Are you looking for an agent or a casting director. Here are a few compiled lists with agency information.



Acting Agents – Exclusive and non-exclusive contracts

Getting a “real” Agent

How to find an agent

Acting Agents and Talent Agents in Dallas Texas

Acting and Modeling Agents in Arizona

Agents and Agencies Not US / UK

Background and Extras Casting Agencies

Background and Extras Casting Agencies By State for US, UK and AU

California Licensed Talent Agents

Casting Agents Canada

Casting Directors List

Chicago Talent and Modeling Agencies

Comedy Agents US and UK

Disney Casting Director Contacts

Soap Opera Casting Directors

Talent Agents in Atlanta Georgia

Talent Agents in Seattle and the North West

Talent and Modeling Agencies in smaller markets

Voice Over Agents UK

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  1. Thomas

    Hi I’m Thomas from Denver co. I have never acted but I I have a versatile personality. I’m 5’10 tall with a stocky build an long hair. I’m always the life of the party so I feel I’d be a great actor.
    I’m an aspiring writer as well
    You can check me out at
    Booksie com/thomas_w_peterson

  2. Denton Patterson

    Hello my Name is Denton AKA Baby 2 Pac AKA Kountry. I and ready for my spot Mr. Deville.

  3. Avelino Dsouza

    Avelino looking for an opportunity to give my best shot had this spark burning inside me from past 20 years. Got a break to follow my passion to be a Star. I am 6 feet, 75 kg, bold like Jason Stathom but can’t act like him. I got my own style, done my acting course from Roshan Taneja Acting School in Mumbai. I speak Hindi, English. I got a great Story about my life which starts in Mumbai and ends up in Hollywood and taking a Golden Globe for the best performance in a lead role. That’s my ultimate Dream. God Bless us all & God Bless America, Thank You.

  4. Cay

    I live in Florida, so what’s happening here?

  5. Hubert

    I want know how a movie is made. I have written so many stories but now I want turn them into a movie.

  6. Aleez

    Hello, I have a passion for modeling and acting. I’m just looking for an opportunity and you won’t be disappointed. So please email me for serious inquires.

    Thank you

  7. ray thomas

    I love acting I have been doing it for 9 years now but would like to catch my break it would mean a lot to me. I can play any part given to me, love working with others and preforming is great. I just need a chance to prove myself.

  8. Damijah

    I have always wanted to be an actor since I was very little! I am 11 years old. I’m 5’1, and I’m a black African american. I love the show and I’m 100 pounds. I live in Macon Georgia, and my birthday is Feb. 10. I need this opportunity.

  9. Kristen

    I want to go through with my dream of acting! I’ve had this dream for as long as I can remember! I’m kind of over weight, but I’m pretty funny. I’m 5’6, long hair and I’m 16 years old. I live in a very small town. All I need is a chance.

  10. Manuel "The Boyscout" Mijalkovski


    I am a tattoed, singer & Songwriter from Serbia. I live in Germany and route 66 Tour Guiding is what i am doing for living.
    Is there any chance for someone from oversea to get in a spot for an acting role?
    For sure there are guys needed looking like Bikers, mafia, strange, type but are people from overseas getting a chance?
    Feel free to comment. Thank you in advance…

    1. erica

      Extras roles are always cast locally…. locally as in within the town they are filming in. Small roles do not pay much so it would cost more in travel… even gas from another city, than you would get paid.

  11. Carmen Falcon

    I am looking for background extra, principle, voice over, feature, etc.
    I am Hispanic; can play middle eastern, Caucasian, and diversified Latin roles.

  12. Kyle Morris

    Young 26-year old male looking for acting gig. I am 5’6, 150 pounds, and am a mixture of black/native American/ and irish.

    1. helpful

      l know matter of fact, they need extras for season two of Empire.The info is on this website. Good luck!

  13. Rizwan khan

    Hey I’m interested in acting give me a one break.

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