. Jasmine

    I all ways watch disney channel. I love it! I will love to be on disney channel and be right there with with Zendaya and Bella.

  157. Anastasia

    I love to sing, I am always dreaming about being on disney channel. All I want is an audition so I could show people that dreams come true. I am very confident about my acting skills. I’ve been watching disney ever since I can remember. Please I just want a chance, I am 11 and my name is Anastasia Prestidge, please, just one chance 🙂

  158. Lucy

    Hi I’m Lucy. I have brown hair and brown eyes and light skin. I love to act and I can sing a little. I Live in England and I love Demi lovato and Joe Jonas. I wish to be like her one day, she has a lovely story.
    Any way I am from England, but I want to be on Disney channel. If I would get this audition in England, I would move. I’m 12.

    I have no shot at going to America if I didn’t audition.

  159. Ochuko

    Hello,I’m Ochuko from Nigeria. I Sing, act and write my own songs. I really wanna be a star in disney just like Demi Lovato, Debby Ryan, Chyna Parker in A.N.T farm and CiCi and Rocky in shake it up. No one likes Nigeria and I will like to change that and make my country a better place for everyone. That’s what I wish for to make my country great and united with the U.S.A and others. TO WALT DISNEY “YOU ROCK.

  160. ryckia tate

    My name is Ryckia Tate and I’m really talented. I really love to sing and act, please let my dream come true. I have been dreaming for so long and now I want to go for it.


    Hello, my name is Sol Silvera, I’m 16 and I live in Paysandu, Uruguay, I really wanna be an actress, it’s my dream, but here in Uruguay its impossible, the only classes that we have here is for the news, and I don’t know what to do. There aren’t any auditions and I cant go to Florida or LA. My family does not have a lot of money, and I cant ask to my mom to not eat for one year just to travel to The United States! All my life people say that I can do it, it’s a stupid dream and I will never be an actress, but really it’s my dream and I wanna fight for that. I always go on twitter and write to famous people “help me please to be an actress, it’s my dream” but nobody answers me. when I was a little girl, all the girls wanted to be a princes,I just wanted to be an actress. I don’t care about the money, I can work without a salary. Please, help me, I don’t know what to do anymore, and I really want this! please! ITS MY DREAM! and I’m desperate!

    1. Mabel ekefre

      Please, I and my sis want to audition for Disney channel. We are 9. please accept our offer.

      1. .....

        Why do all these little kids think this is an audition or a one way ticket to fame? Children, this is just an explanation on how to avoid getting scammed. You cannot just ask for a spot on a show, when no one even knows you yourself. Along with that, always follow your dreams. Don’t listen to the Debbie Downers everywhere, nor the people whom promise to provide you with automatic fame and money. 😉

        1. Joey Pasbrig

          Thank you! Even eleven and twelve year-olds can read this, I’m fourteen. For all you people out there commenting, “this is great!” or “I can’t wait!”

          It’s fake, sorry. Not necessarily, but this isn’t an ad for Disney.

    2. Dream

      Get an education, then another dream. Pinning all your hopes on a self absorbed business is silly & will not help you as a person. You want escape & you need to focus on what you can accomplish with hard work. Don’t buy into the lie that becoming an actor will fulfill your dream, you will find the ugly underbelly even if you manage to make it! Please all of you take a reality check & find a back up plan that you can enjoy, start giving to others & thinking of other people – don’t hide behind the self deception that you are doing this to help your family or have a pure motive to become famous. Too much time longing & dreaming will result in a wasted life. You are better than that.

    3. Random

      Your not going to be one! You have to wait to grow up or ask your mom to help you, people that don’t live in the U.S. Will never get to be where we are. I say you try your country, England would be the best place for you to go and start there. Take acting classes! Go out there and do it! Don’t sit here and wait for a reply, you’ll never get anywhere. First, Get off the couch and do something. Take drama and acting classes, you have to ask maybe one day you can go the U.S. But Hollywood or Disney won’t cast you if you have a huge accent. Your going to have to go to a dialect to break it. Good luck your lucky you got a response at all!

  162. Jasmine

    Hello, my name is Jasmine, I just turned 12 on Christmas. I’ve been watching Disney Channel since I was born. 🙂 I would really love to be on it! It’s a dream come true. I sing too. My brothers and friends say I have a good voice and that I should put it out on YouTube to be discovered. But I know that there are a lot of other girls/boys who will get discovered before me. If it’s not any trouble, I would like to Audition for one of the Disney Channel shows. Thank you, Jasmine. 😉

  163. Malika

    My name is Malika and I’m 13 . I can sing and I’m an pretty voice . I’m black but my skin is clear . I love to put myself in the skin of my characters and I remain myself, it is my strength. I’m really nice and I like the contact with people. Always smiling and very funny especially 🙂 I’m 1 m 70 and I’m a bit round. Thank you.

  164. junias

    Please let my dream come true! I wanted to be an actor my whole life. My mom is a model, my dad travels the worlds and gets books for my sister so she could live her dream. I just think that acting is my thing and I won’t be like my family, so, please let this dream come true.

  165. Angel Onyejiaka

    Please pick me it has been my dream since I was 4 to act

  166. Angel Onyejiaka

    Hi,my name is Angel Onyejiaka and I would love to be on TV. I just love acting, I also love singing but don’t have that good of a voice. I would love to audition for a TV show because I would get to show all the people that mock me for loving to do what I do so much, that I do know how to do what I do well. I am 11 years old.

  167. nikyra wright

    I would love to be on disney channel. I am a good actor and singer. I’m am 11 yrs old please give me a try.

  168. Tahjae

    My name is Tahjae Jackson I would love to do anything exciting in order to be on tv. I also have incredible talents such as Rapping, and dancing. I enjoy those hobbies because it’s fun. My favorite channel to watch because its funny and filled with education. It inspires me to do well with my dream as I’m trying to follow my dream and accomplish everything. I really want you email me, I will be delighted to get a email from you so I could audition .
    Thank You.
    Tahjae Jackson

    1. Takira Nevitt

      Hey I am Takira. I will love to be on Disney channel. It will be very nice but I need to audition first to get on Disney channel. I hope y’all will read it.

  169. kionna kelly

    I have loved acting and have been good at it since I was little. It is a dream. I have and I know one day that my dream will be a reality. If I am discovered, it would be an inspiration to kids all over the world who have a difficult background. I would let people know that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can still succeed in life. If I could become an actress it would be an amazing experience. I am 12 years old.

  170. elizabeth

    it has been my dream to be an actor, I’m 12 years old.

  171. Diana Campos

    I would love to be on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. It would be a great opportunity to try it. I’m a 13 year old girl having a dream to be on tv and show what I’ve been dreaming. Please give me a chance I know I can do this thank you.

    Thank you,

    Diana Campos

      1. breaunna

        I would love to be on nick or Disney show but I just never found out how and plus I live far away from L.A. I always wanted to be like a pop star on a kid channel, sometimes every body teats me like I’m the nobody and ever since the rodeo commercial I’v been thinking I would be a cool kid like you.

      2. mary

        What did you do because I went to the event but they wanted a lot of $$$. Help please I know you probably get asked a lot but it doesn’t hurt to try right. I’m a 14 year-old girl who loves to dance and sing, and I really would like to act but my school is not very active in drama.

    1. Kennedy Pinnell

      Reply to Diana Campos: SCAMS ALERT, I went to my dads bank they took out the 9,000 and tried to take out 15,000 more!

    2. Audrey

      Hi I want to be on your show, choose me, I’m ten years old.

  172. maribel

    I love to be on tv! it is a dream come true im 12 year old !!!

  173. Mariah Hollis

    My name is mariah hollis and all I wanted to know is how do a get a chance to become famous and be on disney channel. I know that I can do it all. I want is a chance!

    1. Audrey

      Hi my name is Audrey. I am ten years old and in the fourth grade. I LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL and acting. I am in a drama class at my school and my teacher says I am an amazing actress. I have been in about eight or nine plays. The first play I acted in, I was in the first grade. My teacher says I get better and better every time I act. I live in Waxahachie Texas and enjoy riding my four horses, riding my bike, reading, playing outside, watching Disney channel, playing on my Wii, playing with my dog Daisy, hanging out with my friends, going to church to worship The Lord, swimming, going on cruises, shopping, and hanging out around my house. I love to act and I have always had a dream of being on TV, so I told my mom I wanted to keep moving for word with my acting. Then I found this website and love the idea and would LOVE to be on JESSIE. I am about 5 feet tall and I have short curly brown hair and glasses ( I also wear contacts though). I have one sister who is 14 and she goes to public school, but I go to private school which means I only go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am a lover of soccer and shopping those are the two sports I like most. I really hope you will chose me to be on JESSIE. If so email me.

      Godbless all, Audrey


        I’m 11 yrs old and I have great grades. I’m an enerool student. Please pick me to audition for Disney channel. I wanna be on set with Jessie, Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter and Riley from girl meets world. I want this job so I can help my mom. She’s short on money so I wanna help her. It’s my dream to help her. I need this job its my only chance.

    2. Jocelyn Ketler

      My phone would not stop ringing and the same voicemail of a pre-recorded voice of Phil Louis or known as Mr. Mosbey from the Suit Life Of Zack and Cody saying to audition for him. It’s being held at a Disney hotel and when I spoke to a lazy they did not sound very professional, and were trying to sound very convincing and pushy claiming there was going to be very high profile people who will be attending. But what I want to know is why are there a bunch of kids in these comments begging to be picked lol ummmm do they think this is an audition! Haha all I know is that I’m going to be sleeping in tomorrow and not going to the “audition”.

      1. Jaycee Billington

        Same here. Same recorded Phil Lewis spiel about auditioning. Press 1 to talk to a live representative and all that jazz. Disney would never just call random people and promise auditions. Scam

      2. Davia Brown

        Hi my name is Davia Brown am 13 years old I will be 14 a few months from now. I really love acting I do it a lot at home i love to sing and dance. I have wanted to be on tv for as long as i can remember and I really hope that you guys could give me a shot i promise I won’t blow this. I have faith in myself and I know I can do this. Am just asking for one chance and I won’t let you down acting is like the world me my dad died when I was a few months old baby, it was always me and my mom and she have pointed me in the right directions for as long I can remember. People have always looked down on me and I just want to make them all ashamed and make me and my mom proud.

        1. Isabella V Yodice

          Did you even read the article? You have a sob story, Cool. We all do. You aren´t going to get cast in anything if you don´t put in the work, you can´t make ppl feel so sorry for you that they give you a role, you have to give it everything. The ppl in the comment section doesn´t need to know. I looked into the comments to find more scams so I know what not to use, but all I´ve seen are literally hundreds of 13-15-year-olds telling their stories thinking it will help. You don´t need to waste your time doing that because it won´t help anything.


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