Voiceover auditions part 2

The voiceover audition is very different from the regular acting audition process. These auditions can be held anywhere and sometimes you will be auditioning in a recording booth, recording studio, TV station, or even in conference rooms. The point is, be prepare as a voiceover actor to audition in a variety of different places. You are usually informed a head of time where you will be auditioning and what time. Warm up before your audition with your vocal warm ups. Be awake and speaking at least an hour before your audition. Make sure you arrive on time, in fact just be there early, and try not to reschedule for your audition. You should also be aware that you may or may not be informed of what you’re auditioning for prior to the audition. Of course if they inform you, than prepare accordingly, we have several articles on this site about voiceover auditioning that will help you.

In New York, some voiceover auditions are held in front of a live audience. Although this may not be so common in other major cities this is something that does occur. As a voiceover actor, these are some of the things you need to be aware of so that there are no surprises that will distract you from giving a great audition. During the audition you want to be calm and give a good audition. The casting director may ask you to change your voice or try something different. It is very important that you follow their instructions very carefully, as the ability to follow directions is one of the key elements they look for in voiceover actors. See some of other related articles for more voiceover audition tips