Reality TV, Get Prepared for Your Audition

Reality TV shows has opened a new market for non-actors the opportunities to be seen on television and all they have to do is act like themselves. The first thing you’ll have to do is try to find a reality show that compliments your personality. You certainly can’t audition for a reality show like “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” when you have no athletic ability what so ever, they’ll probably never cast you. Keep an eye open on our website and wait for the perfect reality show that will best fit you physically and your personality. You should understand that you probably won’t be auditioning in person but rather submitting a video audition. You can check out our other resources that covers how to prepare your reality TV show portfolio.

The next step for getting ready for a reality TV show audition is to prepare a story about you that is intriguing and interesting. You should have this memorized for live reality TV show auditions, as this is one of the main questions casting directors will most likely ask you. When you are in the audition room you also have to have a personality that others will like to watch. In other words, you’ll have to make for good drama. This is not something you can really “act” as reality show stars are usually natural, since they are just being themselves. The main thing casting directors are looking for is the unique dynamic you will have while interacting with the other people on the show. You should be aware of this and try to practice for your reality TV show audition ahead of time.

4 thoughts on “Reality TV, Get Prepared for Your Audition

  1. Carol

    I want to work behind the camera as apart of the crew.

  2. Azaria McQueen

    My name is Azaria McQueen and I want to be on the bad girls club…..plz!

  3. Jesse Keith

    What Up! I have A wild and crazy Family life and want to make it a reality TV show.
    My wife and I have a great personality.

  4. Nasheeda

    hi my name is Nasheeda douglas and I want to be on a reality tv show. I would like to have a chance to audition. thank you.


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