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CBS Survivor Open Auditions

Survivor has 2 more open calls this December 2011 for the upcoming 2012 season. Do you have what it takes to compete on the biggest reality hit ever, CBS’s Survivor? Can you out wit, out play and out last your opponents? Here’s your last chance for the 2012 season – get on  the social, mental […]

Survivor 2012 Open Call

Can you out play your competition? The long running CBS reality show Survivor is holding an open casting call this coming weekend. Survivvor is hosted by JEFF PROBST. The show brings together a group of people from around the country and challenges them to outlast and out think the rest of the pack, usually at […]

Survivor Casting 2010

Have what it takes to be on Survivor? Outwit, Outplay and Outlast all others? If so than you can submit your entry for a chance to tryout for the hit reality show Survivor. Survivor Tryouts are taking place now and will end Feb 22, 2010. A winner will be picked that day from all the […]