Reality TV Pop Culture, Get In On It

The immense wave of Reality TV show has bombarded its way into American pop culture paving the way to stardom for the average Joe and Jane. If you have a remote interest in Reality TV show and feel you are ready to take the next step and audition for them than the first thing you’re going to need before even applying for the audition is preparing your portfolio. This is the case regardless for live reality TV show auditions or not video auditions.

If you are an actor or familiar with how actors usually prepare their auditions photo and portfolios then you know professional actors usually have a nice head-shot with a well-written resume to accompany them on their auditions. These are usually very professional materials and I’m sure will be well appreciated by casting directors. However, reality TV shows are not looking for professional actor and don’t expect the same type of portfolio a professional actor would provide during the audition. However, you will be expected to submit photos of yourself. Now you may want to submit one really nice professional picture but also include realistic photos of you in your normal day life. You are trying to sell you as a person, your personality, and your personal background. Try to provide pictures that will convey these elements.

Sometimes you will have live auditions but reality TV show auditions usually asks you to submit a 2-7 min video of yourself. Once again, you want to make a video that conveys your personality but more importantly a personality that they are most likely to pick. One of the best ways, during your creation of your video portfolio, is to watch past TV shows of the reality show you are auditioning for, to see what kind of people the casting director is most likely to pick. Make sure you check out the listings of reality shows on our site to find out what is available to you right now.

2 thoughts on “Reality TV Pop Culture, Get In On It

  1. nadia

    Wonderful……………………..reality tv sounds like a good tool for those wanting to get a peek at a persons somewhat private life……

  2. strongroyalty

    Do a reality show for nadia b. smalley she is a handfull….SHE IS RUNNING FOR CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR 2010


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