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Casting Call in Seattle Washington for Star Wars Fan Film

Untitled Star Wars Fan Film Location: Seattle, WA Type: Film Jace Narr: Caucasian Male, Mid 20’s Jeran Narr: African American Male, Mid 20’s Sheram Narr: African American Male, Mid 40’s Ann Narr: African American Female, Mid 40’s This is for a nonprofit untitled Star Wars fan film that follows two force sensitive young men as […]

Casting Call in Phoenix Arizona for Batman Fan Film

Revenge of Batman (Fan Film) Location: Phoenix Arizona Type: Film Batman. Ages 21-38 (Caucasian) Clark Kent (Superman). Ages 21-38 (Caucasian) Green Lantern (John Stewart) (African American) Ages 21-40 Wonder Woman (Hispanic or Caucasian) Ages 21-36 The Joker (Villain) (Caucasian or Hispanic) Ages 21-40 Black Adam (Villain) (African American) Ages 21-40 All lead roles will be […]

Atlanta Area Actors for “Iron Fist” Fan Film

Iron Fist Fan Film Location: Atlanta, Georgia Type: Film Hello! My name’s AJ and I’m the Director of ESHB Production! We are looking for actors to be in our upcoming film called “Iron Fist”. Here is the roles: Danny Rand/ Iron Fist – (White/Caucasian) Colleen Wing – (Asian) The Hand Gang – (Extras) You can […]

Open Casting Call for Jurassic Park Fan Film In Seattle, Washington Area

Camp Utropica Location: Seattle, Washington State Type: Film An independent feature film within the “Jurassic Park” domain is about to begin production in Kirkland and Whidbey Island and will be having an open casting call for extras of teen ages. They are especially interested in siblings and duos of friends. All ethnicities are accepted, and […]

Auditions in Kansas For Sci-Fi Fan Film

Scifi Fanfilm Location: McPherson, KS Type: Film Casting for a sci-fi drama fan film based on the Destiny game franchise to be shot end of July. $100 pay for the day. Synopsis: In the far future a two sisters work in the same research facility. Little does one sister know her future will change forever […]

Actors for Fan Films in Atlanta

Casting for Fan Movie Location: Atlanta, Georgia Type: Film We are working on a Spawn Fan Movie for the production this year or next year. If you want more info about the fan movie you can contact us through email or on our Instagram at @chrisadamsstudios Spawn fan film: Casting Roles: Malbosia Demon General Enemy […]

Auditions in Indianapolis Indiana for Fan Series Based on Percy Jackson and the Olmpians: The Lightning Thief

Bring on the Monsters: A PJO Webseries Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Type: Web series Synopsis: We are filming a seven episode mini series based off of Percy Jackson and the Olmpians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. The episodes will follow the general plot of the book, focusing on specific chapters and scenes. The goals are […]

Actress in Atlanta for Titans Fan Series

Titans Fan Series Location: Atlanta, Georgia Type: Web series We are looking for a young actress age 17-20, maybe 21 to play as Raven for our Titans Fan Series! White/ Caucasian, Lightskin/ Mixed, Latina You can also contact us on Instagram at @eshb101! Thank you!!! Payment: Non Paid City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia […]

Auditions for Lead Roles in Feature Film “The Haddonfield Nightmare: A Halloween Fan-Film” – Chicago

The Haddonfield Nightmare Location: Chicago, IL Type: Film CASTING NOTICE We are now casting for our upcoming FEATURE LENGTH FILM “The Haddonfield Nightmare: A Halloween Fan-Film” This project will film MARCH-MAY 2020. If you or someone you may know is interested in being in the film please have them submit interest to Synopsis: Following […]

Actors in Norfolk VA for Fan Film Project

Casting Call For Live-Action Fan Film Location: Norfolk, Virginia Type: Film I am in need of actors for my live-action fanfilm “B4: Guardians”, a Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fanfilm. It is about Jack Frost, Merida, Rapunzel and Hiccup being chosen to defeat a great evil and, along the way, discover their centers and […]

Casting Extras and Actors for Titans Fan Series in Georgia

Titans Fan Series Location: Atlanta, Georgia Type: Film We are looking for someone to play as Alfred in our Titans Fan Series. This character is a mentor and a father figure of Bruce Wayne (Batman). If anyone is interested please contact us on our email or Instagram. Also if any young female would also like […]

Actors in PA / NJ for Teen Titans Fan Series

Titans Fan Series Location: New Jersey, Pennsylvania Type: Film ESHB Productions has Presented a new project called “Titans”. It’s based off of the DC comics Teen Titans. We are looking for people that are interested in playing as these characters below: *Rita Farr/ Elasti-girl *Robotman *Negative Man *Animal Vegetable Mineral Man *Extras *More characters coming […]